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Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by flutterbee, Nov 27, 2008.

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    I have 'restless body' syndrome. It starts with my legs being extremely sensitive to touch, then my back itches like in the bone and wants to arch, then my elbows itch in the bone and need to straighten out. I've been taking .5mg klonopin at night and haven't had any problems with it. In fact, I've missed a couple of nights and haven't had any issues.

    As soon as I started on the toradol, it came back. Hard. I've been taking two .5mg klonopin at night and am still having to breathe through it.

    The toradol is kicking hiney on the inflammation. I can actually stand and walk without pain for much longer than I could before. The numbness/tingling going down my arms and legs has stopped. My back doesn't spasm for 15 minutes every night when I get in bed. I can wash my hair without my arms becoming achy and weak. It's really working wonders. In fact, today was the first shower in months where I didn't have to use either the shower stool or lean against the wall for support and didn't have to rest between each activity - washing hair, washing body, conditioning hair, etc.

    I'm wondering, though, if the inflammation was somehow protecing the nerves that are causing me to have this restless body thing and now that the inflammation is being attacked, there's no more protection. Does that make sense? Like the inflammation was compressing the nerves and hindering this reaction?

    I was trying to think back to when I've had it this severe before and it seems - I'll have to check with my doctor, though - that it's always gotten worse when I've been on anti-inflammatories. In the past, that was steroids.

    When I saw her and got the toradol we talked about neurontin for nerve pain and I told her I wanted to wait because I really felt it was the inflammation compressing the nerves and that's what was causing the numbness/tingling. And that seems to be the case as the numbness/tingling down my arms and legs is gone. Now I'm wondering if neurontin would help with this restless body issue.

    I guess I'll be calling them in the morning. Sigh.
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    My husband takes neurontin for nerve pain, and it has really helped him. His nerve pain is in his legs too. I have seen many others take this medication with great results. As far as I know it does not have the same side effects as the narcs. I hope something helps soon, and am glad the toradol has given you some relief. It is not a long term medication is it?
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    No, I can only take toradol for 5 days because of increased risk of GI problems.

    However, I've been really cold since I started it and I woke up at 6:30AM *freezing*. It's only 30 degrees outside, heat is on 72, I'm wearing flannel jammie pants and a long sleeved tee and was in bed with flannel sheets, a heavy blanket and a quilt. Right now, I'm in the kitchen - the warmest room in the house (before this medication, I would turn on the ceiling fan to cool it off in here) - with the space heater on high blowing right on me.

    I really hope I don't have to stop this medication. It's the only thing that has worked for me.
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    You are one of those people I wish I could take that magic wand I can't find and fix whatever is going on. I don't doubt though that you could easily be right about the stuff going on.