Weighted blankets Personal Experience


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I know a lot of you have mentioned interest in weighted blankets. After having a couple of psychiatrists recommend that I get one, I finally did.

I've slept 2 nights now under a 12lb weighted blanket from a company called Mosaic.

I've found it very helpful.

I feel "safer" under it. I fall asleep faster and experience deeper sleep. It also helps with restless legs and tossing and turning.

As an aging adult with arthritis, I find that it helps hold me in positions that minimize stress on my joints so I wake up with less aches and pains. For example, I get myself situated on my side in a position that keeps my spine straight, my hips level, and my neck supported. Without the blanket, at some point during the night, I would twist out of this position, putting a lot of stress on my back, neck, and hips, at which point, the pain would wake me up.

The weighted blanket prevents that, but does not prevent me changing to a new position if i wake up and wish to do so.

I've also found that if I start to feel extremely anxious/panicky, that going and laying under my blanket helps to calm me down in about 10 minutes or so.

I can highly recommend one of these for the above issues. The downsides? They are heavy. You need a commercial washer to wash them and they need to air-dry. If you have shoulder issues, pulling one back over yourself can be painful. One of my cats hates the feel of the tiny poly beads the blanket is filled with, under her feet. The big guy puts up with it for cuddle sessions, but leaves to sleep on the comforter once he's done with nightly cuddles. They are expensive, and super expensive if you order "bed-size" models, as opposed to personal size, which is what I ordered.

Anyway, I hope this info was helpful. The company also makes laprobes, shawls, and vests for adults and children.


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Thanks for the tip about restless leg syndrome. Maybe I'll get one. The Passion Flower tablets I've been taking help most nights.


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Weighted blankets are awesome. I used to own an online toystore that also serviced the special needs community. I sold (via dropship) things like sensory swings, weighted vests and lap blankets for kids. I had a vest and blanket for my oldest son who really benefitted from them. Very calming.