Flat feet anyone??



I have posted before about easy child's ankle, shin swelling up. He went to the doctor, had blood tests, xray's. All's well. Except the fact that his ankles and shins swell up. This all started when he started working out (hard) everyday, then getting sunburned.
He was here over the weekend and was barefoot. Had his feet up. I commented on how filthy his feet were, and noticed he has no arch. It is completely flat. He use to have an arch.
Could this be the cause of this pain and swelling?
He is going to try arch supports and see if that works. I did tell him it will take some getting use to, so give it some time.
Anyone else have anything like this?

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My feet are flat as pancakes but never have had any swelling in my ankles (unless I stand alot) and never heard of your shins swelling - that is strange.

I had orthapedic shoes when I was a child in order to try and correct my flat feet, but they didn't work at all- and have tried arch supports - to no avail - they are still flat.



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difficult child has flat feet. He doesn't like the way supports feel so doesn't use them. He cannot wear sandals etc. We have to pretty much buy expensive running shoes after trying on many of them to find one with enough arch support. He has however never had issues with swelling etc due to flat feet. He will have shin PAIN and ankle/foot pain if he doesn't wear the right kind of shoes. A 10 minute walk in sandals for his grad killed his feet and shins. He does tend to get more leg muscle spasms then most normal teen 'growing pain" type cramps. But no swelling.


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easy child has flat feet but we always thought that was because of her many years of gymnastics. She is hard to fit shoes but doesn't have any swelling in her ankles.



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husband has flat feet and says that it can make his ankle and shin swell up and it really hurts. And that working out could make it worse.


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Arch supports won't fix flat feet once they are flat, but they are supposed to make them more comfortable. You can use arch supports for all sorts of problems. Flat feet don't necessarily cause problems, either.

But if you feel that problems such as you describe are caused by his feet in some way, then he may need to see a podiatrist for a proper fitting for customised arch supports. Be prepared for the cheap generics to not be a lot of help. However, if money is a problem, they're worth a try.

A few months ago I developed problems with my feet (Achilles tendonitis in one foot; plantar fasciaitis with some calcification in the other). I SHOULD get myself to a podiatrist, but I managed to find some in-shoe heel supports made of something like soft black latex (can't use the "r" word, the site censor will grab it). They're only under the heel, not the whole sole and they slip into my shoes really easily. The pain was so bad that I could barely put feet to the ground (not good, when it's both feet) but within a day or so the pain was much better.
My problem is not fixed; it's just that whatever inflammatory process that was aggravating the whole thing, has eased because I reduced the level of ongoing 'insult' to the area with these really soft heel pads.

Seriously, your son probably needs an expert to assess him - a GP and/or a podiatrist. But in the meantime, you could look for something he can tolerate to maybe lift his sole with something soft and flexible.