Florida trip....kids are so much fun (NOT)


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Well, it mostly went well. We made it in on my oldest difficult children birthday around noon Wednesday. We rented a house from an individual and I won't be doing that again. While the house was decorated nicely, it hadn't seen a cleaning crew in what seemed to be forever. There weren't dust bunnies, there were dust colonies. The bathtub was disgusting. There were lovely roaches that I'm now having to bug bomb my van for. I don't want any extra mouths to feed in my house, thanks, but no thanks.

The kids did okay on the way there, 20 hours in the van. They watched movies or slept, since driving there was mostly at night. My oldest difficult child never went to sleep. I don't know how he functions.

My oldest difficult child is having the hardest time being nice lately though. He is just so combative over the simplest things. He is just sure he is always right, even when its his father or I speaking. That got him into quite a bit of trouble on his birthday.

We visited some long time family friends that night and all of my difficult children had a case of the "Can I have this?" "I want that." bla bla bla. I can't stand that when I'm around other people. I'm use to it, but most people don't have to deal with it non-stop like I do. So I'm always worried one of my kids is driving them nuts, so I'm always getting onto my kids.

We came home Saturday, but visited again with our friends before we left. Before going into the house I got very close to my 3 difficult children, mainly the youngest and oldest, and told them they are not to ask for ANYTHING from ANYONE but husband or I and if they want to ask us for something, they have to whisper it in our ear.

Anyone want to guess what happened next?

I was in the kitchen cooking alfredo for everyone and I hear my youngest difficult child walking through the hallway saying exactly this "Can I have these?"...GGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRR....so I walk away from my sauce and wander off to the hallway, get nose to nose with him and give him that lovely mom look we all know how to give and asked him "What did I tell you NOT to do?" and he repeated what I had said word for word.

Of course, about 10-15 minutes later, what do I hear? I'm sure you all guessed it....my oldest difficult child asking exactly this "Can I have these?" GGGGGRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR....I LOVE MY CHILDREN...I LOVE MY CHILDREN....I LOVE MY CHILDREN....of course husband heard this request and got nose to nose with him and gave him an ear full.

Anyone else have a problem with difficult children reverting to younger ages? If you treat any of my difficult children like they can't do something, opening a door, turning on the tv, putting on their jacket for them, cutting their food for them, from that point on, they no longer are capable of doing it themselves. Why? I don't get this. So while in Florida, what I would consider my 2nd mom, started to cut my youngest difficult children chicken for him. It took 3 times of me saying "He can cut it himself." before she finally gave in. She seemed heartbroken that I wouldn't let her continue. She said, "But thats what I do, I baby." Unfortunately, she just doesn't understand what that means with my difficult children. It means for the next month or two, I'm going to have to butt heads with them to get them back to doing it for themself.

My oldest easy child was a pain too. We rented a jetski for 1 hour ($70) and of course that wasn't good enough for him. He proceeded to whine about how we should have rented a boat. Only a mere $300 an hour. I mean, come on mom, what were you thinking? Money grows on trees ya know! Grrrrrr.

Florida is sooo not my idea of fun. Sunscreen, still get sunburned, sand in places it shouldn't be, salt water in eyes, jellyfish, fish with teeth...no thanks. My 2nd mom wants me to come back and stay with her next time. I told her I'd be happy to, but she has to take the kids to the ocean while I stay back and enjoy the pool.

On a positive note...the kids got along great with my 2nd moms grandkids...the kids had a ton of fun...they loved the beach.

I was going to post this in Watercooler, but I am curious of everyones input on the babying and on Mr. Right (not).


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Uh, yeah! My difficult child is ALWAYS right. Nobody knows better than her! Frustrating to say the least.

Not sure on the babying thing. I do not think that is a problem for me. difficult child is just forced to do her own thing by everyone around me I guess. She sure would love for me to do everything for her, but I just don't. Every now and then I happily honor her request - but she now returns the favor, so it is all good.

Sorry about the roaches - that would have sent me running!


The always being right thing is, I think, the age. They just get more practice as they go through teenage years, too. Then they realize that they are infallible just like anyone else...hopefully. My easy child always thinks he's right, too, and we but heads a lot. He has very strong opinions and very firm beliefs...not a bad thing, he just needs to learn to temper it a bit.

As far as the babying, I probably would have let your 2nd mom do it. It's some people's thing and it makes them feel good.

My difficult child is so dependent on me it's scary. It takes a lot of effort for me to get her to do the simplest things on her own, but for other people it's no problem at all. For example (I've used this on here before), she could tie her shoes at the sitter's for a year before she could at home.

Sorry about the roaches. I'm phobic with bugs, spiders...anything like that...and I wouldn't have been able to stay there.