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RE, i am not sure if I really need to do much other than locating spots to go and a place to meet. I am not getting a block of rooms because everyone has his/her own financial abilities and can choose for themselves. Often the other meet ups were in very expensive cities in expensive hotels and the group met there so I was priced out. I dont want to do that.

Maybe it wont even go well, but I will do my best :)

Thank you, RE.


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You've already done a lot in opening up the conversation, suggesting venues, taking names, doing the initial organizing. It takes one person to step up and take it on to make it happen and you did that.

Meeting up and getting to know each other in person is enough....the venue, the hotel, the rest doesn't matter, it's the presence of each warrior parent showing up that's important and wonderful......and you lit that fire SWOT.

Nice job.


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Hi, can you just give a general idea of what part of the country the get together is planned for so I can have an idea of whether it would be workable for me?



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I would LOVE to meet you all! Could never have survived the pain without your collective love and support.
Count me in, please!


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I am starting a new job in Jan on 3 months probation once we have dates I will see if I am able to request time off.

Tanya M

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I do hope I can make it. Thank so much SWOT for taking the initiative to get this going.


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Tanya, no problem. We once did this every year. In the end all I can do is pick a weekend and suggest places to stay, of various prices ranges, in the area of St. Louis. I can also find a good restaurant with both expensive and moderate prices and drinks and pick a day and time for us to meet. It seems to bond together those who meet. And I imagine it's cool to put a face to our fake


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SWOT, if Lil and I get the chance we can do a little research as well. I have family that lives in St Louis which can give us a bit of inside info you might not get on the internet. Other than that, for those planning to attend, just do individual research! If we get enough people staying at the same place we could possibly do something there but not sure what the cost would be. Again, part of the research part!