Found out the baby is...


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A girl!!! We are all so excited! Due date is still Jan. 1 and her name will be Kyla Lee. It's the only name Justin and Ashley can agree on. I got to see the ultrasound pics a couple of weeks ago. She is just a doll, even in the pics! Her profile picture looks just like her daddy's did at 20 weeks!

They are still staying with us but hopefully they will have their own place soon. They are going to sign up for low-income housing. I have already bought a Pack N Play ($10 on craigslist...wonderful site!!) and am bargaining right now for a bouncy seat for $5.

I can't wait til she gets here!!! I am one happy Grandma!!



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freecycle vicki...freecyle...lmao. I cannot stress enough to get hooked up with the local freecycle group so that you can get items for them for the house and baby. You will be able to get so much stuff free for them. I got a crib, so many baby name it, we got it. And really nice stuff too. You just post what you are looking for and someone is trying to get rid of the stuff.

I am so thrilled for you about the baby. I would be lost without my little girls. As I am typing this, one of them is napping on the We are going on a short vacation to Va Beach in September with Jamie and his family and taking Keyana. Ahhh...I love it!


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Thanks, Janet! I will get going on freecycle!! I am so happy that you get to take a vacation with your girls! I looked at your myspace page...what handsome boys you have and the girls are just absoutley adorable!!!!

Well, off to join freecycle!!!

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Congrats Vickie! :smile:

Yep, Freecycle is wonderful. I already told easy child that once we have our yard sale what doesn't sell gets posted onto freecycle. I am not storing this stuff thru the winter again. lol