The Oakleys Ride Again!


Shooting from the Hip
OK, OK. I'm being silly and playing on my "name". But since I haven't been able to update in a LOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNGGGGGGG while, thanks to a silly glitch in my easy child, and being unable to type long posts on my phone, I thought it was great that the glitch went buh-bye.

Let’s see. Things have gotten a lot better in my world. husband got a short-term contract with one of the hospital groups locally that was supposed to last till May, but ended last Friday (gah). Even so, it eased things up financially – and then we add in tax refunds and his biannual farm income check, and we could breathe again. Then I got another tax refund that I’d given up on, from 2009. With interest… LOL!

We haven’t heard from Butch, of course.

Belle is in prison till next February. Her antics a week after she got out of jail got her parole violated and she got sent to the “big house”. Based on her emails/calls/letters, she’s still off in fantasyland and stil in LUV with boyfriend. *SIGH*

Pat has really blossomed, but things have evened and some classes have tanked. We FINALLY got a referral to an audiologist and they are looking at auditory processing! Had his hearing checked and of course it’s fine… The doctor, who I like for everything else, doesn’t believe in Auditory Processing Disorders (APD). Thinks it’s selective hearing... The audiologist has a waiting list, so no idea when he will get in, but we’re getting there!

Rose is a little character. She is a super daredevil, climbing on and standing on things… Trying to get into the driver’s seat of my car… Went into the “hurricane” tube with my niece and great-nephew last weekend and grinned through the whole thing! If you hold your phone up like you’re going to take a picture, she grins and says, “tseeze!” She also tells me “up ee go”, “want more dat”, “kay”, “oh deah”, “uck fitz?”, “no put sock” and many other really cute phrases. She has also developed an extremely annoying habit of biting. Mommy, Daddy and one specific kid at daycare. Oh, and she likes to chase the little red laser pointer dot.

I’m struggling with my weight… It is less what I weigh and more how it looks. Now that it is starting to warm up, I should get Rose to the park more, which she dearly loves.

I’ve been reading though! Love you ALL!