Four days, 12 hours and a handful of minutes


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until Duckie's bus gets here on the first day of school. But hey! Who's counting? That child has been driving me batty since Thursday morning. She went to bed Wednesday night as my sweet, beautiful girl and woke up the next day as a whiny, self-centered brat. School simply cannot start soon enough for me. :hammer:

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Can you believe I'm STILL playing the waiting game?? I thought I'd be done with it by now. :hammer:

But if I hear "I'm Bored" one more time outta Nichole......

Oh, well. Guess I shouldn't complain. Last time she said it I got my bathroom and laundry room, and dishes cleaned. :grin:

She doesn't go til the 17th! :surprise:


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I gotta laugh: I just deleted an email from a high-end liquor store in my area touting "Back to School Specials".
I guess I'm not alone in needing some "me" time, lol!!! :rofl:
Maybe I'll run out and get some Mama's Little helper in the form of a nice Chablis or pinot noir! :smile:

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Of course, this countdown means I head back to work too! :teacher: Actually difficult child has been fairly pleasant and I almost am dreading sending him off to school-not sure how he'll react to the stress.

For you I'm wishing a speedy couple of days-for me I'm hoping it moves slowly :smile:


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Back to school liquor specials? Someones got the wrong idea there...are you SURE those signs weren't left over from June when schools got OUT? I'm writing you a prescription for a little tequila rose and a gallon of milk. :doctor:

Your sense of humor got me chuckling! Thinking someone just isn't marketing booze correctly.

Hugs and thanks for the laugh


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Seldom (VERY Seldom) do I read something from this forum to my husband, but this was sooooo funny I read it out loud to him! He didn't think it was as funny as I wonder I don't read it aloud to him.....*sigh*...NO sense of humor!


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Thanks everyone. Humor helps me get through the day. Star, I'll save the milk for Duckie's cereal and go right for straight tequila, thankyouverymuch!


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Back to school liquor specials, LOL. I'll bet you'll enjoy your morning coffee.

Good luck tomorrow.