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Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by TeDo, Jul 15, 2011.

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    Just really noticed something today in our household. You know, one of those "lightbulb" moments. I realized that difficult child is finally stabilized on his medications. No major meltdowns for a while now (shhh, don't let the JINX hear that). He still has to know the WHY of my answers to his questions and will sometimes argue with me if the reason seems unjustified or "wrong" to him but I can handle that becasue he eventually drops it. He still talks back SOMETIMES but then usually walks away and apparently thinks about it because then he comes back and apologizes. Yes, I said apologizes. I didn't even realize I was in heaven because . . . . . (enter dramatic pause here)

    easy child/difficult child is getting more difficult child every day. He takes everything very personally (as a criticism) all of a sudden and becomes defensive over every little comment. He's snippy and pushes buttons and has become sooooo selfish, rigid, literal, etc. I have asked therapist (PhD psychologist) to do some assessments to figure out exactly what I'm dealing with NOW. Here I go again! UGHHHH

    My kids have switched bodies! :sigh::groan::capitulate::crazy2:
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    Wonderful news that difficult child is stabilized on his medications.

    The tweedles, I swear to God, tagged off to each other. One would get tired of all the antics & negative stuff & tag off to the other to take over. Can't let mum & dad have a day or two of peace you know.
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    I am glad to hear about difficult child's progress - and there are no jinxes allowed.

    Linda's comment is interesting, "tag teams".........

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    My husband and difficult child son do the tag teaming thing. Just increased difficult child son's medications, he is now (for the most part)pleasant and does not argue 24 7, and now husband is hypomanic and by Monday when he sees psychiatrist? I would not be surprised if he is full blown manic.

    I hate tag teaming!
  5. Marcie Mac

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    My thoughts on the matter are simple. Its testosterone. I have an SO and two boys, one a difficult child, and around the same age this stuff started to rear its ugly head - found out there is no medication for that LOL

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    I can relate to the tag team thing too. With my kids it can all happen within one day.

    On vacay, we went to a place called Howe Caverns. Son didnt' want to go and was having a difficult time the ride up. Then we got there, fed him, and he was fine, then DD2 took over, and refused to eat, and refused to go down in the caves. Finally got her "back to normal" and DD2 started having anxieties over little bridges and the 'cliffs' (walkways) giving way. Once we got out, she recovered, and then son started in with the ride home. So, yeah, I get the tag team thing.

    At 12, they must be hitting puberty. That might change EVERYTHING you thought you knew about them. Good Luck.