FYI: We are heading back North on Friday. ...


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I will be off site for about a week now, until we get everything set up again at home.

We have a new internet address again, so I am sure I will have to start another new name ~ but it will still be me, and still be some form of cedar something, I suppose.

Wish me a safe trip?

I will be back soon.




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I think that should be it, cedarsomething. Have a safe trip and we will be watching for you soon.


(the future) MRS. GERE
Barbara, like Janet said, you don't need to change your screen name just because you change your email address. You can just go in your profile and change your email address on the site's records. It's EASY!

Are you coming through PA on your way home??? I'd love to meet you and husband in person. :flower: