gained 3 pounds in 2 weeks

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I have been lazy the past two weeks with my Weight Watchers, I had family visiting from GA, it was school vacation and husband and I took the week off, I want to blame the rain for lack of excersing but I cant blame the rain for my diet. I feel like I have been eating everything under the sun. I stepped on the scale and sure enough 3 pounds!! Boy that was easy, I wish it were that easy to lose it.

So I ate good this morning, had yogurt and berries for lunch went for a 3 mile walk, I was determined, then I came home and husband had a roast in the oven and told me that his parents were coming over for birthday cake (mine) UGH! OK OK so I said fine I will eat a very very small piece of beef and alot of green beans which I did but then out came the cake. I originally said I wasnt going to have cake because we went out to dinner last night with friends and I ate like a pig and had cake. So what did I do? I had another piece of cake!!! What is wrong with me

I will stay on my program, I will stay on my program, I will stay on my program.....

Any advice on what you do when your cravings get the best of you?



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I use to be able to eat an entire cake by myself. The only thing that has worked for me is a modified South Beach Diet. If I find myself eating too many "bad" foods -- cake, cookies, french fries. I go on Phase I for 10-14 days. That usually kills the cravings and then go back to Phase 2. I'm not very strict on Phase 2 but I'm still losing weight, slowly but surely. My motivator is a pair of jeans in the size below what I currently wear. I place them in my underwear drawer so I see them every morning. I fit in them yesterday!!!!!! So tomorrow I will go buy the next size down :smile:

Another trick I use, I mix a fiber powder (Benefiber) into a diet lemonade and drink it when I'm starting to crave something. I wait 20 minutes and drink a 2nd one if I'm still craving. If 20 minutes later, I'm still craving, I get a small serving of whatever I'm craving and eat it. Then I try to do something active (walk around the block, change the laundry, etc)

Best of luck, This is hard...


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Remember-slow and steady wins the race. So what if you gained a few back? You need to satisfy yourself at times so you can go on to lose more weight. Trust me. These three pounds will come off quicker than you think. The best diets work when you are able to have what you want at times. Don't feel bad. Last month I weighed 90-something pounds. My family was looking for (and found one) an eating disorder Residential Treatment Center (RTC) for me. I have been eating NORMALLY since then, and I've gained weight. 104 now. (I agree it was out of hand). Try this: don't even get on your scale for 2 weeks. Be strick with your diet starting now. Circle the day on the calendar. Don't talk about weight loss with anyone. Just do it. You'll see.-Alyssa


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I know the feeling. I have been out of my home 2 out of the last 3 weeks. It's not really an excuse for not walking but the routine has been broken.
Not eating well is another problem. I make decent choices when not at home but gradually, I add something from the negative list and eliminate some of the positive foods. So this week I am alone for a few days and should have no excuse for not getting back on the program.
The weekend will be a goner since sister and brother and expectant wife are visiting us at the beach. Hopefully, I will keep to portion control.

Thanks for posting. I really needed this to remind me to get up and go and stop fretting about last week. Today we look forward to those smaller jeans. :smile:

saving grace

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Thanks girls! I am usually not so hard on myself about the food, usually I only go up and down a pound or so, 3 pounds scared me, I worked really hard to lose it.

Very good suggestions on getting my mind off the cravings, what does the Benefiber do?

I need to get out walking a lot more, the weather here has been terrible and that is usually my only excersise.

Keep up the good work!