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    Hi - me again! Now I cant seem to free myself of worry for my easy child 17 year old. My husband and I are going on a weekend trip to Helen GA. We need it. However, my easy child son will be home by himself unless he has someone to spend the night. So far I havent gotten anyone lined up - I have talked to the lady that carpools with me - her son stayed with him last time we went - it made me feel better - he also has another friend but his parents dont feel warm and fuzzy about him spending the night off - they are arabic(I think) nice but a little backward - anyway my son is over at his house now but I wonder who will stay with him - he doesnt drive yet because he has no car! How am I going to feel good about this get away when I have to think about what he will do?!!!!! Dilemma #100,00000!
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    Maybe it is time to let him grow up a little and start trusting him? Have someone go by and check the house. Maybe have a friend call him to see if needs anything since he doesn't have a car.

    Yes, he may have a party while you're gone. It seems to be a rite of passage for kids nowadays. It may not be what you want to have happen (if it does), but it's certainly not the end of the world.

    Better yet, talk to him and see what he wants. Give him the options -- stay home alone, have a friend stay with him, stay with someone else. If he wants to stay with someone else, let him make the arrangements. If he opts to stay home alone, give him the rules, some money for emergencies and trust him. If he wants to have someone stay with him, you have approval rights and, again, give him the rules, etc.
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    Star* call 911

    Two words -

    Cell phone.

    One word


    NOW YOU GO - GO ON' GIT!!!!! TAKE THAT VACATION - and let that child show you who is easy child - you can also call the police or sheriff and tell them you are going out of town and would they drive by your house and check on it while you are gone - that you are leaving your kid there alone for the first time. Honest.

    Okay that was a lot of words - but I'm not a woman of few words. lol

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    Star - where are you?! I cant find any PMs or even how to do it anymore! This new thing has gotten me all messed up!!!!! Thanks - glad your still here.
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    I know you think I am crazy but I dont see the thing about Private Message. I feel lost. My brain is in a fog!!! Didnt someone say something about that on here!~~~~
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    In the right hand corner just below the "Terms of Service" box is another box. (There's the strip of green/blue background between them.) It should say
    ETA: I wonder if we all see the page layout the same....

    by the way, you read your PMs by clicking on the same "Private Messages" words.
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    I love the idea of letting the police know you'll be out of town. Also, give a key to a neighbor, and have them check the house. If he's over 18, tell him if he trashes the house you'll have him arrested!
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    That is a good idea! If you knew my son and what he had been through with difficult child you would laugh when or if I told him I would have him arrested. He is so not like that - but of course I thought my other one wasnt either!!! My easy child son has seen mygfg son get arrested so many times he could write a book on how to do it!!!