getting ready for christmas


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<span style="color: #3333FF">yes, really lol.

this past christmas i decided it was time to bite the bullet & invest in an artificial tree. real trees here in florida are prohibitively least for us & besides ~~~ i'm hideously picky about my trees. i like them huge ~~~ & i do mean HUGE lol.

looked online but it was already november & anything i found remotely acceptable (& certainly not up to my usual standards) was already snapped up.

so i decided that slowly but surely i would start squilling money so i could buy one in the fall. of course by this time i had found sites that had high end trees. i went the other day ~~~ just on impulse ~~~ to see what sales might be had on these high end sites.

lo & behold i found a 7.5' tree for half's large & looks a lot like my old tree farm trees from jersey. it's not prelit so i also bought lights.....1200 of them HEE. all this for under $300. i'm thrilled. placed the order last night & recieved confirmation.

i admit i'll be tempted to put it up & string the lights when it gets here in a few family, of course, won't tolerate that. now sarah & i are working on a color scheme & a theme. in jersey it was very victorian & one heartbreak when we moved was all our ornaments were lost in transit. so we will start to rebuild our collection.

only 301 days left until christmas!!!!

kris :princess: :princess: :princess: :princess: </span>


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<div class="ubbcode-block"><div class="ubbcode-header">Originally Posted By: kris</div><div class="ubbcode-body"> <span style="color: #3333FF">yes, really lol.

only 301 days left until christmas!!!!

kris :princess: :princess: :princess: :princess: </span> </div></div>

You are a sick, sick woman! :rofl:

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You and my easy child would get along beautifully. :wink:

Good for you for thinking ahead and finding a great deal. I keep telling myself I'm going to do that, but somehow I never do.
OK Kris,

Now you know I love you and all but after the day I have been through you are talking the "C" word? I just might have to pile some of our snow in an ice chest and get on a plane, wheelchair and all, and plummet you with snowballs!!! :rofl:

Glad you got a good deal and all, but sheesh! LOL!!

Hugs anyways,


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oh, that's too bad, kris. Just last week (I kid you NOT) my next door neighbor put a beautiful 7.5 foot artificial tree by the curb to be picked up by the trash guys because he didn't need it. It was picked up by someone cruising the neighborhood instead, but sure would have saved you a few bucks if I'd known. I knew he had it and didn't want it but didn't know you wanted one. Darn!

Merry Christmas in advance, though.



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Happy you found hat you wanted.i cant even think about xmas now im still trying to get on my feet from the one that just passed.i even know people who are already shopping for next year.i dont know how they do it.


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I totally understand. I have been collecting Waterford crystal ornaments since husband and I got married. I collected one set of the Twelve Days of Christmas series and then started a second series after that one so I could give one set to each of my girls.

Well, it turned out that difficult child's set was missing the first year ~ 1982 ~ since it was before husband and I got married. It has bothered me all these years since I wanted a complete set to give her ~ especially since easy child's set is complete.

So I checked ebay before Christmas and it turned out that the 1982 ornament is rare so they are very expensive. I decided to wait until after Christmas to see if I could get one cheaper.

I finally bit the bullet and bought one in February. It cost me $300 but the set is finally complete.

difficult child asked me at Christmas when I was going to give her the ornaments. I told her to see me in about 20 years. LOL

I could just see her turning right around and selling them on ebay. :grrr:

Congratulations on your early Christmas purchase. Maybe we could put my ornaments on your tree. :grin:



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You are a woman after my own heart :smile: :smile:

I love Christmas. I think of Christmas from the day after Christmas until the next Christmas. I love end of season sales. It's great to buy cheap just after Christmas, pack it all away and rediscover it all in December (or for me, in November when I give in early despite promises I won't, and dig everything out to decorate).

This year, instead of fighting the madness, I'm starting now to paint personal projects for everybody I give to during the holidays. Keep the spirit all year long without looking nuts since my painting is time consuming and only way I can do something for everyone is if I start YESTERDAY!

Happy to hear you found the perfect tree! This coming year I am buying my first in a lifetime real tree. I'm so excited and it's 10 months away HAHA.



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<span style="color: #333399">my kids think my christmas obsession is hilareous, but they humor me. when we lived in jersey the day after thanksgiving i used to drage them tree farm to tree farm seaching for the tree that *spoke to me*. one year they hid being a tree & in high, squeaky voices said, "take me home! take me home!". it's one of my favorite memories.

throughout the year, as i have the money, i will search for a few *special* vitorian ornaments & then sarah & i will hit the mall as soon as the ornaments are put out in the mall.....we usually have at least one really nice christmas decoration shop.

i'm glad to know i'm not the only christmas obsessed person on this board lol.

kris </span>