Getting ready for Vacation = CHORES.

Discussion in 'General Parenting' started by keista, Jun 18, 2011.

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    Oy. So we're leaving Monday. Was supposed to be Sunday, but an appointment I had Friday went way too long, and set me back a bit.

    So, son needs to mow the yard. This is VERY difficult to do when it keeps raining. I guess he'll have to do it in the heat tomorrow. At least he did get up on the roof the other day and used the "oversized hair dryer" to blow off the leaves, twigs and moss.

    DD1 and DD2 NEED to get their room cleaned. This is a constant battle for us and nothing short of me doing it with them (I clean and they play in the areas I've cleaned) works to get them motivated. WELL they have been "trying" to do it in increments with some crazy method of bagging EVERYTHING and then sorting. I told them I did not approve of this method and thought it would take longer, and sure enough they don't even have the whole room bagged up yet. UHG!

    ANYWAY (here's where it gets AWESOME) we have laundry piled up like crazy, and I kept saying, "Oh, shoot, I gotta get to the laundry too!" It's not a hint thing, but I remind myself out loud so I don't forget - kids are used to it. I still forget, but now kids remind me of stuff I said out loud. SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO DD1 WITHOUT being asked, started doing load after load after load!:flirtysmile3: There's just one load in the wash and dryer each, and now she started HANGING ALL the clothes! :choir:

    Oh Yeah! if she keeps this up, I'll have NO problem cleaning her room - I DETEST hanging the laundry.
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    Tell Cinderella when she's done at your house..................I know at least 50 others.......:groan:
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    :rollingpin: Maybe they finally heard all the repetitive out loud lists and got tired of hearing it! Or, maybe they just decided to lend a hand....hope you get everything on list done so you can leave the house in order. I know I always make sure my house is totally clean before I go away - it's so much more pleasant to come home to a clean house! Especially since we usually need a vacation from our vacation when we have kids!

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    I'm quite certain this is it. Coupled with the fact that just MAYBE she's feeling guilty about not doing what she is SUPPOSED to do which is clean her room. In my book, it's all good though because it's a HUGE help with no battle.

    And yes, I'm on a cleaning frenzy because I do not want to come back to a mess. Last year, I left too much undone and it was not fun coming home - trying to avoid that this year.