Getting worried


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My mind is all over the place this morning, no one’s heard from my son & we haven’t seen any activity on his FB messenger since Sunday when he bought $100 worth of cocaine, I know we don’t know everyone he knows but the few close ones have not heard from him . The girl he was staying with kicked him out Sunday . I’m so worried and so many bad things are running through my head .I don’t know what to do .


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Hugs. My mind can think up every worst case scenario imaginable. Such a waste of our emotional energy. We all have done that, but eventually we realize we can't sustain that 24/7.

One FB page I like is Midnight Mom Devotional. Every night they post a prayer, and most the time it is what I needed to hear. Very calming and they put words to my heart's yearning.

I feel for you Helpless! So sorry you are having to go through this over and over. I am also worried about my son. Hope we both hear they are OK soon. Hang in there and try not to think about him 24/7. I know how hard it is! Hugs and keep posting


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Helpless I just read your post. I will say a prayer for your son and for you.

Please keep us posted and let us know when you hear something. Please try to think good thoughts.


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I don’t know what to do
Dear Helpless

I am praying with you that you hear about him or from him very soon. Maybe by now you have already heard. I hope so.

I know how you must be feeling. I have felt it too.

I am thinking of RN again. I am remembering how a turning point for her (and for some other mothers, I can't exactly remember who) was when she acknowledged that the worst could happen. I am remembering that she found solace in this and was able to reclaim some solidity and security in HER.

The thing is we can't base our own security (and sanity) on them and their welfare. Why? Because they are running amok.

More than likely he is okay. But the thing is he is living an out of control life. It is reality that he is doing things that could hurt him, and not doing the things that will keep him safe. This is HIS reality, but it is not YOUR reality.

You know already that your suffering will not help him be okay. Only when he gets it in his head that he wants to be safe, and that he doesn't want to do things that put him at risk--will he be safe.

Your challenge (and mine) is to be okay and to accept being and feeling okay when we are afraid for our sons. It is not easy, but it is doable.

Your suffering will not help him.

This is what I do: Find a mantra and repeat it. Pray. Meditate. Walk. Most of all, listen to music that makes me feel whole and transports me to another place, another realm. For me, it's Portuguese Fado music, but everybody has their own magical music.

The thing is to accept and believe that you don't deserve to suffer.