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  1. Annie2007

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    I am new to this site and wondering what difficult child stands for? I googled it but surely it does not mean what Google says!

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  2. tryagain

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    difficult child is "Gift from God". It is meant to be tongue-in-cheek, just as easy child for "Perfect Child" is. Although I personally believe all children are gifts from God, and no child is truly perfect, it is just a quick & handy way to designate who you are referring to, since everything is anonymous here.
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  3. Annie2007

    Annie2007 Member

    Thanks. I had no idea what it meant. My son was really a gift from God. I went through so much to have him and almost died when I was 7 months pregnant. I left his father when I was 2 months pregnant and raised him alone until he was about 7 and I remarried. I always wanted a little blonde blue-eyed son and I got him. So sweet til he was about 13. And now he has gotten so much worse in the last 2 years. I miss that little boy.

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  4. tryagain

    tryagain Active Member

    Annie, I miss my little girl, too. Especially since she has been stable & on medication (bipolar) for nearly 3 months. But today she is having a mood swing, and I'm just so sad. Time to detach yet again.

    I did not cause this, I cannot cure it, and I cannot control it, just like drug addiction.

    She is way over reacting to not being able to come up with five thousand dollars to help out the guy she likes who is in the service overseas for a used car -never mind that he does not need it for several more months. It is some type of old car that he has always wanted & for some unknown reason she messaged him that she would get the money and get it. When I gently told her that she may not be able to get a loan and that she would have to buy insurance to get the title, etc. she came completely unglued and began the self-pity and self-loathing that she was doing four months ago when she tried to commit suicide.

    There is not much I can do because she will not listen to me. The whole thing is so crazy and this is a nice guy who would definitely understand if she would just tell him she cannot come up with the money. But she thinks because she promised the money yesterday that she will be a horrible person if she does not.

    She's threatening to pawn jewelry, steal, whatever it takes to get the money. I am praying that she will not do any of those things & that she will calm down, but this is just too familiar. She's never stolen, but there's always a first time.

    Yes, you do mourn for who they used to be.

    I did call her psychiatrist and left word for him to call and check on her.

    Everyone who prays, please pray for her not to try and kill herself or do any other terrible thing. Thanks.
  5. recoveringenabler

    recoveringenabler Well-Known Member Staff Member

    Praying for your difficult child and you too tryagain.....
  6. SeekingStrength

    SeekingStrength Well-Known Member


    I am saying a prayer right now.
  7. tryagain

    tryagain Active Member

    Recovering and Seeking-Bless you. It calmed me to know someone else was probably praying. I wanted to thank you, and let you know that she called her dad-he said she's calmed down and he will talk with her tomorrow. So glad she was at work, which forced her to think of other things.

    I need to realize that the demon BiPolar (BP) can rear its ugly head without warning. And I need to try and detach more. Pull the velcro.