Girls of Am Idol


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They are just leagues above the boys!! I can't wait for Antonella to go and Hayley too. Hayley's sweet and pretty but bland and Antonella is a brat.
But boy oh boy can LaKisha and Melinda sing!!!
I think it's going to get down to those 2. I think Chris Sligh and Blake will make it to the end, but won't win. They will probably gain some commercial success like the other idol "losers" have.
I am soooo hooked on that show this year!!


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I missed it too :sad:. I went excercising with my easy child and got home and realized I missed it.



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I agree entirely with you, KMC, Antonella & Hayley are my choices to go tonight. They are, as Simon would say "forgettable".

I am loving Melinda - that girl can wail!!

I liked Gina's performance last night, too. That was the first time she actually looked comfortable up on stage.

I definitely think an Idol Diva will win the whole thing this year!

Carrie Underwood will sing tonight on the results show. That should be good.


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<span style='font-family: Comic Sans MS'>On talent, I think clearly that Melinda should win.....but then there is the voting.....

Melinda is the one who can hold the song and even add her own rendition. Most of the others have talent, but just aren't there yet, just not enough experience. I don't know who is doing wardrobe, but they are coming up with some nice outfits too. I have somewhat dismissed the "boys" so sorry for all their fans...just don't think its much of a contest.</span>

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I agree with ya about Antonella and Hayley. Hayley is a wedding singer by profession. She is still just a wedding singer. She could get a job as cinderella at Disney World too. She's sweet, but not in the same league as the other girls. I Feel bad for Antonella. They really shouldn't have put her through. She's not that great of a singer. She's gotten a lot of heat in the media. Perhaps that will boost her career somehow, I don't know. Hugh Hefner said he might do a photo shoot of her. I do think that she's handled herself well, considering the amount of greif that's come her way.

I was a little surprised that they didn't give Lakisha a little greif for doing a Whitney song. Didn't Jackson say something to Stephanie, just a few minutes before, how hard it is to do Chaka, Whitney, Celine, Beyonce, "cause they done sing it already and no one's gonna sing it any better"? She sang it well, but not any different then Whitney. Oh, well. I expected something a little better from her.

I thought Gina finally really performed. She did well.

My favs were Melinda, Jordyn and Sabrina this week, but they were all really good, with the exception of Hayley and Antonella. Dial idol predictions are Hayley and Steph. I hope they are wrong. I hope Steph stays.


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I had to chuckle when I read your comments. I had just mentioned the same thing to a friend about Lakisha singing Whitney, just like Whitney, right after Randy basically didn't like Steph's song because of it being a big name singer and about being more original.

I also thought Lakisha sang it very well, but she didn't bring any originality to it.

Melinda was totally amazing. I think it's safe to say that Simon was impressed. I was ROFL about his comment about her being a tiger and he thought she was a pussycat.

Yes, Antonella should definitely go, as should Hayley. It's been reported that Antonella has been offered $250,000 to host Girls Gone Wild. She ought to take it and run, as singing is definitely not in her future.

I hope that the weaker singers are voted off (Antonella, Hayley and the girlie young guy whose name escapes me at the moment). Why people vote for someone that can't sing to win a singing contest is beyond me.



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Well Lakesha is my girl! I like Melinda ok but she does songs that just dont do it for me as much. My favs in order are Lakesha, Gina and Melinda.

I cant wait for tonite to see them.
I am still with ya, Janet. I really enjoyed Lakesha last night. husband said he felt she sang the song BETTER than Whitney ever did and I totally agree. I am so ready for Hayley and Antonella to go tonight. I liked Melinda, although that is not one of my fav songs. But, she brought it! Gina surprised me, liked the edgy sound of her voice last night. Steph was very good as well.

Can't wait till tonight, Carrie will be singing!!!! And hopefully we will be saying goodbye to the 4 weakest singers.

Till tomorrow,


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Whitney just isnt Whitney anymore. Poor girl. I have to admit that I have never heard the Star Spangled Banner done any better than the time Whitney did it. Unfortunately Whitney let substances and Bobby get in the way of her life. Its sad.