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I just began giving my children a calcium 250mg/magnesium 125mg supplement and 3 'Total EFA' capsules each day. I understand it may help with my difficult child's frequent rages. Is there a site (or anyone here) that can tell me the proper dosages? I have an appointment. scheduled with a DAN doctor, whom I've never seen before, on Nov. 17th. But I want to try this now in hope of getting some relief. The twins are 11 and my daughter is 12. Also, the cal/mag capsules are huge and kids don't like swallowing them - afraid of choking...but don't want them broken up into a shake...swear they can taste it. Any suggestions? Are there reputable internet sites where I can order supplements and vitamins for my children or is the local health food store good enough? Thanks so much!


New Member is a web site for a vitamin mineral supplement that is being used to treat bipolar disorder. Clinical trials on it are currently in the works.

But even if you are not interested in this particular product (and I fully support your visit to a DAN doctor for assistance) you might be interested in the libary at this web site which has an excellent collection of articles on vitamin/minerals and how they affect mental health.

You also might want to check out for even more articles and information.

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Our son's psychiatrist recommends Solgar and GNC and the brand that CVS something...sorry I can't remember what the name is.

Not all vitamins are created equal. That is for sure. So it is important to make sure that you are buying a product that has good quality control.