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    A few weeks ago, I posted that I was in the midst of treatment for non hodgkins lymphoma("another round"),

    I had my final treatment today and things looks really good. A quick exam shows that I am responding awesomely - blood values are headed in the right direction, and my spleen is smaller, which is where it was centered this time.

    Rituxan stays in the system, continuing to work for some time after treatment, so I'll have a CT scan in 6 weeks to see exactly where things stand. We expect that everything will be nice and stable once again and that I will go back to seeing my oncologist often and regularly.

    I am truly fortunate that Rituxan has done such a good job for me!
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    Chris, I am so glad to hear this. I wondered if you didn't have lymphoma. Rituxan is supposed to be an "easier" chemo and to be very effective as well.

    I hope your spleen stays small and your blood counts stay up. husband had to have his spleen removed to prevent it killing off his blood cells.\

    It sounds like they've come a long way with medications since then. Your spleen is something you need to keep if you can.

    Research recently has shown that both the spleen and appendix are NOT throw away organs. They play a huge role in keeping the immune system working right.

    I found out recently that the appendix acts a reservoir of good bacteria to help repopulate the intestinal tract after illness.

    I lost mine a few years ago to a surgeon who did the old fashioned thing and removed it since it was "in the area".

    Having a really good oncologist helps so much. husband was lucky to have such, and a good hematologist as well.

    I think it made a huge difference in survival and quality of life for him.
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    That's really awesome news! I'm glad you are doing so well! I'm doing a happy dance for you!
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    CHRIS! I'm joyful to read this tonight!

    :9-07tears: <--happy tears!

    Big hugs,
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    What great news!
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    Yay Chris! You've been in my thoughts since you last posted and I'm so glad that things are moving in a positive direction - you sound good, relieved and best of all healthy! Sending lots of GIANT HUGS your way!:angel3: