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    All of a sudden, about 2:30, a shrill beeping started. Seems husband has some sort of alarm that went off. We cannot FIND it. It has been going for over 90 minutes and we keep searching. problem won't be on today because going NUTS and getting migraine.

    Tried to text husband because stupid phone is broken (bill is paid, just our cranky phone) and cannot call to ask what the F he did.

    I HATE BEEPING NOISES. Always have. Makes me homicidal, so going bye for the day.
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    OMG, sorry to chuckle, but I know exactly what you mean.

    You sure it is an alarm in a drawer and not a Co2 ceiling alarm or smoke detector? Because the sound is so high pitched and shrill, and bounces off stairwell walls, it's hard to find the location.

    Do you have a dog? Maybe that would help. I see by your signature/profile that you have a cat ... but cats don't work for a living.

    Best of luck!
  3. susiestar

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    Not co2 or smoke alarm. Checked those first thing. Unless husband got a free one somewhere (often given out by the fire dept when they do outreach things here) and just set it in a drawer somewhere. Still going nuts. Got onto kids' puter to text husband because the cordless phones won't charge. Not sure why, phone works, is paid, etc.... But handset in thank you's room won't let you hear (cheepo) and the cordless won't charge.

    At least husband just came home before his game (working at the basketball game tonight) to try to find it. Let's hope he can.
  4. susiestar

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    husband found it!!! He did bring home a smoke alarm from a giveaway. He didn't know it had a battery and he put it in a box for some reason, with a pair of his old gym shoes. NO clue why, of course. But he came home between game and working at the bookstore and found it. If Jess and I hadn't spent almost an hour searching he would NEVER have found it because that box was hidden under a bunch of other stuff at first.

    He saved his computer!!! I am sick of him doing NOTHING at home but fixing his OWN food and playing on the computer. He will only do his own laundry. That is it. With me bing disabled it means too much of a load on the kids. So we are having a big talk this weekend because last weekend he agreed to doing some things and then did absolutely NOTHING toward getting them done. So it is time to severely limit his computer time. I have had to do it before and he hates it but about 2 months later he thanks me because he sees how obsessed he was. I hate having to be his mommy this way, but too much is enough. I have tried MANY MANY other things, including working with him, etc..... and he responds to none of them. At least he didn't this time. So I will talk to him about this problem on Fri or Sat and give him another chance before I remove things because he DID come home and fix the problem because he knows it makes me nuts and giv es me migraines.

    Off to sleep now. love and hugs to all of you!
  5. donna723

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    Don't you just love it when they only take care of their own needs and consider that to be their contribution, doing their part? Maybe once a month, my ex would do one load of his own laundry ... then expected me to thank him! Did anyone ever thank ME when I did laundry? Yeah, right! Don't get me started!

    At least you found out where the beeping was coming from! That would drive me up the wall! I remember once the kids and I were home on a summer day and suddenly started hearing a music box-sounding version of "Jingle bells" playing! It was just loud enough to be really annoying and we could not figure out which direction it was coming from! This was at our old house, way out in the country, surrounded by woods, so there's no way it was coming from a neighbors house. With three of us searching for over an hour, we finally pinned it down to my daughters room, to a cardboard box on a top shelf in her closet. The box was full of Christmas decorations, including the Christmas cards we had received that year (I hate to throw them away). And in with them was one of those cards that play music - "Jingle Bells" - when it was opened up. It was still closed, folded up in the bottom of the box, underneath several other objects. I have no idea how those things work but this one had suddenly decided to start playing music all on it's own, after seven months in the bottom of a cardboard box in the closet! Very festive for July!
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    Susie, glad you found the noise.
    Donna, it was probably humidity that made it start playing. I know it sounds weird but we had the same thing happen at work. We had a full case of musical cards that all of a sudden decided to play in August. They sent us our christmas stuff in July, but couldn't put them out yet and the only place we had to store them was in a pod unit. I went out to do some counts and couldn't figure out what the noise was or which box it was coming from. Talk about fun, not!
  7. susiestar

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    Geez, those cards sound like the possessed Barney doll that Jess got when she was 2. That was the year they came out with the talking Barney. My parents got 1 for her and my inlaws mailed one to her. Just before my mother in law wrapped the gift, father in law pressed the paw to make it talk. It talked as she finished the box (could hear it through the larger box with all the gifts in it), and was talking the next AM when seh went to the Post Office. It was talking when it arrived at our Post Office, and when it was delivered to us (mailman said it drove him nuts because it just never stopped and there was a note that it was talking when it was dropped off and from a stop in between because the post office people thought it was funny). It stayed in the car that night because we lived in an apt and it was still talking the next morning. It was still talking after 5 DAYS from purchase to when I returned it to WalMart. The manufacturer says it wasn't possible because the doll only came with a battery that would last 17 hours, but this thing talked for days on end!!

    Hence it is referred to as the "possessed Barney doll" around our family, lol!!

    I hate those cards that talk or play music. They just seem so strange to me. Now, knowing they can start talking on their own, I surely won't buy them, lol!
  8. HaoZi

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    Kiddo has one of those Barbie vanities that talks when you push the buttons. And every now and then, when it feels forgotten.
  9. donna723

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    I bought a toy for my grandson last Christmas that did that! It was a little helicopter that made helicopter noises and it talked and sang songs! It supposedly had an on/off switch. A friend and I went Christmas shopping in a town about 60 miles away. We loaded everything in the trunk of the car and the thing started singing and talking before we got out of the parking lot and it took us a while to figure out what it was! We could hear it from the trunk and it kept going most of the way home! Whenever it finally stopped, it would start up again every time we hit a bump.

    This year I bought him a beautiful little rocking horse with a tag on it that said it made horse noises when you squeezed the ear. I left it in the trunk of the car but I tried it out once - made a little "whinney" sound and quit - very cute! We drove 600 miles to S. Carolina with the thing in the trunk and my grandson LOVED it! I showed him how to squeeze the ear ... and it was SO LOUD! It made the horse noises and also a really loud "CLIP-CLOP" sound, the mouth moved, the head raised up and down, and the tail switched back and forth! No way to shut it off and once you start it up, it goes on for at least ten minutes! I'm sure they think fondly of grandma now every time they hear that!
  10. DammitJanet

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    Donna...that is the reason we are grandma's. We get to buy obnoxious toys and send them to the parents home to drive the parents nuts! My problem is I buy the obnoxious toys and they stay at my house!!! LOL.

    I get these really cute dolls for Keyana that are only 10 bucks a piece but they do rap songs or cheers however, they have no on or off switches built into them so the dolls work until the batteries wear out. And they are pretty loud. I could care less. They are only little kids one time in their lives. The cheer doll almost drove Jamie nuts for the two days we were up there...lol. He was threatening to shoot the thing and we were the ones that were gonna have to drive home with it in the car for 350 miles! Heck...I gave Hailie a very sedate doll that taught her to sing the Teapot song! Just wait till Mikey is older and I give him all those whizzing, light up lazer guns...lmao.
  11. Hound dog

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    I've done the light up lazer gun for darrin and he LOVED it, it resembled buzz lightyear's gun lol easy child was so thrilled when the batteries were gone.

    I can't tolerate beeping noises. It grates on my nerves and makes me furious instantly. No clue why, I've just always been that way. Which is why the alarm clock is across the room from me...........I've broken more than a few over the years. lol

    I had to laugh over the talking barbie vanity that tends to talk when it feels neglected. The kids have had a few of those toys over the years........
  12. susiestar

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    Hound, that is exactly how I feel. They don't even have to be loud. This is why husband came home - he KNOWS what it does to me!

    Janet, forget the guns. They make electrified DRUMS that are super loud! Also keyboards. My mom sent us a cheapie keyboard and when Jess was 2 my mom visited. With NO help from us, the little stinker had my mother almost completely convinced that she could play some complicated song on it. It was the demo of course, but it took a while for my mom to understand why her praise made husband crack up!

    I hate alarm clocks. husband uses his phone and if I have to get up I use him. If he isn't home I will use an alarm, but it is rare. Most of our marriage he has woken me up, though I have no idea why. He just always did before he went to work or whatever. I think at first it was so that he got dibs on the hot water in the morning.
  13. Mattsmom277

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    I'm glad you found the source of the beeping. OMG that would drive me nuts too. And I wish you the best of luck talking to husband. Hope you got some more sleep.

    On a side note, Matt had one of those stupid Barney talking toys too. And I swear I wanted to shred it in a industrial chipper. It talked ALL THE TIME. It would stop for days then suddenly start going again all by itself. I don't recall ever replacing the batteries come to think of it, it for sure talked longer than a combined 17 hours! I hated that thing.
  14. AnnieO

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    Talking dolls are evil. Talking toys are evil. A friend of mine years ago had a Speak N Spell. OMG I despised that thing, even as a kid. in my opinion, if you couldn't spell it, the SNS wouldn't help. (I've always been blessed - or cursed! - with being able to spell.)

    When I met husband, Jett had a gopher that sings "I'm All Right" from Caddyshack. OH I hated that thing. When it started dancing on its own one day when the kids were at BM's, I removed the batteries. husband replaced them for Jett. I destroyed the contacts - replace them if you want, they won't work.

    husband set off the combo smoke/CO detector while broiling steak Tuesday night. I almost freaked out.

    We had a small plug-in CO detector when we first got the woodburning furnace. Well... It went off randomly. I finally unplugged it. I cannot STAND that!

    ...And I have my cell phone set to a piece of a rowdy song as my alarm...
  15. donna723

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    When my kids were little we lived close to my brother and his family - they had three kids and we had two. Since we always exchanged gifts for the kids for Christmas and birthdays, my sister in law and I had an agreement. We NEVER bought each others' kids any toys that ran on batteries and/or made obnoxious noises.

    My daughter only had one toy that "mysteriously disappeared" after a very short time. It was this round red plastic thing with a face on it and when you opened the mouth up, there were little square "teeth" that were buttons you could push like piano keys. It wasn't really "music" ... more like super loud buzzers with different pitches. Somehow the batteries "got lost" and it was no fun anymore.

    It did no good to remove the batteries from any of the toys that my son had! From the time he was old enough to walk, that kid could take the batteries from one thing (usually the TV remote) and put them into something else! He was really good at it! And he did it so often that the battery covers on most of our electronics were worn out and were held closed with scotch tape!
  16. AnnieO

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    Onyxx used to do this, until I pointed out that the TV and cable box won't work without the remote, so if she swipes the batteries, no TV.
  17. Mamaof5

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    You wanna talk possessed toys...he he...*growls-shakes head*

    I've had talking elmos that set off without touching them WITH fresh batteries just put in. I've had one of those yogotchi toys, with batteries out, do some pretty funky stuff it wasn't built to do (at 2 am no less, scaring a shi..brick out of me), I've had weird photos of toys in the same photo as the kids (not touching them, just in the same picture) where is looks like it was moving (blurr effect) on it's own. I remember one toy, it was a phone with elmo and cookie monster on it. It used to say stuff and that little phone didn't say stuff it was suppose to.

    I've had an RC type toy (not car) shoot across the room, no battery pack installed, not even a battery in the remote for it. Literally shoot across the room as if someone was driving it with the remote and batteries were in it. I've had some talking toys sitting on a bed and me sitting on the floor all by myself and they all start talking at the same time. I swear I'm haunted...not the houses I've lived (except two) but ME...I'M haunted. *shivers*
  18. KTMom91

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    Anybody remember the Furby? Miss KT had two, and they would talk to each other. Freaked me out...hearing conversation as you enter a house that's supposed to be empty...

    And, way back in the day, when I was still working retail, we got in this really obnoxious item called "Rude Stone," or something like that. The darn thing just wouldn't shut up, and it took six throws across the salesfloor to make it stop.
  19. AnnieO

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    My Grandma had two Furbies. I worked at Target the year they came out... And you could teach them some horrible words. Imagine... I worked in the warehouse... Walking in to a dark warehouse at 4 AM... And hearing weird voices...

    I kept Grandma's Furbies, batteryless... Fortunately, they haven't talked yet...
  20. HaoZi

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    I had a Furby. It would wake up and talk at weird times. Never managed to teach it any words, lol.