going on a field trip, wish us luck


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I am a chaperone for difficult children field trip today. I hate and love to do this at the same time. If he has a good day, it will be great. If it is a bad day, it will be horrible. He is in my group of kids, so hopefully he will have a nice respectful day. My stomach is churning, and we do not leave for 2 1/2 hours. :faint:

At least he went to sleep early last night.

Please, lots of thoughts, prayers, and good vibes.


Oh, boy, can I relate to this. When my son was younger,I always volunteered to chaperone. When I did this for easy child's class, I would look forward to the trip, confident that things would go well and it would be a pleasant experience.

With difficult child, I almost dreaded it! Although it turns out he was always well behaved on these trips, I was nervous about his unpredictable behavior. I felt I should be there, but I din't look forwarrd to it!

Good luck -- I hope it's a great time, as my trips always turned out to be!


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I hope you are having a great time-I know I alwasy get the jitters too when I go with my son. But like KateM-its always been a good time for us as well. Let us know how it goes.


I use to be apprehensive also. Shiver, shiver... you just never knew what was going to happen with-difficult child.

How'd it go?


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Well, difficult child was not in my group of kids to chaperone. This was a good thing. The group he was in was chaperoned by a mom who knows more than most about difficult child, she has step children with similiar problems. difficult child has been in soccer with her dtr, and easy child was in soccer with another one of her dtrs. She said he did pretty good, had a couple of issues with playing rough, but she said he did pretty good. I was glad he was in her group. It is very nice to have people who understand what is going on and are not judgemental.

We live in Central Oregon, and went to the High Desert Musuem. Lots of old west stuff,Indian stuff, and they have bobcats, canadian lynx, otters,porcupines, a fox, and many other animals. I would imagine they have a web page, but since I live within 15 min of it I have never looked for one. It was a good field trip. All of the 3rd grade classes at their school go. I went with my dtr(5th gr.) when she went, and they have made changes since we were there.