going on vacation with toddler...need help...lol


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Besides probably needing my head examined and no one say Im completely off my rocker...I need advice.

It has been years since I have traveled with a almost 15 month old for any length of time and especially staying in a motel out of town.

We are meeting up with Jamie, Billie Jean, Hailie, Jamies best friend and his wife and their 15 month old son Adam in VA Beach this coming weekend. We are taking the munchkin. So that makes one 2 month old and 2 15 month olds...lol. Keyana and Adam are the exact same age.

This should be a riot...lmao.

We are staying Friday night and Saturday night. That means we have most of the day Friday, all day Saturday and part of the day Sunday to get through. How much should I pack? How many toys?

What kind of toys?

I dont have but so many types of things at my house. I have her favorite puppy dog toy, her Elmo, her see n say farmer thingy, a couple of other favorite toys and one ride on toy I thought I would take. Is that too many?

I also figured I would take about 2 or 3 outfits per day.

Gosh I am out of my mind doing this...lol.

We pick her up Thursday evening and dont take her home till late Sunday night when we get home. She is sure getting to be the little traveler though.


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Toys will depend on the baby's interests and developmental stage. Duckie used to like to play hide & go seek will husband's wallet, cell & keys at this age. And an extra change of clothes for each day (if she normally changes once during the day, have three total outfits for the day. At least two (maybe three) sippy cups. Board books to look at. Teethers. Appropriate snacks. At least three extra diapers per day and a ton of wipes. Diaper balm, lotion, shampoo & wash. The pediatrician's telephone # and letter allowing you to seek treatment if she gets sick, hurt, etc. Baby's insurance card. Any lovey items like a stuffed animal or favorite blankie. A stroller if you'll be leaving the house. Perhaps even videos. And a baby gate to block access at the new house. HTH.


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Ohhh yeah the stroller...cant forget that one...lol. Im also thinking of getting a harness if I can find one. Wonder if Walmart or Kmart sells them? Maybe there is a Babys R Us there. I know there is up near Jamie, I could probably call him and ask him to pick me up one if they sell them.

We are gonna be in a motel, not a house so a baby gate wont be an issue. She does ok sleeping in the big bed with us. I have plenty of wipes, diapers and snacks. I also have a few toddler food items but this kid will eat anything you put in front of her so Im not worried about the food issue. Im buying those disposable sippy cups so I dont have to worry about keeping up with them. The Lord has blessed parents these days with easy baby items...lol.

I do wish I had a portable dvd player but I dont so that is out. This kid is a music junkie. She will watch videos for hours and dance...lol. She especially loves Sesame Street.

Gosh I have her spoiled...lmao.


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I have NO suggestions whatsoever....I mean NONE. WOW...you get the bravest nannie prize...

Take earplugs. It's not a suggestion...it's a requirement.

From Damnit Janet to BRAVEheart in one roadtrip. hahah.

Hound dog

Nana's are Beautiful

You're a much braver woman than I. lol

Might want to make sure you pack baby essentials such a diaper rash cream, teething gel (don't know if this is still an issue), and baby tylenol. Oh, and a thermometer. I also used to pack a first aide kit that included everything from bandaides to peroxide. lol It always came in handy, if not for us than for someone else.

Some motels provide portible cribs for babies. Won't hurt to ask.

Sounds like the other stuff I could think of has been mentioned.

Good luck. I hope you have fun.



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The motel will have a television and probably a DVD or video player in the room. Most important, based on my experience, is
taking the items that she need to settle in for the night. The
blanket...The toy...The favorite jammies.

Good luck. DDD


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In addition to the stroller, if you're not getting there by car, I would highly recommend lugging a car seat with you if there's any chance you will be driving with your munchkin when you get there. (It can get pretty hair-raising if you don't have one.)

Other posters seem to have covered all bases. I found that my little one was so entertained by all the new sights and sounds that he didn't need a lot of toys. I DID spend a lot of time walking with him up and down hotel corridors, though.

Have a great trip.


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We are driving...5 hours to get there...approximately.

She did really well in the car the last time we took her up to stay at Jamies but that was in his apartment...which is a different issue.
My opinion...there is no way I would use a hotel issued crib or playpen. Blech.

Don't forget any cuddleys or loveys that she needs to sleep with.

If you have them handy, bring outlet covers and babyproof the hotel room.

She ought to be well entertained with the other kids. Give her plenty of alone times for naps (well you are a veteran, you know that) and as far as her toys go, hide them, and give her one at a time. Let her get real bored of one before you introduce a new one.

Have a real good time!


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LMAO on the baby-proofing! My extent of that is going "Keyana...NO! Put that down! Take that out of your mouth! Give that to me! Thank you."

There is absolutely nothing wrong with her manual dexterity let me tell you...lol. I think she has fine motor skills down pat. She can pick up the tiniest bit of lint off the floor and attempt to either eat it or bring it to one of us depending on her mood...lol.


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I would pack safety pops for the car ride. They are lollipops with soft ends instead of sticks so they don't jam down a babies throat. They are also too wide and flat to choke on. I also would pack regular M & Ms & saltines. Give her one of those and then a saltine cracker. She has to eat the saltine to move onto an M & M, but it keeps her mouth busy instead of baby talk the whole 5 hours.

Walmart has a portable DVD player for $70 that we purchased when we left for Florida. These were life savers! If you have the extra $, I'd invest in it now so you can use it to the fullest!

Be sure to keep baby wipes in the car so you can wipe her off as needed. Face/hands and but* included. I keep a blanket in the car too because my daughter is always colder than everyone else. If you can find a sun shade for the car, that will help keep the sun out of her face.

Oh, the coolest toy for this age, I bought if for my son when he was about this age for a long trip to Baton Rouge. A bumble ball. This is a ball that is battery operated and it shakes around. This entertained him for hours in the car. He just giggled and played with it. Once we got to Baton Rouge he played with it inside too. He just couldn't get enough of it. I think they still make them, this was 11 years ago.

Have fun! My mother took my daughter in our ride to Baton Rouge. I had all 3 difficult children, she had my daughter and my brother took the 2 oldest PCs. It made for an interesting ride for all of us. You're going to have a blast!


I think you are going to have a blast! Enjoy this precious time with your grandbaby.


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Janet: I have a 16 month old daughter and one of her favorite things to do is to carry a small purse and put things in and out of it. Maybe you could go to the dollar store and get some cute small things(not too small to choke on) that she hasn't seen before, so they seem new and exciting, to put in to and take out of a small basket or purse. My daughter also likes coloring with her big brother and writing on a magnadoodle and aquadoodle, those are both mess-free.

Be careful with the disposable sippy cups, I only put water in ours when we use them. Sometimes my kids throw them and the tops fly off and the drink goes everywhere!

I'll say you're brave though, I'm not planning any trips with my two toddlers for awhile! Hope you have a super weekend!