Good Free Choice Friday Morning!!!!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by LittleDudesMom, Jan 2, 2009.

  1. LittleDudesMom

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    :happy_new_year: Good Morning Friends!!!

    Most of us are nearing the end of winter break. It was with my typical sadness that I took down the tree yesterday. I don't like taking down the Christmas tree because I love it so much. I do always end up being happy to have the house back, but there is so much prep and excitement before the holidays, and it seems they go so quickly!

    This has been a great break for the children and myself. We have traveled to visit with family, spent a quiet and lovely Christmas together, and have enjoyed this last week of staying up late and sleeping in!!!

    I'm up early this morning because today is the first of easy child's new "trial" at the gym. The aquatics dept did a survey in the months of October and November. A number of folks wanted a 6 am class on M and F (there was already a class on Tu, Wed and Th). Her boss asked if she would like to teach the 6-month trial and she said yes!! She is thinking that she can just shower and get ready for school at the gym. I'm thinking I will challenge difficult child to get up on his own on M and F and take her class. That way I can just hit the gym for the machines on M and F after dropping difficult child at school and be done by 9:30 rather than 11.

    easy child has an appointment with her new doctor (we are getting her an internist rather than a peddoc since she is now 18) today at about 1. difficult child promises that today is the day we are going to the movies! We've been trying for a week........

    I hope your Friday is a good one! Enjoy.

  2. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    It's Friday and our summer weather has taken a slightly cooler shade. I'm fighting a cold, although it feels more than a cold with fever and generally feeling bleah. husband is a day ahead of me, still feeling yuk but a bit more functional. Yesterday husband opted out of most of the family get-together stuff (we spend our evenings at mother in law's watching movies; we take turns cooking dinner, I cook at our place and carry it all down).

    Today I've mostly stayed home, except to go to mother in law's for the main meal of the day, which was a late lunch. I'm hoping to feel better tomorrow. I'm also being careful to stay away from the budgies, I don't want to give them my cold.

    So in the interests of getting an early night and hopefully some sleep, Im staying home tonight and getting to bed early.

    Wish me luck! Enjoy your Friday, may you feel better than I do!

  3. Kjs

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    Good Morning.

    Marg, I sure hope you feel better soon. Still wishing for YOUR weather.

    I have been so busy the past week that I didn't get much sleep. 3 hours Wednesday before work. Then 4 hours before work last night. Tonight has got to be the longest night ever. Get done at noon, then have a meeting at difficult child's school with the Principal/director. I need to discuss difficult child feeling "out of it" and throwing up several times a week. I do not want him to come home when he feels out of it.

    Dreaming of bed right now.

    have a great day.
  4. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Sharon-I know you posted on a separate thread but am guessing the two will be merged. Good for your easy child for taking on that 6:00 a.m. class! I think it would be great for difficult child to get himself up and going so you can attend the class! I know how you feel about taking all the decorations down. I need to start today but will leave up all my snowman only stuff for another month-just can't bear to part with all of the decorations yet.

    Marg-I sure hope you are feeling better soon-it's no fun to be sick:sick:

    Kjs-Hope your meeting goes well and that you start getting some real sleep!

    I'm tired after taking more than 40 minutes to get my computer up and running this morning! I can't wait til husband gets the newer one running again.

    This morning I'm heading to the club and then meeting a friend for lunch. Not sure yet if my godson is coming along but I have his Christmas present so I hope so.

    Later this afternoon I will nap. I think when I'm at lunch husband is taking easy child and difficult child to see a movie.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day.:peaceful:
  5. Andy

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    My typing just disappeared! Come back! Come back! Guess I have to start over.

    Little Dude's Mom - How early do you get up for a 6 am class? I am glad you had a great break.

    Marg - Good luck on getting the rest you need to get rid of this cold thing. Kind of nice to have husband to follow through this so you know what is next and can prepare or just accept.

    Kjs - I hope you find sleep time soon. Days do get longer and harder as we stock up unused sleep. I usually tell my family, "Woes be to the person who wakes me in the morning." difficult child is now old enough to understand and remember so that works pretty good.

    Wiped Out - I have been there with you on the 40 minute to set up computer. So frustrating.

    I need to get going soon to work. Then sounds like another dumping of snow tonight and tomorrow. I hope husband can help Non-easy child Diva (see, I changed her title a bit) to go to Fargo Sunday morning to pick up a friend from the airport.

    We did go to husband's cousins yesterday. The roads were horrid but I made it there and back with no problems. The wife had a bread machine going. After lunch, she let difficult child make caramel rolls using the machine. Her machine is horizontal. The ones we have seen are all vertical.

    Non-easy child Diva was a PITA yesterday. Then at 9;00 pm, she called and asked me to come get the puppy. I told her that because of her attitude toward me that morning that I will not be going out in the cold. If she wants puppy to come home, she brings her home. Non-easy child Diva is housesitting.

    Everyone have a great day today! Find a way to make your difficult child laugh!