Good Grief! It's Always Something.


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easy child/difficult child is still in an orange jumpsuit. Next court date is the
26th or the 28th. We are hoping the charges will be dropped and
he will be back home. All of us have accepted the current conditions and are getting through the days.

THEN, today, a man who used to work for me came to the store to
visit. (Yes, a tad bit unusual but not mindboggling.) After a
little chit chat he says "how's your grandson and do you know where his car is?" I replied "he's in jail and he doesn't own a
car anymore.". :rolleyes:

Well, easy child/difficult child sold his car to a friend for about 2/3 of the value
of the car. He wanted the title to give to the guy and I said
NO. I told him "have him come to our house, pay you the money
and we will get the title signed and dated". Yes, I got flack
but sure enough the guy came to the house and we did the title.
I reminded easy child/difficult child to tell the kid he had to go transfer the title
AND to get his license plate back.

easy child/difficult child is in jail. The police chased "his car" with three guys
in it last weekend. The three guys drove into an orange grove,
bailed and ran. The title is still in easy child/difficult child's name. :grrr:
I don't know what they were being chased for but I know that
the car has been towed. Now it's a waiting game to see when and
where the police show up.

I want off the coaster, please.


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Oh DDD you need this like you need a hole in the head. Do you have any proof that difficult child sold the car? That should be enough to get him out of this picture. We had donated a car to charity. They sold it but the purchaser didn't register it and later abandoned it on the road. Cops called us since we were the last person it was registered to. We faxed over the papers we got from the donation center and that was that. Good Luck -RM


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it must be obvious he wasn't involved. but just the headache of this is stressful. nevermind he should've listened in the 1st place and transfered the title and got his plate back.



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I have the signed title transfer in my desk, thank God. No, they
will know he wasn't "in" the car. I just wonder how big a bill
they will hit us with for car towing and storage etc. It's just
another pain in know what! DDD


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If there is property or physical damage, the odds are he will be held responsible. However, if your state is typical, you can just leave the car with the tow company and tell them the car is no longer his property, that it was sold and they will either sell the car at auction if it's in good condition or for parts. If it hasn't been done already, file a certificate of non-responsibility. Not worth much for liability purposes, but does get you off the hook for things like this.

Sorry that another thing is on your plate, though. Hope it works out well.


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This really shouldnt fall on you because you did sell the car. It isnt your/his fault the other party didnt title the car properly.

I sold a car to a friend of husband's years ago and he never transferred it over properly. He just stuck some old tags on it from someones car because he didnt have a drivers license...unbeknownst to us...and he drove the car like that until it broke down on the side of the road one day. There it sat until the cops towed it. They called me asking me about my car...I told them I had sold that car a year before and that was that. I never heard another word about it.


Active Member is definately time for your luck to change. Usually doom and gloom come in threes, I am CERTAIN you've had three things happen ENOUGH I say, ENOUGH calamity for DDD.

There...that was Sunny yelling at the demon gods who obviously have decided to pick on you. I showed them however :warrior: My sunny side just burned a whole in their lalapalooza :smile:


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Oh Good Grief!!!!!!!!!!!! :rolleyes: Hugs.....

p.s. If you ever do find the exit to that rollercoaster would you please show it to me??????????? :crazy:

It just doesn't seem to end, does it!