***Good Monday Morning, Friends***

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  1. timer lady

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    and fellow warrior parents. :warrior:

    Up & about tonight - my mind seems to be racing right now. I'll be napping later, you can be sure of that.

    Another chilly below zero morning but 10 degrees warmer than yesterday morning.

    I have a discharge meeting (#2) for ktbug this morning. I'll be attending via phone & then I'll need to run out & pick up a few things. Christmas wrapping paper if you can believe it. I haven't wrapped the tweedles gifts yet & I'll be seeing them this week & for the rest of the year for all that goes.

    It's laundry day with a bit of cleaning & then a nap.

    Have a good one all. Keep it calm.
  2. Marguerite

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    G'day for Monday, people.

    Linda, I'm glad you're doing today's meeting by phone, given how cold it is. A long drive is perhaps not a good idea. I'm with you on using the post-Christmas sales to economise.
    I was thinking of you today when I bought an easel - it's my Christmas present from husband, plus I can justify it with money from CDs I had to return (from easy child) because they were duplications. It's the same sort of easel we bought for daughter in law, only it's now half price! I just gave it a coat of cooking oil to protect it.

    It's been busy today.

    I had an early afternoon doctor's appointment and planned to do some shopping as well. We try to not waste a trip whenever we go to the mainland.

    mother in law was planning to get in to see her GP (who works in the village) but she rang me early this morning, the local doctor isn't back at work for another week. And mother in law really needed to be seen. I rang my GP and could have got mother in law in to see her, but I felt it would be better to get her back to the hospital ER.

    So I changed my plans and headed out earlier, bringing mother in law and taking her to the hospital. Because this hospital is expensive and private, there was hardly any other patients there so she got in fairly quickly. They did blood tests, did an ECG - all stuff the GP wouldn't have been able to do so quickly. mother in law was upset that all tis took most of the day and in there I had to leave to get other errands done and finally go to see my GP. By the time I got back from my GP, mother in law was almost finished with. It had taken about four hours but that included waiting for test results.
    I was a bit annoyed that their parting words to her were, "Get back to your own GP in the next day or so and get that blood test repeated."
    I said to them, "Her GP isn't available for another week."
    "Then go find a clinic somewhere and get a referral," they said.
    Which means another trip out, for an old lady who would really rather stay home and rest. Still, it's necessary.

    We headed to the mall, got the urgent shopping done, I did a bit of extra running around so mother in law wouldn't be doing too much, then we headed home.

    Once I got home I rang my GP (who mother in law used to see) and arranged an appointment for mother in law for Wednesday. I can't take her out tomorrow and she can't drive herself any more, not that far.
    And it's all in place now - Wednesday appointment lined up for her.

    Tonight we're reheating leftover curry from the freezer. Tomorrow the new cooktop should be installed so hopefully I'll be cooking on it tomorrow night.

    It's been a bit grey again today, tomorrow should be warmer and sunnier. If the electrician finishes in time I'll be able to go to the beach afterwards. The doctor insisted today, that I MUST get out in the sun more, my Vitamin D levels were too low last time I was tested. I also have to take oral Vitamin D. Seems crazy in a sunny country like ours, but the message to "slip, slop, slap" and protect yourself from the sun is perhaps overdoing it. With my naturally darker skin, I need more sun than a lot of people.

    it's a good thing I enjoy being out in the sun!

    Enjoy your Monday.

  3. LittleDudesMom

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    :2cold: Good No Meltdown Monday Morning!

    Linda, well at least you can get the wrapping for a after Christmas discount! Good luck with the discharge meeting....

    Marg, sorry all the hassle trying to get care for mother in law. I'm sure both of you are frustrated. Good luck with the cooktop!

    Back to the old grind here - difficult child and I sat down and cleaned out his binders of old papers, organized the important ones, added new pencils, pens and highlighters and packed it up! Starting out fresh is always good!

    Back to the old grind here - getting ready for 6am water fitness! I must say though, the holiday break was very restful, especially the last week. I'm refreshed, though I would prefer another week!

    We've got some colder than average weather here :frozen:. But, it is winter.... Hope your Monday is a good one!

  4. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Friends,

    Linda-Sorry you aren't sleeping-I'll be thinking of you and your nap later and wishing I could have one today too!:sleeping:

    Marg-I'm sorry that it was so difficult to get mother in law seen. I'm glad she will be able to see your gp on Wednesday. I'm hoping for a sunny day for you tomorrow so you can get to the beach and build up your vitamin D:beach:

    Sharon-I'm proud of you for getting in the water when it is so cold outside-even if it is an indoor pool I know I couldn't do it at this time of the year! I'm glad you are feeling refreshed but understand how nice one more week would have been:)

    Back to work for husband and me and back to school for the kiddos. It has been a great break and I know it's time to go back but I'm wondering why I have to start it off with a cold:sick: Luckily it's not the worst cold ever-but it is tiring me out a bit.

    After work today I'm going to work again! I am subbing at a ww meeting for someone who needed today off.

    Tonight although I would love to get to the health club I think doing my Wii Fit Plus will be my workout-which is also a good workout.

    Cold here today but it is suppose to hit a balmy 18 degrees which is quite a bit warmer than the previous three days, of course, I have recess duty today:cold:

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:cool-very: