Good Monday Morning

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Wiped Out, Sep 8, 2008.

  1. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning on a rainy Monday,

    Actually it hasn't started raining just yet but is suppose to for much of the day. The temps, depending on which station you listen to, are suppose to maybe not even make it out of the 50s-since it's already 56 the thermometer won't be moving much.

    It's back to work today. After work difficult child has an in-home therapist appointment. I'm making blts today with tomatoes from my garden. I hope to get to the health club but am not sure that will happen as the Packers play tonight.:fan:

    Wishing everyone a calm, no melt-down Monday:flower:
  2. timer lady

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    Good morning friends,

    Sharon, I miss our in home therapist ~ we're trying to get her replaced ASAP. She sure kept kt balanced. It seems to be helping difficult child (even though it can be a huge intrusion on family life). Go Packers! :cheerleader:

    kt had a wonderful respite weekend & came home ready to go back to school. I do believe that my baby girl is becoming a social butterfly.:nails:
    It's going to be a cool fall day today ~ we had our rain on Saturday & Sunday. After PT & Occupational Therapist (OT), I'm spending the day setting up my new laptop (the trojan I mentioned I got hit with last week took my laptop out - even with a firewall & all the protection I could think of to have on my machine. It got through somewhere.) If I can nuke, burn & reinstall the old laptop I'll set it up for kt to use as a internet machine. I'll set it up in the dining room with lots of adult supervision.

    Have a good day friends.
  3. LittleDudesMom

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    :why: Is it Monday already?????

    Good Morning on a No Meltdown Monday! It sure did come around quickly! All of us slept an extra 20 minutes or so this morning.....the novelty has worn off already!

    Sharon, sounds like a great dinner - can I come? Enjoy the game!

    Linda, good luck with the laptop. I'm still using easy child's laptop as mine is in hp limbo. Glad kt had a great weekend and is ready for school.

    It's Monday so it's household chore day for me. I've a class at 9:30 but the rest of the day is devoted to laundry and household stuff. I may get in the Florida room and begin pricing for the big yard sale in October! It's all in there in bags and boxes and piles.....

    Have great Monday everyone :peaceful:


  4. Andy

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    Wiped Out - I don't think we have a temp this morning. Too cold! I hope you have a GREAT DAY! Go Packers!

    Timer - Good luck with the computer. We are also having computer issues - takes me one half hour to get on! easy child was having major problems with her computer last night - brand new so we think it is with the wireless internet connection. She has on-line classess so that makes for more frustrations.

    Little Dude's Mom - Have a great work day - I will be at the big sale!

    Yestday Sunday School went well. I did have to talk to three girls (2 fourth graders and one fifth grader) about their behavior. They asked if I was going to tell their parents and I told them that only if it continues. I have one little chatterbox who once gets going is fueled by others attention. They stated Sunday School was boring, same thing, same stories. I talked to them about how they were very distractive and when they focus on the class, I will be able to include them in the class participation part, that I need to call on the kids who are paying attention. I told them that I did have some fun things planned but it will not be fun if they are not paying attention. They are great kids. I was expecting this but not to this degree. They were not redirecting like they usually do. Oh Well, I am sure it will be better next week - next week's lesson has more hands on to keep the kids' attention.

    Then puppy has been sick from being spade (easy child waited too long and puppy was in heat). Puppy threw up on her bed (had aspirin without eating first) so we took everything to the laudromant to use the big washers and dryiers. Puppy is much better this morning.


  5. Marguerite

    Marguerite Active Member

    G'day, folk.

    Sharon/WO, sorry it's cold for you. It shouldn't get cold for you until it gets warmer for us! Enjoy your tomatoes!

    Linda, enjoy playing with your new laptop. It should be possible to restore your old one for kt, even if you have to erase everything and reformat.

    Sharon/LDM, have a productive day. Don't overdo things.

    Andy, sorry the puppy was sick. I don't think being in heat while being spayed would have done it, though. Sometimes it's just one of those things. The anaesthetic causes a fair bit of vertigo, that can make them sick too. Sounds like you handled those Sunday School kids well. My forte at Sunday School was in the story telling department. However, some stories are very hard to 'sell' to the kids.

    It's late Monday night here, I'm short on sleep so I really need to head for bed. It's shaping up to be an even busier week than I've had lately, I need to get what sleep is left in the week!

    I was working on wedding invitations again tonight - I needed to get the updated addresses for a lot of family, so I rang one of my sisters. I've been trying to find a spare minute to do this all day - finally on dinner time, I managed. Two hours later, I get off the phone. So I quickly grabbed MY dinner, then got on with addressing and stuffing envelopes. While I ate husband sat difficult child 1 down to fix some internet banking problems, then it was back to the computer for me to do more addressing.

    I found out at the post office today, our postage rates go up next Monday. So it's good timing to do this now.

    Tomorrow - difficult child 3 & I need to finalise some written work for school. Plus there's my lunchtime class - I'm going to have to resign from it soon, it is just taking too much out of me. Wednesday, difficult child 3 & I will be in the city for a very special school excursion, he was nominated for it by his history teacher who for some reason seems to think the sun rises from... you know where. I'm going to tag along and be in the vicinity in case she is proven wrong. It will be the most socially and academically demanding day he has had, ever. Only the top students in the state are hand-picked for this. I just hope she's not got difficult child 3 mixed up with some other student, that somehow his work online and some other student's online work hasn't electronically got scrambled together.

    Thursday - I have to see my gastroenterologist, and mother in law has to have a heart monitor put on. The next day (24 hours later) on Friday I have to take her back to get the heart monitor taken off, then she and I both have to see the neurologist. Then Saturday - easy child is coming down to Sydney to tour round bridal wear shops with me. She's waited ten years for BF1 to propose, now she's not wasting a minute longer. The date is set, the reception place booked, the celebrant is lined up - and my friends tell me, with three children's weddings in under 12 months, to "buy one black skirt and three nice shirts."

    Sunday - I think I'll sleep in.

    Enjoy your Tuesday.