Good Morning Friday


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Well, today was SUPPOSED to give me time to get a few important jobs done, over the day. husband left a bit earlier than usual, taking mother in law to the airport for her trip to Perth.
Soon afterwards there was a lot of noise from a very nearby large truck outside - the tree loppers had arrived! We knew our huge gum tree was likely to get lopped because it's gone too close to the overhead power lines, but I'd hoped to get more warning. It is a fodder tree for the koalas at our nearby zoo. The koalas get first crack at it to nibble the leaf tips, then it goes into the possums and parrots who attack the flowers and gumnuts as well as the twigs. After that it gets mulched. But the zoo has to get it within an hour of cutting, it MUST be fresh for the koalas.
I rang the head keeper, he was too busy to come (short-staffed). difficult child 1 came outside and helped sort through the vast amount of cut branches to find 'good leaf'. The drought has meant that the topmost branches are in poor condition, not good for koalas who need young, lush growth. But we found enough from the lower branches, loaded up our van to the ceiling and set off, driving to the zoo with as much as we could carry, branch ends jogging my elbow. Fun, on the freeway.
The keepers and zoo boss were very glad of it, they were surprised at how much we'd managed to bring. difficult child 1 & I were invited in to have a quick look at some new exhibits - I think difficult child 1 misses working there, although I think he's a bit ambivalent about the zoo's plans to develop a large big cat area. "Lions WILL get you, eventually, we were told in the zoo course," he was saying to the boss, who agreed.
difficult child 1 & I had plenty of time for good talk going there and back, talking about his plans, etc.

easy child 2/difficult child 2 has been home with a bad cold and slept most of the day. difficult child 3 has been talking at me almost non-stop. I managed to get him to do some work with the new electronics kit, so I've got him started.

I'm supposed to be performing tonight, but it is looking like everything has been changed so much on the program that I won't be needed. Of course, nobody has told me - so it COULD mean, I've been totally overlooked, or it could mean business as usual.

Not that I mind, I just want to know so I can get organised.

Have a good Friday, everyone.


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Good Morning,

Marguerite-Sounds like an interesting day. How cool that you were able to bring over the leaves for the koalas! I can also relate to what it's like to have a difficult child talking non stop-mine does that often! I don't blame you for wanting to know what is up for tonight! I hope you find out soon!

I never did get to see the author yesterday as I went to the health club instead. I'm glad it's Friday! I have a nice day at work planned. Afterwards we have difficult child's psychiatrist appointment which is much needed. We may go to the health club and a movie tonight but that is ambitious as we are usually worn out on Friday evenings.

I hope everyone has a fun free choice Friday! Hi to anyone who snuck in. :flower:


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Good morning-

Marg- How nice that you were able to get the leaves for the Koala's. It sounds like a fun trip to the zoo.

Sharon- going to the club sounds great. Have a good appointment for difficult child.

My ds has been away helping his parents for a week now, but all is going well at home and it has been busy. We are going to start the decrease of difficult child's Wellbutrin today and taper down over a month. I hope he does well, and it is the medication that he does not need. He is on 4 right now, and due to medication interaction he cannot get his wisdom teeth removed until the Wellbutrin is gone, and we try to switch his Zyprexa to Geodon. My fingers are crossed that he remains stable.

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Good morning friends,

Marg, how cool that you were able to help feed the koalas. I hope your "motor mouth" difficult child runs out of gas soon - it's hard to keep up with the non stop information sometimes.

Sharon, wishing you a free choice Friday. I hope difficult child maintains throughout psychiatrist appointment & you can enjoy the weekend.

oceans, it's so difficult to get the medications right. Good luck with that - difficult child needs the dental work apparently.

"hi" if you snuck in.

No appts today!!!! Yeah! I'm dragging today & am glad there is no running around. I didn't have piano lessons yesterday - my instructor called from the ER; she was having a severe allergic reaction to her medication. :rolleyes:

Enjoy your Friday - I'm going out to work in the yard to :flower: day.


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Good morning Marg, Sharon, Oceans, Linda, & all that follow,
I have a puttering sort of day planned today, really not very interesting. Then I pick up Duckie at the end of school for Science Explorers. Have a great day! :smile:


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:salute: Good Morning Marg, Sharon, Oceans, Linda, TM, and all those who are sleeping!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Happy Free Choice Friday!

Running extremely late this morning - haven't even had my shower yet. easy child will be staying home today as her high school has had some questionable/scary things happen this week and word is it will all cumulate today. So, I have a really busy day of errands and she will be my driver!

difficult child told me last night that I better not make easy child go to school today because he doesn't want anything to happen to her! Now that is a change, usually it's whinning that if she gets to stay home, he wants to - he's growing up ;).

So, one in school and one out today.

Wishing all of you a great Friday - if you can, pause at noon for a minute to remember the lives cut short on Monday.

Good morning everybody.

A bit nervous today. It is the first day for difficult child on her medications. Whew.

I hope everybody has a wonderful day.