Good Morning Friday


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from beautiful Toronto, Ontario! :coffee:
My little family made our way through torrential storms on the QEW yesterday to spend a fun day at the zoo. Miraculously, we were not rained on while walking around. :bow: I like to think it was because of the 3 rain ponchos I bought as insurance when we entered the park. :smile: We had dinner at the Keg, the prime rib was delicious!
We'll be going back today, hopefully the weather will be a little nicer so we can hit the splash pad.
Have a great day! :salute:


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Morning, TM! Ladies :smile:

First time in a long time I've had a moment to sit down earlier than I have to get the kids up LOL! Thought I'd pop in and say hello :smile: I'll try to make an update thread while I'm here, but the chances of me being able to do that ~ slim.

Your trip sounds wonderful, TM. Our plan next summer is to drive from here to Niagra Falls. We have a longer drive than you though :frown:

Dylan and easy child have psychiatrist appts first thing this morning (8 and 8:20). difficult child 2 (is home, reunified, yay) has day camp. I have to drive him in to Wendy's tonight, he filled out an application last week and they lost it. Ahhhh.

Hope everyone here is doing well!



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:smile: Good Friday Morning :smile:

TM, sounds like your back got better and allowed you to have a fun day!! Enjoy the water park today :beach:

Janna, long time, no hear! Glad to hear from you this morning. I see you posted an update - I look forward to reading that when I'm done here! Enjoy your day :thumb:

Busy, but nice, day. Coctractor meeting me at 8:30 to pour the slab for the hot tub, easy child has an appointment to get her stitches out at 9 (on her scalp from the biopsy last week), she is meeting the kids from my sunday school class at 10 to help move our youth director. I have the cleaning crew coming at 10 - which is good timing because I am having another cookout tonight - my sister and her girls are coming for the night on their way to the beach. They won't be here until 5.

easy child, difficult child and I are going to the gym this afternoon - easy child and I for an aqua class - difficult child, just to splash around. Have to pick up my new contacts and drop off the car to get inspected.

I think I can fill all that in today :surprise: Told you, busy but not bad stuff.

Wishing everyone a great Friday!!!!!!!!!!!



Good TGIF morning!

TM, glad you made it to Toronto. Hope the fun continues.

Janna, good to "see" you after such a long time, my friend. I saw the update in your thread and will respond at length over there.

M finishes art camp today. I'm furiously cleaning and packing for our trip on Sunday. I'm also preparing for M's 9th birthday, which is tomorrow. I've bought most of the gifts, but have to come up with a suitable birthday cake. Don't want it to be too big since we're leaving Sunday.

Hope you have a great day! Hi to anyone who snuck in.


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Good morning everyone!! ITS FRIDAY!!!

TM - I am so glad the zoo went well. I was drooling at your dinner and I'm not a big meat eater! I hope today is warmer!

Welcome back Janna! Can't wait to read your update, especially the reunification part!

Sharon - are you sure you can't fit one more thing in there? LOL! I hope it all goes smoothly today. Enjoy your cookout!

SW - Happy early birthday to M! Enjoy your trip :smile:

We are off mini-putting today! It'll be the first outting medication free for difficult child, here's hoping! Then after work it's off to braid the pony for easy child's show tomorrow. At least it looks like it is going to start warming up finally!

Good morning to anyone who snuck in! Happy Friday!

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Good Morning!

TM-Sounds like a wonderful day-I hope your back is feeling better.

Janna-Good to see you! I too am looking forward to reading the update.

Sharon-Wow-you're not kidding it's a busy day! Enjoy and then have a nice rest tonight!

SW-Sounds like you have a lot to do today to get ready for your trip and M's birthday. I hope the birthday and the trip are lots of fun!

Christine-Enjoy the outing-I'll be keeping my fingers crossed it goes well.

difficult child is up and grouchy-good thing he's going to camp today! easy child's class has a celebration today that we are going to later this morning and then we have an appointment. with difficult child's neuropsychologist.

I'm also hoping to get to the health club and get in a nap!

Hoping everyone has a peaceful day-hi to anyone that snuck in. :beach:


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I am late getting on so a big hello Occupational Therapist (OT) all, and have a great day. Janna good to see you on!

Today i have off, thank goodness as yesterday was horrible at work. They combined my room with the younger toddlers, and it was awful. So today even though i have no money to spare, i am going to take difficult child to play mini golf. I don't know how much it is where you guys live, but it is so expensive around here, ugh! I then plan on visiting my great niece she is a month old, my niece has taken one giant step in the right direction, as we had problems with her husband on the third, she now has a restraining order on him, and is in full swing to get a divorce. She's young and beautiful, i told her there are nice guys out there. Well need to run, enjoy your day!


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Good Morning all. I don't have enough time today to do the individual hello's but wanted to say good morning.
The rains continue with little breaks here and there but you can bet that it pours right after you blow dry your hair and have an appointment. to get to. Sheesh.

I met the rescue dogs last night. They were better than I had hoped. Now to get all the ducks in a row. There has to be a home visit. :smile: Sort of cracks me up that I get a home visit for rescue animals and the parents of our sort of foster daughter never once called or seemed concerned where their 17yr old was. Keep your fingers crossed.

difficult child surprisingly loved the dogs. The goats seemed to love him,too. :rofl: husband and he went to the Transformer movie. husband fell asleep the last 20min. LOL.

Today is lots of prep work for the house to go on the market today and we leave for our family reunion in Taos. I'll be chasing my tail all day.

Have a nice Friday and enjoy your summer weekend.


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G'day all, especially Janna - I've missed you! I'll look for your update.

difficult child 3 is trying to be brave, his favourite budgie died this morning. The poor little bird was less than two years old, we think he caught flu from difficult child 1 who was bird-sitting while we were on holiday in NZ. Now there's only the female budgie left and she's always been stroppy. We need to re-think. difficult child 3 says the female ("Daisy") is being very brave. She's hardly made a sound. husband is worried this means Daisy is sick too. She's always been very emotionally dependent on her mate and she hasn't called for him once, not all day.

We came home to a house full of young adults with bad colds/flu, so I guess it's not surprising to find the birds catching it too. The kids had the family room heated up thoroughly, but the birds live in the cold laundry (when they didn't have the run of my bathroom - also cold).

husband & I are going out tomorrow, to "the mainland" to take BF2 to work and do some shopping. I might make some discreet enquiries about budgies while we're out.

Somewhere in there, I have another publishing job - a friend of mine needs a hand with her next book. The only trouble with doing this for a friend - I HATE writing out the account, I never want to charge them enough!