Good Morning Friday!


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Good morning! :coffee:
Today is Duckie's last day of vacation bible school. The kids put on a program and we have a picnic to follow. After that, we might might make a run for the park. :beach: I've also got laundry and packing for our overnight trip tomorrow. husband and I are making a whirlwind trip to Alexandria Bay, NY for a wedding. Duckie will stay with my aunt. She'll have a blast because my cousin is visiting with her four girls. :hammer:
Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in! :salute:


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Good morning, TM.

Have a wonderful time with husband this weekend - I hope you get some romance in!!
:smile: :flower:

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Good Morning All,

TM-Sounds like another busy day for you but a fun one! Enjoy the getaway with husband!

BusyWend-Have a great day!

I just woke up to relieve husband who has been up with difficult child since 5:30.
Not sure what I'm going to do today. It is difficult child's last day of all day camp for awhile. I may go to the pool but not sure because difficult child's field trip is to the pool this afternoon. I'm planning on getting in a workout and doing a bit of reading :reading:

I hope everyone has a day filled with unexpected delight! :dance:

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Good morning friends,

TM, enjoy your getaway.

busy, hope your day is peaceful & full of relaxation.

Sharon, I vote for the reading & a nap. (I always vote for the nap)

Today kt heads out to day treatment, husband is working from home & I'll be scoping out housekeeping help for the next month or until my strength builds up a bit more.

A few bills to pay this morning & back to bed for a nap.

"hi" if you snuck in.

Enjoy your day - I plan on it.


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:princess: Good Friday Morning!!

TM, enjoy the program at bible school and your weekend with husband :smile:

Busy, don't often hear from you on the morning thread - good morning and great friday :kisses:

Sharon, whatever you decide today, I hope you are able to recharge from you challenging evening - hope difficult child is able to hold it together :crazy:.

Linda, good luck interviewing for your house help - enjoy your friday :angel:

A friday around the house today. Have a bunch of putzy things to do around the inside today. The electrician is coming to do the wiring for the hot tub which is coming next week!

easy child has a doctor appointment this am and then is going to the office to do a special project. This afternoon she and I have a class at the gym and difficult child is going to go and just play in the pool.

Wishing all a relaxing and happy Friday :smile:



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Have a good Fri the 13th!!!!

Marg, a few days ago you posted about bananas where you peel back some peel, scoop out some banana, fill that with chocolate and then heat it in a fire. YUM! We used tomake those as an alternative to S'mores way back when I was a child in Girl Scouts. SOmetimes we also put marshmallows in with the chocolate (altho I am not a marshmallow fan)

Tiredmommy, enjoy the wedding!

Wiped out, hey cool, today is our camps day at the pool, too! Enjoy your reading. :) (I love to read)

Timerlady- I sent you an email about shower benches and other helpful things. Hope you got it ok. Good to see you!

LDM, the hot tub sounds awesome! Enjoy!

I am prepping for my rheumy visit, husband just got back from a VA doctor visit, and yesterday I had to set up a bunch of appts for everyone, nearly drove me nuts, sure seems to me some of the docs offices personnel take special classes in being difficult or something. I never did get my last mammo becuz you call to set the appointment and it takes a voicemail, which they return several hours or as long as a few days later, and wouldn't ya know they call when I am not accessible, and they leave a message for you to call them and this went on for 4 MONTHS.........<sigh> Then the consulting doctor my sons eye doctor wanted to follow my son, he said come back so I called for the return visit to find out he left the practice.........yeesh.

The storms here last week totally flattened most of my veg garden. :-( We got some v ery old overgrown bushes pulled and ground out the stumps, but now I am busy working THAT bed for flowers. (for security and safety reasons, the bushes and anything else "tall" or "dense" are no longer an option, way too much vandalism)
The house across the street just had its 3rd fire in 2 years (this time it is unihabitable entirely) - NOW the police dept and fire dept admit to newspaper it was arson/vandalism. ACK! SO I am glad we removed the bushes but it sure has been hard work. I have so many calusses. The great thing is I am more grateful than ever my rheumy has me functioning so well these days! :)


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G'day, all. Yep, I remember those bananas from childhood - and Guides, which is what we called our Girl Scouts. We never added marshmallows, though.
Another favourite was damper wrapped round a stick and baked (called twister) then you slide it carefully off the stick and pour butter and Golden Syrup down the tube - absolutely delicious! You could use maple syrup, it would be lovely, but not quite the same. Golden Syrup is made from sugar cane, it comes off the assembly after the sugar but before the molasses. It's also known as Cocky's Joy in Australia. (as in cocky - a slang term for a struggling farmer, a man trying to glean a living off the land).

Have a good Friday, all. We just watched a really old Bela Lugosi movie on one of the community TV channels - "schlocky horror picture show" but I couldn't get into it. It was so old the soundtrack was hard to hear. And late - it's Saturday already here.
husband was home today, we went shopping. That's when I discovered I'm still not well enough to go out. I can't even do the easy Sudoku puzzles without making lots of mistakes - the brain is definitely shut down at the moment.

husband is playing trains tomorrow. I've got my phone back that we lost in New Zealand - we got it reconnected today - and I'm hoping I can get enough sleep through this clogged head, to have a functioning brain tomorrow and finally get some work done.

Here's hoping! I'm off to bed.



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There was another thing we made- we took unsliced bread and cut it into chunks, removed crust, speared it onto a stick and rolled it in sweetened condensed milk. Then we rolled it in coconut and held it over the fire to toast it. I do not remember what we called it, tho.
We also took peppermint sticks, or candy canes without the hook on top and poked those into oranges and gradually while "drawing" on the peppermint stick, it would eventually create a hole running up the length of the peppermint and the juice from the orange would come up, as if the peppermint stick were a straw. LOL.