Good Morning on a Sunday


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Good Morning this crisp chilly Sunday morning. I think the rains have stopped. Hope all of you who are experiencing ice,snow and freezing temps are tucked in warm and dry.

difficult child and his buddy seemed to manage just fine with out any of us. Other than a 30min visit we have neither seen nor heard from them. husband is going with the two of them to the airport just so we know the buddy is settled and ok. They don't seem to need us much. Yay! I'm afraid to ask what and where they have been or if they have even been out.

husband and I cleaned up and went out with another couple for dinner. It's amazing how entertaining it is to get out for a date night. We used to do it all the time. I'll have to get into the habit again.

:smile: I'm pouring down the coffee to wake up. easy child works all day. husband is going to finally finish up some projects and I'm planning to read a book most of the day.

Have a peaceful Sunday.


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Good morning Fran. Enjoy the book, I look forward to the time I can read for pleasure again. :grin: Today is the big birthday party! She and her little friend from class are all excited!!!! They are "sharing" a party since their birthdays are only 6 days apart. :bravo: It should be fun, there will be a bounce house. My aunt asked what games we had planned for 25 kindergartners and I said "Duh! There's a bounce house!" :rofl:There's no point in planning anything else...
Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :smile:


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G'day Fran & TM. I hope you and husband had a good dinner last night, Fran. And TM - we're in our big birthday week. husband's birthday tomorrow (in half an hour's time) and then difficult child 3's on Friday. Then difficult child 1 a week or so later.

We went out to lunch today for our anniversary. husband & I had a lovely day away from the kids. We were at Centrepoint Tower's buffet restaurant. The air conditioning was working overtime (in the restaurant as well as in our car). The temperatures today hit about 40 C, I believe. Tomorrow is heading for 34 C, assuming it cools down that much. The forecast storms this afternoon never arrived, only a brief coolness and evening cloud.

Fabulous food, relaxing lunch, some window shopping in the city afterwards. As usual we ended up in a bookshop!

It's rare for us to actually get to do anything like this on our anniversary - this was just great.

Have a good Sunday, everyone.


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Good Morning,

Fran-It's good difficult child and friend were so independent. I'm not sure I'd want to know where they've been either. Glad you enjoyed going out last night! I love reading a book all day-what are you reading?

TM-I hope the party is successful-you can't miss with a bounce house!

Marguerite-Happy Anniversary-it's nice you had dinner away!

We saw Dream Girls last night-it was excellent! I highly recommend it. In a bit we're heading out in the snow (and possibly freezing rain) to difficult child's wrestling tournament. Should be a fun day :smile:as long as the snow doesn't get too bad to drive in.

I hope everyone enjoys their day. Hi to anyone who snuck in. :smile:


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Good Sunday Morning Everyone!

Fran, sounds like a nice evening for you and husband. Enjoy your book!

TM, hope the party goes great!

Marg, glad you and husband had a nice anniversary time together - sounds nice.

Going to hop off here molmentarily to get ready for sunday school. Got that this morning, then easy child's boy is coming to hang with her for awhile. My sunday school class feeds the homeless tonight at 6:30 at church. We do a week every winter where they stay at our church. While they are eating dinner, the kids prepare their lunches for the next day. It's always an eye-opener and a great experience for the youth.

Other than that, it will be a quiet day - yesterday was restful and wonderful. Hope your Sunday is a relaxing one (except for TM :smirk:).



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Wiped out, I decided I wanted to read a series from first to last. I ordered book 1 and 2 from Janet Evanovich's Stephanie Plum series from the used book store on I had read a more recent one and wanted to start at the beginning. They are pretty mindless entertainment.

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Good morning Fran, TM, Marg, WO, LDM & all who follow.

Fran, I love the Plum series. When I need a good laugh I will get those books out once again.

TM, have fun at the party.

Marg, happy anniversary (a tad late).

Sharon, be careful driving - we have snow up here. Good luck to difficult child during his tournament.

LDM, have a good one.

It's snowing lightly this morning - not real cold. Rather annoying though.

kt has been home since Thursday - so far so good. She heads back to Residential Treatment Center (RTC) this afternoon. It was funny watching her "slob" around yesterday until we announced that we were heading out for Chinese for dinner. "Hold on, I'm a girl now & need to get fixed up!" Took her a half hour & she's only 12 - used her "restaurant manners".

OMG, who knew that being a girl now made such a difference? LOL :rofl:

Hi to any who snuck in - enjoy your day. :smile:


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Good morning ladies!

Fran, how nice you got to have a "date night" with husband. I'm glad you enjoyed yourself.

TM, 25 kindergarteners? At your HOUSE? OMG - my sincerest thoughts and prayers are going out to you my friend. Happy birthday to sweet Duckie. Give her a big, ole' sloppy kiss from me, huh?

Marg, happy belated anniversary. I'm glad you enjoyed yourselves. Find any good books?

Sharon, good luck to difficult child with his tournament. Keeping fingers crossed the roads aren't too bad for you.

LDM, your project to help the homeless sounds like such an inspiration. Good for you guys for helping out. Enjoy your relaxing day!

Linda, I am chuckling at kt. Good for her. It sounds like your outing was really great! She's sure making alot of progress. You sound so happy :smile:

Not much on the agenda today. Need to make a run to Wal Mart at some point, I forgot a few things yesterday morning during my run in town. It figures.

SO is still working on taking the transmission out of his truck - alone. Hmm, better him than me. It's very, very cold outside (but no snow yet).

I got my groceries, cleaning, laundry all done yesterday. Even fit in a game of Sorry with the boys, and kicked their tails! Ha! It's funny, they love it when I beat them. At least they aren't sore losers.

So, today is a relaxing day. TM, I'll be thinking of you running around with all those kids when I take my 2 PM nap. Love ya, girl! :smile:



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TM, 25 kindergarteners? At your HOUSE? OMG - my sincerest thoughts and prayers are going out to you my friend. Happy birthday to sweet Duckie. Give her a big, ole' sloppy kiss from me, huh?

[/ QUOTE ]

No, no, no!!! It's at a local gym with a bounce house.
I'm not nuts!!! :rofl: :hammer: :rofl:


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Fran, how terrific that your difficult child and his buddy did great. Nice that you and your husband got to go out and have fun.

TM tell Ducky Happy birthday from me. Have a good time at the party and take lots of pictures!

Marg, Congratulations to you! husband and I celebrated our 35th last night (Jan 22) with tickets to a show. It was nice to get out.

Wipedout, nice that you got to see a show! Be careful driving and give a cheer from us!

LDM, Thank God for angels like you who care about our homeless.

Linda, It is so heartwarming to hear that KT is enjoying some typical adolescent stuff! Glad the visit was good!

Janna, We too haven't seen the snow yet but I am told it is coming just in time for husband to drive in tonight! UG!
Have a nice nap!

Yesterday was husband and my 35th anniversary. We went to a show at a historic theater in a nearby city. It was a lovely bit of restored architecture. Very posh and elegant. The show was a female comedian. She was hilarious. Today I am taking it easy while husband does a bit of work on the living room. I worked on it all week but there are some things I cannot do. husband is doing them for me today so I can get back to work on it during the coming week. I hope to finish up by the end of next weekend. That is really pushing it as there is much to be done but it is good to have a goal.

To anyone who snuck in have a peaceful Sunday. -RM


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Hi Everyone!

I'm very late checking in, but we've been so busy. Today is football for us, as we don't care much for the first game, but difficult child wants the saints to win. The second game is the big one for us, especially being from Ma., so i am sure you'll hear us wherever you live, as if they don't do good we'll be screaming!!