Good Morning on Monday

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Good Morning All,

I'm having a hard time sleeping. Took a nap early last night because I was so tired from the long day at the wrestling tournament. Today I have a class after school so it looks to be a long night. Plus I'm behind and need to get some valentine cards for my kids at school.

I hope everyone has a peaceful day! :princess:

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Good morning friends,

Sharon, I hope you get some much needed rest.

I'm also struggling with sleep. My mind seems to be on overload plus I have a cat who feels it's time for me to be out of bed. Going to have to learn to crate that cat at night. LOL

Not much going on today; mostly a therapist appointment with husband & many household chores to take care of. Our family annual cook off is this coming weekend & I'd like to have a clean house before I leave.

Have a calm day all - I plan on it. :smile:


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husband & I were hoping for an early night tonight too - we're getting there but it's not so early any more.

We don't have a rain gauge, something I need to rectify, but when I checked my pot plants this morning we'd had about an inch and a half of rain overnight. We've had more today, and from what I've seen it's much lighter rain here than the rest of Sydney. AND IT'S OVER THE DAMS! Yay! They've had 2" at least in the dam catchment, which they said gives us another six weeks' water supply for Sydney.

It's not drought-breaking, but it's the most rain we've had in many months. It's forecast to taper off though, the sun is coming out again. Even with the rain it's still been very warm. And a nasty side-effect of the rain on the coast - huge dust storms only a little further inland. Thick clouds of red dust through a lot of country towns. I'll have to message easy child, but it looks like Canberra could have been far enough west to have got thoroughly dusted too.

So it seems no lullaby of rain as we sleep tonight, but still a dropping wet world of wonder outside. Our frog pond is three-quarters full again, after being half empty. And here's a thought for all the cognitive behaviour therapists out there - to a frog, whether the pond is half full or half empty depends entirely on whether it's raining or not.

Enjoy your Monday!

Good Morning Cyber Friends,

I've got to get going EARLY today. I've finished my coffee and am almost on my way out the door. (I have no idea how to get to the emoticons!!!) Hope everyone has a "melt-down" free day!!! WFEN


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Good Monday Morning Everyone.

Don't forget is's No Meltdown Monday.

Sharon, another busy day for you - what's new? You are a busy woman. Hope you sleep well tonight.

Linda, Monday is household chore day for me as well - so with the cat you don't need an alarm clock I'm guessing.

Marg, glad you got a little rain. I would suppose as long as the pond is present, the frogs would worry about measurements.

Lots of stuff to do today. Wishing everyone a great Monday.



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Good morning! :smile:
Sharon- We're still working on Duckie's valentines. I hope today goes smoothly for you. :smile:
Linda- So what exactly is a clean house anyway? Who gets to decide? :rofl:
Marg- I'm an optimist. I see the frog pond half full. :smile:
I'm trying to decide whether or not I should grocery shop today or tomorrow. I feel like a slug today, but it will make life easier tomorrow if I go today. Ugh! :coffee:
Have a great day! :smile: Hi to anyone that snuck in.


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I'm so excited. The changes have made it possible for me to view the site again at work. YEAH! I feel connected again. Today's a busy one. PCdaughter is supposed to go for rehab for knee---she may be facing another surgery to remove more cartlidge. difficult child is heading back to program in the truck. Hopefully the changes I've seen in him are lasting! I have work, then to the gym, then to a meeting. It will be a long day! Hope everyone has a good one.


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Good Morning all. I'm running late but as usual Mondays is laundry, bill paying and housework. Nothing fun.
difficult child came over for brunch. He is as always a trip. He earned some money painting and spent it on stuff. :hammer:
It's just a rainy day.
Hope your day is peaceful.


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I've got my fingers crossed for No Meltdown Monday.

Thanks for reminding me about Valentines. I would have forgotten. I've had a nasty cold for over a wk and I'm sick of it!