Good Morning on Monday!

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Good Morning All,

difficult child is already awake. It doesn't seem lately like his night medications last like they use to. For now he is quietly watching tv-I hope it stays that way for awhile.

It sure did rain here last night. I'm curious to find out how much we actually received. We did have flash flood warnings and I'm sure if I had been out and about there must have been roads flooded because we received a lot in a short bit of time.

Back to work today and only 2 weeks to go. After work today we have a wedding and baby shower (for two people). I hope the cake I ordered turns out well as they are doing a combination wedding and baby cake. They are supposed to use the colors from the wedding combined with pink because we know the other person is having a girl.

Enjoy your day! :princess:


Good morning all,
Sharon - sounds like a busy day. Two weeks left. Sounds like something to look forward to.

I haven't been on for almost a week now. Very busy. Have lots of catching up to do. Starting last night, I will be working 11 12 hour days/nights in a row. It will be a long stretch. Had a lot to take care of this past week.

everyone have a great Monday.


Good morning everyone

Sharon - we had A LOT of rain here, too. We really needed it. I was beginning to think it wasn't going to stop.

kjs - I hope you get some sleep in these next 11 days. That's a lot of hours to work.

My check engine light came on in my car last night. It was idling at 500 rpms (compared to about 1500 normally) and the whole thing was vibrating. It felt like it was going to come apart. When I accelerated, it would go up to 3000 rpms before changing gears. So, I have to take it in today. Sounds expensive. I can't wait. :faint:

On top of that, I'm sick. Have a fever of 101.2 and my left ear has been draining all night. So, I need to figure out how I'm going to get to the doctor with my car in the shop. Besides the antibiotics I probably need, with the blood thinner I'm on I have to have blood drawn for a CBC if I have a fever above 101.

And difficult child is going to give me a run for my money this morning. She was revving up last night.

Can we say, enough already!!!

2 more days of school. I'll be so happy when I don't have to start and end my days with conflict with difficult child.

Enjoy your day.

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Good morning fellow warrior moms,

Sharon, sounds like difficult child may be going through a growth spurt. Enjoy the celebrations.

kjs, sounds like a busy work schedule - are you covering for vacation?

Heather, we've had the torrential rains here as well. Keeping fingers crossed that the car repairs aren't too expensive & that your ear is healed quickly.

kt is up, ready for school & has walked Sally already. I'm not even showered or dressed yet - would like to get in on the morning dog walks with kt.

Today is the normal bill paying, laundry & general house clean stuff. You know, same stuff - different week.

husband will be working from home until next Monday; it's been a little difficult from keeping kt barging into his office.

Have a good day - keep it calm out there. Find a reason to smile today.


Good Monday morning!

Sharon, only two more weeks of school here, too. Hope you have fun at the combo wedding/baby shower.

Kjs, that work schedule is a killer. Hope you are able to sleep some, too.

Heather, sorry you're not feeling well. Sounds as if you need a neighbor or friend to take you to the doctor. Hope all sorts out today.

The kids are still sleeping, but I need to get them up soon for school. They're tired from a whirlwind weekend of activity. After they're off to school, I need to take the dog to the groomer for his summer haircut (he's very shaggy right now). Then grocery shopping and I hope a workout. This afternoon easy child/difficult child 3 has a psychiatrist appointment followed by piano lessons for easy child/difficult child 2.

Hope you have a peaceful day. Hi to anyone who snuck in.
Good Morning :coffee:,

Sharon, Have fun at the wedding/baby shower. I hope the cake is just perfect!!!

kjs, It sounds like your work schedule is exhausting!!! Try to get in "me" time any way you can!!!

Heather, I hope you don't have to shell out mega bucks to get your car repaired!!! Do whatever you have to do to get to your doctor's office. I hope you're feeling better soon!!! I hope difficult child calms down and the last two days of school go by quickly!!! Sending cyber hugs... :flower:

Linda, Walking Sally with kt sounds like a great idea. easy child and I have some really good conversations when we take my favorite sanity saver for walks together. I hope you get all your chores done quickly and you're able to get in a bit of "me" time...

smallworld, You're so BUSY!!! I'm glad you're getting in a workout today. I'm sure your dog will be very handsome after his summer haircut...

Today I'm going to take it a bit easy. I spent all of yesterday cleaning the house. easy child helped me. husband wasn't around much this weekend as he had to work Saturday and yesterday he had to help with a fundraiser. The money that is raised is used to help a terminally ill child in our community. So, I've had the difficult children all to myself. It was a weekend I'm glad I don't have to repeat!!!
I'm so HAPPY just to have them in school today!!! After a bit of laundry and a quick trip to the market, I'm going to try to get in some "me" time before I have to pick up difficult child 1 at school. The rest of the week is very BUSY with still more end of the school year activities. One more cup :coffee: and it's time to put in a load of wash.

Hi to anyone who snuck in... As usual, I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile today:flower:WFEN

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Good morning everyone~

I am sore today as I spent the entire day yesterday trying to beat out the rain and get all my hostas into the ground! They are in, yeah!

It is pouring here today. I am at work, H had a dentist appointment this morning, which he complained loudly about all last night and difficult child is starting her last week of school >< Fingers crossed that she does well on her finals!!

Have a great day everyone~