Good Morning on Thursday

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Good Morning All,

It's Thursday which brings us one day closer to Friday which for me means it's almost spring break! The cold has returned here along with rain but even that isn't going to dampen my spring break spirit.

After work today we have therapy for difficult child and then I'm hoping to get to the health club. :smile:

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day. :flower:


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Sharon- i'm sure your counting the hours until spring break, have a nice work out today!

Well yesterday i brought my class out, and nearly froze to death, the wind was so cold, my co- teacher and i had all we could do to last 40 minutes. Today difficult child has his training class after school. I went last night and bought him his soccer uniform, and oh man they raised the price and i spent close to 60$ too much, need to run!


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Good morning. :coffee:
Sharon- Our break doesn't start until Good Friday. Enjoy your workout! :smile:
Jen- I bet the kids enjoyed being outside anyway! :thumb:
I'll be running into the school this morning and have a first grade placement information meeting this evening and some banking.
Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :smile:

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Good morning friends,

Sharon - I'm dreading spring break already. I know that you enjoy your breaks & hope you have fun things planned.

Jen, it was cold out yesterday. I bet the kids enjoyed being outside though.

It's to be a rainy cool day today.

Things are calm here this morning. kt is ready for school & waiting for the bus. This morning I'm catching up on sleep. psychiatrist appointment for kt after school & later in the afternoon my piano lesson.

Have a good day all - keep it calm! Find some "me" time to stay sane.


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Good Morning Wiped out, Razz and all who follow. Sorry to hear it cold where you are. Texas this time of year is just the best. It's warm without being hot. The blue bonnets are popping up everywhere as well as all the spring flowers. I can appreciate why the colder areas of the country come to Texas and Florida for spring break.

Sharon, good for you for being positive about spring break next week. Hope you get a bit of a vacation. Good luck with therapy and the work out.

Raz,brrrrr doesn't sound like fun.

difficult child got a temp job on the spur of the moment yesterday. He handled it all himself. :thumb: He even used his Christmas present (gps system) to get there without my help. Every time he does something without my input I breath a sigh of relief. He seems to like it since it's less stressful and hectic than the weekend job. At present he wants to do both (part time) I'm keeping my fingers crossed. The roller coaster keeps going up and rushing down. :slap:
Have a wonderful day. The weekend is around the corner and GA is on the tv tonight. What could be better? Now off for some :coffee: before going to the treadmill.

I must type slow Linda and TM snuck in on me. Linda, good luck with kt and hope she holds it together. TM have fun. </span>


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Good morning all. Still feeling alittle blue about difficult child up coming placement. Tough going to work today with all this on my mind but I have a house payment that aways keeps me going. talk to you all tonight.


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:smile: Good Thursday Morning!!!!!

Sharon, I'm looking forward to spring break as well - we have another week to go - like TM, ours starts with early dismissal on Good Friday. Have a great day :smile:

Jen, that's a lot of money for a sports uniform :eek:. Maybe you should start a "uniform closet". People turn in their old uniforms and sports training equipment and others that have needs can come and choose what they want.

TM, first grade placement meeting? Is Duckie in private school? It sounds like something they would have had at my daughter's private school. Have a great day - enjoy the baking :D!

Linda, enjoy catching up on your sleep - sounds good to me. I overslept this morning. Slept right through the hour alarm (well, didn't sleep right through, I didn't hit the snooze feature about 4 times)!

Fran, I'm excited and anticipating the upcoming weekend myself. Congrats to difficult child on the new job.

Tracy, wishing you a good day, we understand how preoccupied our gifts keep us.

I'm going to the dentist to have that chipped tooth fixed this morning at 10 then off to the office for my regular Thursday schedule.........all is well in the littledudes house. easy child is enjoying the heck out of her new freedom and difficult child is going through a good period. Thank the heavens for the good times :angel:

Have a good Thursday all.

Good Morning :coffee:,

Sharon, I'm glad you're going to the health club :smile:. I hope you have a calm and uneventful (in my humble opinion, uneventful is a good thing with difficult children) day... :flower:

Jen, I hope difficult child enjoys soccer. I'm with you - the prices for the uniforms is absurd!!! I hope you get in some "ME" time today :bath:... :flower:

TM, Time really does fly... Duckie will be in first grade before you know it!!! I still remember how excited easy child was that she was going to be in school with the big kids!!! Hope your day goes well... :flower:

Linda, I'm with you - I ALWAYS dread school vacations!!! I'm glad you're having a calm morning!!! Enjoy your piano lesson... :flower:

Fran, I'm so happy for difficult child!!! :bravo:!!! I'm keeping all body parts crossed that he is able to handle both jobs. It's great that he used his gps system to get where he needed to be without having to rely on you for help. Enjoy your day... :flower:

Tracy, I hope your day goes smoothly... Please try and do something for yourself after work - It sounds like you could use a bit of "ME" time... :bath: I hope everything works out ok with difficult child!!! I'll keep him in my thoughts... :flower:

This morning husband has my car. He was able to get a good deal on tires from a friend of his. I'm always grateful for small miracles!!! I'm going to catch up on some phone calls I've been putting off, do some laundry and some shopping (We go through so much milk that we really need our own personal cow), before picking up difficult child 1 at school.

One more cup of :coffee: and I'm ready to start the day... I am so happy that Spring is finally here!!! :flower: :flower: :flower: WFEN

P.S. Hi to anyone who snuck in... :flower:


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Sharon- Duckie goes to a pretty innovative public school. Our first grade options include a regular mainstream classroom (with kids needing services pulled out), looping her teacher (except that her specific teacher is k only), a blended classroom with mainstream and kids that need more intensive interventions/resources, or a 1st through 3rd grade multi-age program. Oh the choices! :hammer: