Good Morning on Thursday

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Good Morning All,

We're in for a cold day here-only a high of 49. It's supposed to be rainy too but they are promising us a perfect weekend with highs back in the 70s. It's take your child to work day and easy child wanted to come so I am bringing her along-hopefully it will be a fun day. I do wish they would move it to the summer so kids wouldn't need to miss school-of course-then easy child wouldn't be able to come with me but she would survive.

I'm hoping difficult child maintains at school today now that his In School Suspension is over.

Yesterday after work we discovered ants in the kitchen-yuck-bought a bunch of stuff to hopefully do the trick or we'll be calling Orkin-I don't do well with any bugs in my house :surprise:

Hopefully after work I'll go right to the club.

Enjoy your day-find a reason to smile. :smile:

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Good morning friends,

Sharon - I hate finding anything "buggy" in my kitchen. Hope the invasion is conquered quickly!

It was so very hard to wake up this morning - kt is in the shower & I'm waiting for the coffee to finish brewing. It's early release day for kt - I pick her up after her conference & IEP. Heading directly over to therapist afterward.

Have a good day - keep it calm.


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:salute: Good Morning Sharon and All To Follow!

Sharon, we were at 90 yesterday and will get down to a balmy 70-something today! Clounds and chances of rain today and tomorrow - the sun comes out Saturday :cool:. Here's crossed fingers to difficult child today.

Well, today begins my busy 10 days. The Book Fair arrives at noon today at difficult child's school. I have four great volunteers who will meet the truck and begin setting up because I am busy until about 2.

Taking easy child to the dermodoc's office today. She's been experiencing rapid hair loss. We are all concerned and hope the doctor has some answers that are not too painful for her (emotionally and physically). Then I'm of to the office to get the payroll and the first of the month bills paid!

big baby shower this weekend. The silver is polished and the crystal is squeaky clean! All the food has been purchased. Tomorrow my cleaning crew comes and when they leave I'll just run and pick the flowers (2 doz pink roses) and long stem strawberries and it's done. easy child and her bud are going to be the clean up crew Sat for $10 each!

difficult child got his report card Tuesday - he did Honor Roll. He's proud. I am too. But, he has been experiencing some anxiety about middle school. Nothing major, but just some questioning and, you know how it is, we can tell when they are anxious about something.

Wishing everyone a fabulous Thursday!

Sharon :smile:


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G'day, everybody.

Sharon, we have had ant problems too - I recommend sugar and borax (equal parts by volume). Put about a quarter tsp of the mix in a bottle cap or similar (my mother would use a saucer) and add enough water to dissolve it (or at least wet it thoroughly and keep it wet). Put the bottle cap somewhere away from kids because this mix IS poisonous. Also make sure you put it where the ants are trailing. They eat it happily and take it back to their nests. There are commercial products that do the same sort of thing.

Linda, I hope you and kt have a steady day. Enjoy the coffee!

Sharon/DM, I hope the doctor can help easy child with her hair loss. Could it be hormonal? Or stress? Good luck for the baby shower. And congrats to difficult child on Honor Roll!

We've had a hectic day - lots of phone calls this morning, then we had a lot of errands to run. Luckily the floodwaters have gone down, although more rain is forecast which will put the road back underwater again.

Tomorrow husband has the day off and we're hoping to get a lot of paperwork done, including lodging our passports (we keep being delayed on this one). We're not leaving until early afternoon so hopefully difficult child 3 will get a lot of work done - he does his best work in the mornings.

Have a good Thursday, everyone.

Good Morning Everyone :coffee:,

I have a really BUSY day and don't have time to address everyone individually but hope all of you find a reason to smile today!!! WFEN :flower:


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Good morning. :coffee:
Sharon- EEW! I hate ants in the house!!! :surprise:
Linda- I'm also having a hard time waking up today. Good luck with the meeting & appointment. :warrior:
LDM- Congrats to difficult child on making honor roll. :bravo: I hope his anxiety eases soon.
Marg- It takes a good eight weeks to get passports processed around here. Good luck with all the paperwork. :hammer:
WFEN- Slow down! I can't keep up, lol! :rofl:
Duckie has a half day today & I have a classroom placement information meeting at 10am. We might have a play date this afternoon, but I haven't heard back from the other Mom to confirm. The classmate is apparently excited, but I have no idea of where or when we are supposed to meet... :slap:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:


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Busy day here as well.. difficult child has a doctors visit today to talk about support and starting medications. I am also making him go to school no matter what. So far so good. He is already dressed and is ready to go!! He even has his coat and shoes on. To bad he still needs to eat.

easy child just woke up sick so she will have to stay home. I wish this stupid virus would go away..She has to get better by the weekend. Her Cheer team is at Provincials on Saturday.. ( GO SCORPIONS!!!)) At least when she is sick she just wants to be left alone and sleep.

After difficult child apointment I have to come home and hopefully get a few hous sleep since I have only gotten 2 hours sleep last night. The one night he sleeps great the kids fogot to lock the puppy up and she peed all over my bed. So I have been up doing laundry !!!! I am going to make sure both dogs are locked up tonight. husband said he will get up with difficult child tonight and let me get some sleep..

Looks like today may end up being a good day.


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Good morning all. We had hours of torrential downpour yesterday but at least it's over and the skies are clear. It's a gorgeous day. I have been up for a while to get things ready. My middle sis arrives today and baby brother tomorrow with his wife.
Anyhow, there is a lot of standing water around the houses which I have learned is normal for this area. I heard the frogs singing last night. I am also going to see if I can find any turtle nests. There is a turtle nest patrol on the beach a couple of times a day. I haven't seen any but what the heck do I know?

difficult child finished orientation and will start work next week. He seems happy enough to go.

easy child seems a little disinterested in finishing his senior year out with a bang. He has to be pushed to get homework done. LOL. Guess the pressure is off. One more month and I am done with the school system. I'm relieved.

Hope you have a good day. LDM, I'll be looking for an update about easy child's hair loss. Sending good thoughts. </span>