Good Morning on Tuesday

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Good Morning All,

Another rainy day ahead-I bet we've had about 5-6 inches in the last two days. I know Sunday alone we had just over 3 inches. I'm ready for some sunshine.

Not much going on here. Tonight after work difficult child's therapist is ocming here for his appointment. I'm hoping to find the energy to go to the club tonight!

Enjoy the day-find reasons to laugh :kisses:

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Good morning friends,

Sharon - hope you find the energy to go to the club.

My week is slowly petering out - started out with 5 appts for kt or wm; am now down to two. Yeah!!!! :smile: I can do this.

We've had the same levels of rain that Sharon & many of you had that has kept me from doing some serious yard work. Today looks to be a good day to get the lawn mowed, weeding done & plant the final seeds I'd like to (they probably float away).

"Hi" to anyone who snuck in.

Enjoy your day - I plan on it. Find any reason to smile today. :flower:


Rained all day yesterday, last night. Sun looks like it is trying to creep out today.

Spent yesterday morning in ER with difficult child and headache. Even with all the medication given, difficult child woke today with headache still. I am just as worried now as before ER. Quarter tests this week and he needs to be there for reviews. Don't know yet if I will tell him to stay home or go. Guess that depends on pain level.

therapist appointment for difficult child this evening. husband and I requested to both be there.

SD had phoned many times yesterday regarding my email and all the errors on IEP. Didn't have time to return calls. They are not available when I am. They tell me what time I can reach them, and I was not home. When I did return calls they weren't available. When they returned calls I was sleeping. Time is running short to complete this and I am worried about that too.

Need to try to get a few hours sleep in prior to therapist meeting. Also need to reach difficult child's doctors. Need to get a hold of workmans comp for my arm. I am now unable to reach my head to even brush my hair. My elbow no longer bends that far. Extreme pain just to move my arm. They are fighting me on this.

Maybe the sun will shine and all will be ok. Have a good day.


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:salute: Good Morning All!

Sharon, we had a rainy weekend, but it was lovely yesterday. A big thunder boomer rolled in about 9 and at this time of the year, we can use the rain!

Linda, glad your week is petering out! Have fun in the yard - I did that yesterday.

Kjs, hope difficult child is feeling better. I wouldn't worry too much about the IEP - you can still finalize over the summer. Many of the folks involved (with the exception of the teachers) are 11-month employees.

Well, the kids and I picked out a hot tub/spa on Sunday. We are so excited. It is being build as we speak. I've been researching gazebos and such so I can give some pics to the carpenter and get some estimates! Hopefully we will be up and running by the 4th of July!!!!!!!

I have the last PTA Board meeting here at my house tonight - BYOB!!! The patio is all ready - the Tstorm last night blew some stuff around, but I'll putz out there later. I have about 2 hours at the office.

The kids are definately counting down the school year - easy child has 8 days and difficult child has 9! I'm counting down as well.....

Wishing everyone a great day!



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Good morning. :coffee:
Sharon- How's that ark-building project coming along? :smile:
Linda- I hope the last two appts are today and a breeze. :thumb:
Kjs- I hope you get some resolutions on the health issues and difficult child's iep is sorted out. :warrior:
LDM- Have fun at your PTA party. I'd probably attend more if they were byob. :smile:
I have school volunteering today and putzing around. Duckie has her dress rehearsal for dance. I think I've been overdoing it this week with 2 recitals, the church rummage sale last weekend, volunteering, my washer breaking (I still have to get out to buy a new one), end of year field trips and everything else. I think I need a "me" day very soon! :bath:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:
Good Morning :coffee:,

Sharon, I hope you get some SUNSHINE soon!!! I hope you manage to get a bit of "me" time tonight and get to the health club.

Linda, I hope the weather allows you to get lots of yard work done. I hope you get lots of SUNSHINE too!!!

kjs, You sound absolutely FRAZZLED. You have so much going on. I hope difficult child feels better soon, you feel better soon, are able to get a hold of Workmen's Comp, and straighten out difficult child's IEP. I'm getting a bit frazzled just writing this. PLEASE try to get enough sleep, and even some "me" time too... Sending cyber hugs... :flower:

Sharon, The hot/tub spa sounds wonderful!!! I love gazebos too!!! When can I come over???

TM, You're making me TIRED!!! You definitely need a "me" day!!! Duckie's dance recital sounds like fun. I bet she is so excited!!!

Today I have some school things I need to take care of for difficult child 2. I also have some phone calls and more errands. Other than that, not much else is planned. I'm going to have some more :coffee: and begin the day.

Hi to anyone who snuck in. I hope everyone has at least one reason to laugh or at least smile today... :flower: WFEN

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Good morning everyone~

It is sunny today after a full couple of days rain. Yeah! I think I should run home and put the pups outside so they can enjoy the sun too.

difficult child's graduation is hanging in the balance. Prayers that she passes all her finals this week.

I ache all over today. Need more coffee too.

Have a wonderful, joy filled, lovely day!