Good Morning Saturday


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G'day, people.

Well, after some initial arguments difficult child 3 got on with his schoolwork even though it was a weekend. He worked really hard and got everything finished just before 3 pm, so I rewarded him immediately with a trip to the beach and an ice cream after.

Now I've got to get his work collated, signed and put in the envelope ready to post on Monday.

I just grabbed a minute to post and then I've got to hit the showers and wash off the sand and salt. Dinner's cooked, easy child 2/difficult child 2 is about to drive 'to the mainland" to collect boyfriend from a late meeting.
And easy child 2/difficult child 2 has just worked out - I'm short with tonight's dinner, by ONE teriyaki chicken wrap. I suggested that I quickly cook her a prawn teriyaki wrap but she insists it's got to be chicken. But I have no more chicken. So it looks like I'm still not done with dinner. I'll be cooking at 10 pm when she and boyfriend get home - HE likes prawns. By then I'll probably join him and cook myself one, too. I'm nuts about seafood.

And husband wonders why I'm always late getting to bed?


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Good Morning,

Marguerite-Sounds like a busy night for you. I'm glad difficult child got his work done and you were able to get in a trip to the beach. I'm more than a bit jealous as we are under wind chill advisories here today. It's expected at times to be as cold as 35 degrees below 0 with the wind! *

Went to our work party last night. It was fun even though I didn't stay long. I'm glad I went because it was one of those cold nights when you don't want to go out but after braving the cold it was a good time. easy child went to a movie last night which was good for her as she doesn't get out much.

I'm off to work in a bit. Glad I'm done by 9:30. Then I plan on coming home and as much as I'd love to hibernate I don't think we have food for today and I know we don't have anything for tomorrow. I may even squeeze in a workout but I don't know because we're planning a movie marathon for fun with the kids. Hopefully this will help difficult child as he definitely can't be out and about in this weather.

I hope everyone enjoys their day-stay warm. :smile:


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:smile: Good Saturday Morning!!!!!!

Marg, no disrespect intended, but why can't easy child 2/difficult child 2 cook herself rather than you having to do it late night? Glad you got to enjoy the beach and ocean today :cool:

Sharon, hopefully you can make a quick grocery run when you get off and then chill for the rest of the day :smirk:

Think of me this morning - we have our final mediator meeting this morning. Well, it should be the final one. I think all the Tourette's Syndrome are crossed and Is dotted. Only thing that concerns me is that last time we met with the mediator, ex bonehead backpedaled a lot. We should be finalizing our settlement today. I've worked long and hard to make sure that the children and I are protected and secure in the future, and that I got out of this what I wanted and deserved. Wish me luck.

The kids are going to be ready for me when I am done because we all decided it was time for a bookstore run. difficult child has actually invited easy child's best friend over tonight. He wants to cuddle under a blanket with them, pop some popcorn, and watch scary movie! She thought it was sweet and agreed.

Tomorrow we are having a super bowl party. Yep, me the kids and my cousin!!!!! It's not about numbers, it's about the food and the commericals :rofl:

Wising everyone a great weekend - hope you get some chill time.



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Good morning!
Marg- I've got to agree with Sharon. easy child 2/difficult child 2 should probably eat what is provided or prepare something different herself. JMHO, of course. :wink:
Sharon- I'm glad you enjoyed the party. Stay warm! *
LDM- Saying a prayer that all goes well and that this is finally all settled. :smile: Have fun at the bookstore!
Duckie has dance today and not a whole lot more. She and I have a little work to catch up from her missed day of school and then will probably work at some of the neat craft kits she received for her birthday. husband has a first aid class and a work-from-home sort of weekend.
Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :smile:


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I Hope you all have a very nice day!!

We had our first major storm of the year here, a whole 5 inches, but i think i finally get to wear the boots i bought for myself, and difficult child. difficult child is still having an awful time with his asthma. He has been coughing non stop for close to a week, the doctors. keep saying it's only his asthma and keep using the inhaler and nebulizer, but this poor kid hasn't stopped. I feel bad, well today it's errands for us as difficult child owes me money for part of the game we bought, have a nice day!


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Good morning, ladies,

Marg, I'm jumping on the bandwagon, and hate to do it (and again here, no disrespect intended). Let her cook herself :smile: You need your rest, also.

Sharon, glad you had fun at the work party. I don't blame you for not wanting to take the kids out in the cold. Sick difficult child's are awful.

LDM, many good thoughts for your mediation today. Enjoy your Super Bowl party. Sounds like a really good time.

Jen, yuck to the snow. 5", what a mess. Hope you get to stay inside as much as possible today.

Nice evening - came home, SO was hidden around the corner in the dining room. I was late, he was home early. He was standing there holding a dozen red roses, table was made, dishes were put away :wildone: I would have surely guessed after a few years that desire would widdle away, but not yet :smile: It was really nice :bravo:

Sportsmen's Outdoor and something something show is this weekend. We're heading out tomorrow. Basically, it's a redneck fest LOL! SO is so excited he can barely sit still. I'm absolutely SURE I will get his Valentines Day gift there :smile: They have guide stations set up, and you can try out some of the bows. Loads of guns, trucks, ATV's, etc. They have the "Skoal girls" (yuck) and the "Bud Light girls" - eek!!! SO will love that.

Other than that, nothing exciting going on here. Not difficult child 2's weekend, so just Dylan, easy child, and us. We are taking SO's boy to this show, will pick him up tonight and bring him home afterward tomorrow.

Hope everyone enjoys their weekend.


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Good morning friends,

Popped in to wish you a good day. Stay warm & safe. It's bitterly cold here (12 below zero). Hibernate if you can. * :smile:


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Good morning all. It's a frosty morning here but nothing like Minnesota/Wisconsin. I'll pass. It's worse than our 105 degree summers.
We slept with the fireplace(gas not wood) on all night in the bedroom. It's very toasty. I'm pretty sure all the new buds on the trees are frozen to death.
Not much on the agenda for today but I'm sure it will fill up. Maybe have lunch with both our son's since easy child works all evening. We are planning for some friends to join us for the Superbowl so I should get groceries for that. daughter is at her church youth retreat for the weekend. It's nice to have a break.

Marguerite, hope you enjoy your weekend.

Wiped Out, you are a brave woman. *

LDM, best of luck for you today. I know you have been working towards this goal but I'm sure it's somewhat bittersweet. At least now, you can move on with your life.

TM, hope Duckie wows them at dance and you have fun with crafts.

Razz, sorry to hear that difficult child is still coughing. Stay warm today.

Janna, sounds like SO is a keeper. I can tell you that with a little work and thoughtfulness desire can be around for 25yrs. :smile: Sportsman Outdoor sounds like fun. I don't get to do those things often but I like getting out of typical once in a while. I want to go to a tractor pull someday just for the heck of it as well as an opera. Have fun. The skoal girls' sound gross though.

Linda, stay warm and rest up.

Have a good day. It's a great day to stay in, read a book and have warm comfort food.