Good Morning Saturday


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G'day, everyone.

Well, difficult child 3 got a fair bit of schoolwork done today - all in Art. He's not good at it, it's too 'waffly' for him and he's not good at holding a pen or brush anyway. At 13, he still can't colour inside the lines! But there was 3 weeks work for him to do. Luckily all three weeks' work was connected, so he could use the same paints and the same techniques. I got out my good acrylics for him to work with and helped him.
So now three paintings are done. The packages still need to be assembled (when it's all dry) and then I sign off on them, but all in all it took him (us) about two hours. He moaned a bit about "Don't you care about your poor boy suffering here?" but I jollied him through it and did some of my decoupage at the same time, then we went to the beach while the first lot of painting dried. He did the next bit on our return and then husband & I went back down to the beach - difficult child 3 chose not to come because he had got thoroughly chilled the first time round (no meat on those frail bones).
He's still concerned that he's got too much work - and I think he could be right.
This isn't homework, by the way - this is schoolwork which he simply doesn't have time to finish. Until we've sorted it out with his teachers it HAS to be completed, and the more he falls behind the more he will have to do and the more overwhelmed he will feel.
The poor kid just gets so frantic! And I do feel he needs his weekends off, or at least one day out of seven! He is trying so hard and WILL work well during school hours. He's still getting far more done than he ever managed iin mainstream.
This isn't your usual homework horrors - this is a kid who deserves a system that works better for him.
We'll have something better in place by next Tuesday's school visit, hopefully.

While difficult child 3 was finally playing his beloved computer games after all that work, easy child 2/difficult child 2 & I planted out some pansies in her potted roses. We replanted some violets (about to flower, by the look of them) and will do more potted gardening tomorrow. My gardenia bush is in flower at last - I picked one and it is perfuming my kitchen. All the exotics are in pots, only Australian natives in the ground at our place (with about three exceptions). The only watering the main garden gets, is rain. Only the pots get TLC, and half of those are dead. Ooops! But there's only so many buckets of water I can carry... although tomorrow night, we're permitted to use the hose! But I feel so guilty...

Have a good Saturday, everyone.



Good morning, Marg and all to follow!

Sounds like difficult child 3 is working hard; you are correct -- he needs some days away from schoolwork.

Just in from the night shift ( usually 11-7 but Friday nights are 10-6). After a nap, I'm going to a cousin's baby shower. I love these events -- catching up with all the "girls" in the family and oohing and ahhing over cute baby gifts!

Then tonight hubby and I are going to a Valentine dinner dance with friends --I'm really looking forward to that.

easy child is at a retreat with her Youth Group and difficult child is looking forward to relaxing this weekend.

Have a great weekend, everyone!


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I hope you enjoy the baby shower, Kate. We had a baby goods catalogue in the mail box the other day - I'll need grandkids before I can go shopping there again. And while I love babies, I'm not quite ready for grandkids yet.

Do enjoy your night out with husband - it sounds lovely. These times are special.


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Good Morning,

Marguerite-It does sound like something needs to be done about the amount of school work for difficult child. It would be a lot for a easy child and add that on to a difficult child. I'm glad you at least got to the beach!

Kate-Enjoy the shower and the dance and get some rest!

I was in bed a little after nine last night. husband took easy child to her dance and picked her up so I was home with difficult child who was on really good behavior and fell asleep early. Still feel exhausted though-I can't wait to be rid of this sore throat!

I'm off to work in a few minutes. I'm certainly not looking forward to weighing in. I only worked out once all week but I sure didn't cut back on food like I needed to!

After work I'm planning on napping and at some point getting out to the health club. Tonight husband and I are supposed to go out for dinner so that should be fun.

I hope everyone enjoys a fun Saturday!! Hi to anyone who snuck in. :smile:


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Good morning! :smile:
Marg- I pray the school work gets sorted out quickly. It would be a shame for him to suffer needlessly from unnecessary stress. :smile:
Kate- Enjoy the shower! :princess:
Sharon- Have fun on your date, lol! I hope your throat is better. :flower:
Duckie has dance and a special Daisies event to celebrate Chinese New year. I'm driving her and a friend. It should be fun. :angel:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:


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Good morning, ladies! :coffee:

Marg, that does sound like alot of school work, although here in the states, with No Child Left Behind, the mainstream work, even homework, is suffocating. I feel your pain. I'm glad he did get everything done though :bravo:.

Kate, the Valentines dance sounds lovely! Do enjoy yourself. Hope you have fun at the shower, also.

Sharon, don't feel bad, I slipped a bit, too :eek:. It happens, you can start all over tomorrow :smile: Enjoy dinner out.

TM, Duckie's got a full weekend planned! Hope she enjoys all her activities. I bet she's a cutie patootie dancing :princess:! LOL!

SO and I were supposed to have the weekend off. Well, DEX called last night. His tooth hurts. The roads are bad (I drove right past his house Thurs, Fri to work and they are not). I heard his mother in the background (he lives with them) - "it's a bad weekend". I said you know, it's been a bad weekend the last 16 months worth of weekends, you don't ever need to HAVE a weekend with these kids. I'm done. Sick of my children being hurt by that loser (yes, I'm angry).

Not much on the agenda. I usually get up at 4 AM (I know how envious you are, Linda LOL!) to do my grocery shopping, etc, but I didn't today. I was too sleepy. Maybe I'll run out this afternoon. The boys will play in the snow/ice - still plenty of sledding here.

Killed our dinner night out though :grrr:. Argh!

Hope everyone enjoys their day.



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:smile: Good Saturday Morning :smile:

Marg, you are so right about difficult child needing a break - just like us they need the down time and the kid time - many of our children are way too overscheduled and over stressed these days. Here in the northern hems and in this part of the US pansies are usually planted in the fall (we have hearty winter varities) and they last until July or so when it gets really got. They are one of my favs and I usually have two pots on the back porch. A little color in the cold winter :princess:.

Kate, baby shower sound like a lot of fun. Have a nice romantic dinner with husband :smile:.

Sharon, glad you got to bed early last night! You definately needed the rest, you have been going strong even with your sore throat. Enjoy your relaxing day after work :wink:.

Well, I'm posting you this morning from the Big Apple! You know the saying "shop till you drop"? Been there, done that! We walked parts of SoHo and the Village yesterday as well as Little Italy looking for a good place to eat last night. We ate at this great old Neoplitian Italian place that has been here in the same location for 105 years. The wait staff were in white jackets and called the girls "Bella" and the other "boys" were in black and just smiled at them. They ate up the special treatment and the food was delish. We walked back to the hotel after dinner to work off our food and found we were only two blocks away from the hotel. We crashed by 10:30 last night! We plan on hitting the Hells Kitchen Flea this morning, then an art student flea at NYU, then the girls will go back to the Village and I will go down to 47th to walk the block long diamond disrict. We will meet up in China town for dinner.

Needless to say, we are having a blast. difficult child has called a couple times and appears to be having a good time. Dad left him alone last night at 10 while he went to pick up his honey. We'll discuss that when I return.

Have a great day.


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Good morning all,

Sitting at my brother's home sipping hmj & trying to get it together for the cook off this afternoon.

Cannot seem to wake up this morning - there is something to be said for sleeping in your own bed.

Sorry I cannot address you all individually this morning - have to get a car back to the airport & out to the grocery store. kt & my niece are going swimming at the rec center for good measure before we head up to dad's for the cook off.

Have a warm calm day all.


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<span style='font-size: 11pt'>Good Morning my friends. The weather is slated to warm up considerably. It should be in the 50's. It is crystal blue skies and sunny. Good day to get outside and be productive. Maybe a nice walk.
Marguerite, hope difficult child gets a break. Don't carry too many buckets.

KateM,how fun to go to a baby shower. My baby brother just told us I'm going to be an aunt once again. He is 15yrs my junior so I feel somewhat like a grandmother since he has lived with us several times. We are very happy for him and his new wife. I can't wait to find out if it's a boy or girl.(no girls on our side of the family). Have fun at the dinner dance.

Wiped out,It's good to hear that you finally had a quiet night. Rest up. The working out can be a chore but you always feel so good when you are done.

Janna, sorry about d ex. He didn't do the right thing for his kids.Bleech.

LDM, sounds like so much fun. Enjoy.

Linda, sounds like fun to do a cook off. My b i l does one in St. Louis every year. I'm sure your sleep is restless when not in your bed. Hope you have a fun day.

husband got some sort of gizmo that plugs the laptop into the TV so you can watch youtube or whatever you want from the computer. I think if we get a wireless mouse I can use the tv screen as my computer monitor. Who knew? The worst part is another remote control. 4 now and I barely touch 2 or 3 of them. Sheesh.

We have a 3 day weekend with very little obligation. I think with nice weather we will do some fun things. I'm hoping to drag the kids(adults really) to the museum. husband has wanted to go for a long time and I have not been in a big hurry but I have no more excuses. LOL. If I have to go the kids have to go.LOL. I'm sure we will enjoy it.

Hope you have a productive and restful weekend. </span>


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It's shower day today here, too. PCdaughters boyfriends sister (also easy child's best friend) is getting married. easy child, Foster Daughter, and I are throwing the shower, so the girls have been cleaning house all morning. We are just finishing up. The house looks so much better now. Off to Walmart to pick up last minute stuff.


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Good morning everyone.
Marg, sounds like a break is in order for difficult child 3. Hope you enjoy your day.
KateM, hope you have fun at the baby shower, I've not been to one in.. well since I had my own.. lol.. sounds like fun.
Sharon, I hope your throat is feeling better. Have you tried gargling with warm salt water?
Tiredmommy, hope you have a wonderful stress free day.
Janna, you have a right to be angry. ~hugs~.. You need a break as well, not to mention what that does to kids.
Sharon, sounds like you're having a wonderful time.
Linda, hope you have a great day and enjoy the cook off, and be able to get some needed rest.
Fran, it's snowing here again, so if you want we can trade weather for awhile? lol. You sound like me with all those remotes. Can one be programmed to work for everything? Hope your weekend is wonderful.
Katmom, hope the shower is a good time had by all.

Snowing here, so no outside time today. husband at work for another 30 minutes, so that will be nice him being home for the rest of the day. difficult child sleeping downstairs on the couch right now, I think he's coming down with a little bit of a cold. Not running a fever, but nose is all stuffy, which just means I have to be more vigilant in checking glucose numbers today to make sure they don't go too haywire on him. It's going on 11:30am here and only got half the housework done, was going to wait to husband got home to finish the rest up..(me finish it.. lol). Other than that I have some letters to write and email to send.
I hope everyone has a great day and gets some relaxation time.