Good Morning Saturday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Dec 19, 2009.

  1. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    We've had a fairly quiet day today. I've got some paperwork done. I was going to go to the beach but in my running around this morning (using my mobility scooter) I was wearing a singlet top and getting my dose of sunshine anyway.

    Tonight we're heading out for a Christmas party at daughter in law's parents place. But just as we were driving out, husband discovered a badly flat tyre, as flat as a pancake. Somewhere I have run over a large nail. The tyre will be fixable (on Monday) but our departure has been put on hold while husband changes the tyre.

    So I came inside to post. We'll probably be too late home to post, after the party.

    Tomorrow evening is our village carols by candlelight, I'm going to be busy with the rehersal and then the event. Fingers crossed that it all goes off well!

    Enjoy your Saturday.

  2. timer lady

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    Good morning all,

    Marg, your quiet day sounds wonderful. The caroling (at least here in my town) is something of the past unless we're at a mall. Someday I hope to visit your charming village.

    Don't know why I'm up at such an ungodly hour 2 mornings in a row. Lots happening I guess.

    Accomplished a great deal yesterday; kt is home for a weekend pass (with a crisis team on call if necessary). She & I plan on baking today - I forgot to order groceries so we'll need to head out to the grocery store. I have a painting I've done that needs to be framed as a gift for foster mum & dad. I'll be able to pick that up today as well.

    I have a few gifts to wrap, paperwork to catch up on & of course my nap.

    Have a good day, friends. If you're off on holiday trips, travel safely. Otherwise, take time & enjoy your family during this season of celebrations.
  3. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning Friends,

    Marg-Glad you were able to get your vitamin D even if you didn't make it to the beach. Enjoy the party once that tire is fixed. The caroling tomorrow sounds like so much fun-like Linda-unless we're in a mall we don't get carolers anymore.

    Linda-Enjoy the baking with kt and the nap too!!

    Winter break has officially started! Last night we actually had another fairly peaceful night at our house!

    Time to get back to my workout routine today! I'm treading getting on the scale at work this morning. This year I've had next to no control when it comes to all the goodies that are out. That, in addition, to not being at the health club spells trouble.

    Other than the health club and work, a nap is a must (it is winter break after all:)). We also want to keep difficult child as busy as possible so husband is going to build legos this morning with him and I bought a gingerbread man kit to do with him as well.

    Tonight we are going to sit and watch Elf. We are hoping easy child will join us but doubt she will as she hates watching movies with difficult child around.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:forchristmas:
  4. LittleDudesMom

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    :snowing: Good Saturday Morning!

    Ok, I'm going to say it, here is comes, Houston, WE HAVE SNOW!!!!!!!!!!

    Marg, glad to hear you had a quiet day - enjoy the party tomrrow night.

    Linda, girl you need to get to bed! Hope you and kt have a memoralbe time baking together.

    Sharon, hop up on that scale - you are ahead going into the holidays this year since you worked so hard the rest of year! Now that you are going back to the gym, if you can just exercise and maintain you are doing well! difficult child and I watched that Christmas movie where Santa had a brother...can't remember the name...but we really enjoyed it.

    So, yes, sharon has her snow :blizzard:!!! difficult child and I didn't go to bed last night until around 1:30 or so because we were just so excited! He was outside in it at 11:45 last night and I was out there with the camera! We have about 10 inches or so now, it's sleeting a little but the change back to snow will happen shortly and we expect about 6 inches more - and that's here in the city - more west and north - my sis is 2 hours north of here and they are calling for over 2 feet :sled:!

    Fortunately, I have no errands and will spend the day making two batches of fudge, a big pot of homemade spagetti, and sitting by the fire watching movies with difficult child!!!!!!

    Speaking of movies, difficult child and I saw Avatar yesterday - it was incredible....the most visually amazing was just about three hours long but I never checked my watch and was captivated the entire time. The clips on tv don't do it justice - seeing it on the big screen 3D is amazing. If you have any interest (and I must admit I was not looking foward to it until I saw the two leads on an interview on Thur and realized it wasn't some computer geek science fiction) and can see it at IMAX, I highly recommend that experience.

    For those in the Mid Atlantic's storm path, stay safe and warm and STAY HOME! For the remainder of you, enjoy your Satuday.
  5. Fran

    Fran Former desparate mom

    A late good morning from Raleigh. No snow. We had a few flakes yesterday afternoon while I was in the woods with the dogs. It was wonderful but it's been raining since 10PM and doesn't appear to be easing.
    Waaaaaaa. I wanted the snow too. Sharon enjoy. Some of my favorite memories of childhood was being old enough to be out in the snow at night. We would go as a group of kids and sled ride in the streets since no cars were out. There is something so comforting as the quiet when there is a big snowfall. You talking about difficult child being out so late reminded me of that great time. It's been a long time ago.

    I had planned to be snowed in all weekend so we are set. Lots of preparation for in laws to come on Tuesday. We have some equipment for them like a shower chair and elevated toilet seat that we pull out of storage. We rearrange the bedroom furniture to suit them also.
    So we are enjoying a quiet weekend. It's the second one since mid october. I needed it.

    Sunday night is the neighborhood luminary festival. I'll try to take photo's and post. It will be lovely I'm sure. Last year it was so windy that the luminaries kept blowing out or over. The year before was so dry that it was cancelled due to fire threat.

    Hope you each have a productive weekend whatever your weather.