Good Morning Saturday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Feb 5, 2011.

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    G'day, people.

    I feel like I hit the ground running this morning. A needy friend rang very early, wanted help with her computer. So I took difficult child 3 round there before breakfast to deal with it. But one thing led to an other and to another, it was late morning before I got difficult child 3 home. I had to leave a short time later to go to my meeting.

    And it is so hot! I know I've been complaining about the heat for days, but this was the worst today - husband said that when he got home, our outdoor thermometer (it's in a shady spot open to the air, it is actually quite cool, never gets direct sun) had to be re-set. So who knows what the maximum was earlier in the day. But from mid-afternoon, the peak temperature for it was 44 C (111F). By the time I got home it was 41.5 C outside, a cooler 31 C inside. I ran the tap in the bathroom and got hot water. Really! I estimate the cold tap is running at about 60 C (140 F). So we can't even fill up a glass of water at drinkable temperature. Luckily I had put a couple of water bottles in the fridge - then difficult child 3 drank down my chilled water, while at the same time saying, "I don't know what you're complaining about, today is not that hot..."
    "Don't drink my chilled water then," I told him.

    They've forecast record high temperatures overnight and again tomorrow, then hopefully we will get a storm by midday - the tail effect of the cyclone finally reaching us.

    We just got back from a swim at the beach - the water is so warm it is not very refreshing. It's about 25 C (77 F) in the water, but there's a hot wind blowing in your face the whole time. I splashed seawater on my face and it was dry in seconds.

    I had a cold shower when we got back, then went to rub my block of body butter on - it was a liquid puddle in the tin!

    We're about to go to mother in law's for dinner as usual. Her air conditioning had better be working...

    Enjoy your Saturday. I hope some of our heat can work its way around to you all, to thaw you out.

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    Good Morning!

    Marg-I hope the ac was working at mother in law's!!! Stay as cool as you can and don't overdue!!

    Here we are actually going to hit 30 degrees today. Apparently it isn't going to last-by next week they are predicting our coldest temps so far of the winter!! I could definitely do with-o that!

    Went to sleep really early last night. difficult child was out by a little after 7 and I was out by a little after 8. easy child/difficult child and husband are in Michigan and have a fun day planned for the two of them:)

    In a bit I'm off to work. When I get home I'll see if difficult child wants to go to the health club and then I'll find out what else difficult child would like to do so I'm not sure where the day will lead. I do know that somehow I need to squeeze in a nap and some cleaning as we have a friend coming over to watch the Super Bowl tomorrow.

    Wishing everyone a relaxing Saturday!