Good Morning Saturday!


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Happy kick-off to summer! :bravo:
I hope everyone is sleeping late so that they can enjoy some down time this weekend. We've got a quiet day planned: dance for Duckie :princess:, run over to the school to pay her cheer leading registration fee :hammer:, make pasta salad for tomorrow and some light cleaning :smile:. That's it!. husband may start to open the pool, but that's up to him. I wanted to bring flowers to my grandparents' graves, but Duckie's current obsession about me dying has kind off thrown a rod into the works with that :rolleyes:.
Have a great day. Don't forget to pause long enough to remember why we have Memorial Day weekend. :salute:
Good morning TM and all who follow,

TM, You are right. Let us not forget what this weekend is about.


Then, let's have a nice weekend. Pixie is with her dad. I am getting some much needed rest.


I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend. Find something beautiful to look at.


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Good morning friends,

TM, sounds like a pleasant weekend planned for you & yours.

BBK, enjoy that down time.

kt & husband are still down for the count. I'm enjoying the quiet & the freshly brewed hmj. :coffee:

We're celebrating husband's 50th birthday today - nothing big but I need to head out to get the fixings for a turtle cheesecake. husband's cake of choice.

husband & I are planning on digging up our old swingset - it's been outgrown & simply sits in the backyard doing nothing. Poor thing looks so lonely.

Enjoy the day friends, find a reason to smile.


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G'day, everybody.

TM, sounds like you've got a busy Saturday coming up despite trying to take things easy.

BBK, get plenty of rest while you can.

We've had an interesting day - my class went well, then we got home barely in time to go to a birthday party at our church. It was good to have a chance to just chat to people.

And tonight, easy child 2/difficult child 2 and BF2 are watching (yet again) - "Blazing Saddles" on DVD. They've both got it memorised. We were discussing how the "n" word is now so thoroughly politically incorrect in the US. BF2 said that it gets used a lot in his area (where his parents live) apparently with no serious racist overtones.

We then got talking - husband remembered something he'd read about Australia's own not-pretty past in this respect. Our indigenous people finally were granted citizenship and the right to vote, in a referendum in 1967. This referendum had a pass rate in the 90% range, apparently one of the most resounding referendum victories in the world. But before that? Management of Australian Aborigines was via the Flora and Fauna Acts in each state. In other words, they were not even considered human, legally - they were fauna! I was horrified - no wonder the various governments were able to get away with so much injustice, in the name of trying to help these people.
I remember that referendum - I had just spent four years at a school with a number of Aboriginal kids "from the Mission" who I now realise, were part of the Stolen Generation. They were great kids, heaps of fun and good at a lot of school things. But most of them never saw their families again. We weren't told THAT.

Tomorrow we're going to play little trains again. They've forecast a sunny day, although cool. We're getting classic blue sky late autumn days, now cool enough to toast toes in front of a wood fire. A relaxing day ahead.

Enjoy your Saturday.