Good Saturday Morning

pigless in VA

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We are not at the farm this week-end, so I have internet access. The animals are back on the ark as it is a toadstrangler out there now. The grass is so high in my backyard, that I could make hay.

Candy, SO and I are going to load up (maybe Bingo too) and head south on I95. My former mother in law is in the hospital for excessive alcohol consumption. I have mixed feelings about going to see her. I understand that we are not the people she wants to see most. She pines for her two sons who have been gone from her life too long. I also know that she will be happy to see Candy. Ferb is working today. We have a cheerful potted Gerber daisy to give her. So we will bring her an ounce of joy, but once we leave her room, her despondency will return. She has always lived her life this way. I remember my late husband believing that she would be overjoyed at having grandchildren. She was, but it didn't change her underlying view of life being miserable. Resisting the vortex of negativity is taxing.

I cannot leave off this post on that dreadful note, so I will tell you that yesterday evening my neighbors with two little girls were outside. I was able to hold the baby, she must be about 5 months now, for a long time. The other girl is 2 and quite chatty. She talked to me about using the potty, digging up dirt, and my cat. She found a tiny little rose in my garden, so I cut it for her to take into her house. She was very excited about it. I think that's one of the most wondrous things about small children: their intense appreciation for the simplest things in nature like rocks, sticks and flowers.

Have a two year old type of day.


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Good Morning! I have a 4 year old across the street from me. I love to surprise her with little trinkets just to see her light up. I miss those days.

My nephew is in town this weekend so I plan on spending time with him. He is such an amazing young man.

Tanya M

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Good Beautiful Morning Everyone!

Our weather today is going to be glorious! I have lots of running around to do today and will be nice to have the sunroof open, the windows down and the wind blowing through my hair.

Hubby and I have a dinner date tonight. I so cherish times like this with him.

it didn't change her underlying view of life being miserable. Resisting the vortex of negativity is taxing.
Oh I so know how this is. My mother-in-law is the most negative person I have ever know! It is so draining for me to be around her. Hubby and I go over to her house after church every Sunday and I have to mentally prepare myself.

I love your idea of having a two year old type of day.


Scent of Cedar *

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Good Morning, Everyone


Pigless, you are a nicer daughter-in-law than I could ever be if I did not enjoy D H mom. She is so funny and smart and has an Italian accent and I just love her.

The animals are back on the ark as it is a toadstrangler out there now. The grass is so high in my backyard, that I could make hay.

This is so funny. I have never heard the term toadstrangler. I love it!

Next time it rains, I am going to incorporate that term into my weather observations.



My nephew is in town this weekend so I plan on spending time with him. He is such an amazing young man.

Oh, that's good, pasa. Nephews are so cool. And nieces. They see everything from a different perspective, and like to talk about what they remember. It's fun to see ourselves through their (now adult) eyes.

Most of the time.

Hubby and I have a dinner date tonight. I so cherish times like this with him.

Yum, Tanya.

I loved the picture you sent. It's reminding me to see the wonder in everything just as it is. I have been so focused on putting things in order that I have been losing the pleasure of just breathing in.


We are having a beautiful morning here, too. Braving woodticks and Lord knows what else, I went out to do gardening yesterday. And do you know, I immediately went into this mindset having to do with the ten thousand things that need doing. Instead of remembering to see through my child eyes and relish the wonder of just being out there. I saw the most striking and beloved things yesterday, when I look at it this way. Me and the dog and the cat. We were all out there, together in the sun. And now that I think about it, we had such a nice time.

But you know? I wasn't remembering it like that, when I pictured what "needed" to be done, today.

Isn't that something.

I will try to hold an intention of nurturing and celebrating, today in my gardening.

And this will be a beautiful day.

And I will still get my work done, but it will matter in a beautifully different way because the meaning I attach to what I do, and with whom, will be different.




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Tomorrow is HS graduation for oldest... Her 19 year old brother is driving down tomorrow morning (200miles) and spend a couple of nights with us. So...that means clean house, and change out sheets, etc. I also want to keep working on flower beds and potted plants.

Youngest daughter has a new friend (guy) and I am a little concerned about the age difference, he turned 18 this year, she will be 16 in a couple weeks. But, he seems like a good kid, and isnt rushing for a relationship, graduates HS tomorrow and took community college and HS classes in welding and got his certificate, and also made the deans honor roll for the community college classes. You can find out so much on FB! I didn't find memes of smoking pot, or drinking alcohol, or stupid stuff on his page. He and his family invited daughter to the lake today, and parents willing to talk to me first, but daughter decided to skip it and help her dad (my DS) with mowing his lawn since he had hernia surgery recently. Both girls plan to spend several hours helping him, then go to their jobs at 5pm.

Oldest daughter is still planning on moving in with dad, but is being very good emotionally...always saying "I love you" when she leaves the house. I feel like it must be a Twilight Zone episode. dee de dee de... For those who remember that show...a long time ago, in black and white...

In one week our foreign exchange student and wife arrives for a 5 day visit. So a busy week! Hope it is still smooth sailing... KSM


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Good morning, ladies!

Hubby and I are headed to breakfast in a bit, then finishing the grocery shopping. I have clean clothes to put away, but I just started a new book, and would much rather read.

The weather is perfect, in the 70's, and we've got the house open. The cats are sunning themselves in the catio, and the dog is curled up on Hubby's lap.

Have a superb Saturday!


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Well I'd love to come in but I'd be Debbie Downer. Weekend is not starting well. :( So I'll just wish you all a better weekend than mine us starting out.

Wiped Out

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I'm late to the morning thread this morning! husband and I were up early and at our ww meeting. He lost (now at 28 pounds since the end of February). I had an unexpected gain but will get over it!

After that we ran a 5K at his school. I hadn't practiced running at all this spring (I don't completely enjoy it as much as others) and had barely worked out this week. I was slow and jogged the entire thing but I finished!!


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Taught my last Zumba class for the summer. I will miss it, but I have good substitute instructors. Trying to write two IEPs still (I think I've put that in every post since Monday) and they still aren't done. Usually I have a lot of observations to share and enjoy doing so, but these cases are so difficult and fraught with lawyers on both sides that I'm pretty much tongue-tied and afraid to say (or type) a word. And the meeting is scheduled after our duty hours on the Friday before a three day weekend. How's that for being considerate? Pfffft.

Sending Difficult Grandson to his first "Kid's Night Out" at the local gymnastic place. His behavior was always too erratic and difficult for us to even consider it before now, but I saw it pop up on my Facebook feed and asked him if he wanted to go and he got so excited. They do ziplines, trampoline, all kinds of stuff, then culminates with a disco ball, glow stick dancing in the dark party. It's close by, they know him (we had to take him out of lessons there because of his behaviors) but that was a few years ago and he's dying to try again. In the end, it wasn't all his fault. The owner's 17 year old son was DG's teacher and he was a really nasty kid himself with no gift for teaching. Several of us took our family members out of his class. So, I'm hoping it goes well so hubster and I can go out for a nice dinner somewhere close by and settle in and watch the Giants game on TV.

Hubster is out pruning the ceanothus and I'm hoping he doesn't fall off the ladder (again). Have mercy, I cannot live through him getting injured again. Some people do okay with being sick or hurt---and some really don't. I love the man dearly, but when he isn't feeling well, ooooooohhhh the cranky pants!


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Hi all. It's almost night so, yeah, I'm late to this party.
Spent the afternoon at our lovely dog park where the people are all smiling and all dog lovers. We walk around and tell each other dog, kid and grandkid stories.
Now I just took a cleaning break. Husband is taking over for a while.
Tomorrow Jumper and her boyfriend are coming over and then we'll all go out somewhere. Sonic is deciding if he wants to come with or just relax at home ;)
Everyone have a phenomenal weekend...and don't forget to smell the flowers and sniff the air and enjoy all offices simple pleasures. :)