Good Morning Saturday


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G'day, all.

I've just cooked a roast dinner. mother in law stuffed a chook (her usual bacon, onion and tomato stuffing) and I've roasted it, and some veggies. Carrots, spuds and some quartered, HUGE mushrooms. Want steak and mushroom? Then use this mushroom for a plate. I cooked up one of these last night, it served three of us as a side dish.

easy child is here, with BF1. BF2 isn't home tonight, he's celebrating with work mates the end of his probation (for work). He is now permanent staff, with a bit more job security.

husband & I have been packing today. I helped difficult child 3 with the last of his German schoolwork, all other schoolwork is already packed. I t hen took it all to the post office and sent it off. His teachers should get it by the middle of next week. Because he's worked so hard, we're leaving about four subjects behind us at home.

I've just slipped away for a few moments to begin the thread - who knows when I can get back on here? If I can pop in tomorrow I'll try, but otherwise it won't be until we get back, or maybe an Internet cafe in NZ.

We've just added Sam Neill's vineyard, "Two Paddocks", to our itinerary for the South Island stay. From what I can see on the map, it's in the area, a bit further south. He sells lavender oil, too, I'll have to buy a bottle. Love the stuff!

Here's the website:

Enjoy your Saturday.



Good Saturday morning.

Marg, have a wonderful trip. We'll be thinking of you as you wend your way through NZ.

Busy Saturday with kid activities here. easy child/difficult child 3 has her last jazz dance class this morning with a 10-minute performance at the end for the parents. She's very excited to "strut her stuff." easy child/difficult child 2 has a birthday party to go to and then a barbecue for twin friends who are moving to France for the next two years. The girls have been friends since second grade so I know easy child/difficult child 2 will miss them dearly. And then there's the dog who needs to go to the vet for his rabies vaccination and difficult child 1 who may have a friend over to keep him company.

It's hot, hot, hot in the Nation's Capital today. We may get our customary late-afternoon thunder storm to cool things off.

Hope you have a peaceful day. Hi to anyone who snuck in.


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Good morning. :coffee:
Marg- Have a wonderful trip, we will surely miss your wit over the next few weeks. Good job by difficult child 3 on getting so much work done! :warrior:
Smallworld- Your day sounds so hectic!!! Duckie has her last ballet class today, recital is next week. :princess: I hope you get a little relief from the heat.
I'll be at the church all day today working the rummage sale. We just need to set up signs outside, a tent & 2 tables. Then Duckie comes at 3:30pm to pull the winner of a drawing I set up. :thumb: It should be fun! Then she has her piano recital tomorrow. :smile:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:


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:salute: Good Saturday Morning All!

Marg, sounds like you are all ready for your trip. Be safe and have fun!

Smallw, it's hot here too (supposed to be in the low 90's) - but we rarely get the amount of rain you guys get up there. Fortunately most of my work today is indoors!

TM, have fun at the rummage sale!

I have a miniture wiener dog and a little yorkie at my house until Tuesday morning - well along with my jack. We are dogsitting. difficult child took the two little ones to bed with him last night. He usually sleeps until around 9 on weekends but he was up around 7 this morning - oh the joy of little ones :rolleyes:

Wishing everyone a great weekend.



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Good Morning All!

I hope you all have a great day in all the events you have planned, and Marg the trip sounds great.

Well difficult child has one more soccer game after today, he has never been on such a horrible team before, they have only won one game, keeping fingers crossed they pull off a miracle today. difficult child and i are fighting allergy's bad, he's in rough shape, and hoping to be better by tuesday as this is the day my niece is having her c-section, unless she goes into labor this weekend. So just hoping he can get this out of his system, well have a great day everyone!

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Good morning friends,

Sounds like a great deal of activity & travel happening here this morning.

Marg, have a fun & safe trip.

SW, hope you find me time today.

TM, good luck to Duckie with the piano recital. What piece is she playing?

LDM, enjoy the weekend,

Jen, hope the allergies are feeling better soon - my doctor prescribed nasocort for me this last week. Seems to be doing the trick.

husband & ktbug are still sleeping. Nothing much planned this weekend - I'm working in the yard; husband will be helping (yeah, right). kt & her PCA will be heading out to the local park for a couple of hours after she finishes her chores.

What's nice is nothing is set in stone or must get done - so if it rains or I want to do something else I can. I like that small amount of freedom.

Enjoy your Saturday - keep it calm.

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Good morning all, I hope you all have a wonderful day, as it sounds like we're all busy bees!

I am hitting the chiro this morning with difficult child. Afterwards I have some errands. This afternoon I am making a list of saleable items in my home and then will consider if it's worth having a tag sale. Every available storage spot is packed with items we hardly use. I can't take the clutter anymore. H is a contractor so we also have a ton of leftover materials from all his jobs. Ugh. I wish I could sell that stuff.

H finally got the mower back from repairs and we'll do some lawn care later after the sun begins to fade. Yeah!! Then I will be able to see my flowers again.

Anyway, have a nice one~

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Good Morning,

Marguerite-Dinner sounds delicious! Would love to have that recipe! Enjoy your trip!!

Smallworld-Enjoy the busy day-hope you can squeeze in a bit of "me" time!

TM-Enjoy the rummage sale-sounds like fun for Duckie to get to pull for the drawing!

Sharon-Enjoy the dogs-we had quite a few over here last weekend!

Razzle-I hope difficult child's team wins today. Hope you are both feeling better soon!

Linda-Enjoy your day-sounds like a nice one with not much planned.

Jo-Sounds like a busy day! Hope all goes well!

I'm done with work for the day! I need to mow my lawn but looks like the rain will make that impossible-oh darn! I'm planning a nap while husband takes both kids and my niece to the Pirates movie! Later I'll probably get to the health club and then cook dinner!

Enjoy your day! Hope it is a fun one!