Good Morning Sunday

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  1. Marguerite

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    G'day, friends.

    Thankfully today (Sunday) was not so hot, although it was still much hotter than forecast, it felt much hotter than 25 C (77 F). We didn't go swimming today, instead we spent time with easy child & BF1 while we talked about wedding plans, among other things. husband & I are both tired after some difficult nights fighting the heat.

    Tomorrow is Australia Day, a very important day in Australia's calendar. Here is a link to save me explaining. It is complex, but has come to mean a great deal more than just the day on which the First Fleet landed and took posssession of this country under "terra nullius". Now it is very much a celebration of the increasingly vast aspects of what it means to be Australian.

    Tomorrow is also difficult child 3's birthday. He has already gone to bed (it is past his bedtime - past mine, frankly). We have been fortunate to have family visit us yesterday, we may be fortunate enough to have difficult child 1 & daughter in law plus possibly easy child 2/difficult child 2, visit us tomorrow. We've not made birthday plans for difficult child 3 as yet - as school goes back the day after, we'll probably have a quiet day for a change.

    Traditionally Australia Day is celebrated with a barbecue (because if you cook outside, you don't heat up the house, already scorching hot from the intense midsummer). However, I do plan to cook a roast chicken for dinner (also fairly traditional).

    I managed to water the garden tonight, with about five minutes to spare. We're only permitted to hose the garden between 4 pm amd 10 pm, on Sundays and Wednesdays. After yesterday's 42 C heat (107 F) the poor garden has been sufffering.

    Here's hoping we get some good swimming opportunitiess in tomorrow.

    Enjoy your Sunday.

  2. Janna

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    Good morning, Marg and everyone that comes later :)

    I wish it was 77 here, Marg. It's 13 degrees F. Very chilly, and windy!

    Not much on the calendar here. D has a snow tubing trip tomorrow, which he is obviously geared up for, so we need to get his stuff ready. We got to the psychiatrist Friday and she chose to, once again, trial the Concerta (36 mg.). We gave it to him yesterday, and he seemed much calmer, so my fingers are crossed.

    I have a 3 mile walk to do, and some cooking for the week. I'm keeping my butt inside where it's warm!
  3. LittleDudesMom

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    :good_morning: Good Sunday Morning!!

    Marg, hope your holiday tomorrow is meaningful and tons of fun!!!! And, happy birthiday to difficult child :hapBday:!!!

    Janna, positive thoughs for Dylan on the concerta - didn't he try this in the past? Hopefully he's excited about his trip tomorrow! I do cooking for the week on Sunday as well!

    Both kids are still sleeping and I am enjoying the morning news by the fire with some nice coffee! Not much on the agenda today but church at 11 and then difficult child and I go back this evening to feed the homeless that are being sheltered at our church this week. His mentor group at church is hosting the meal tonight.

    I hope your Sunday is a relaxing one.

  4. Andy

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    Marg - I am glad you are finding ways to keep a little cool. Heat and I don't get along any better than freezing cold and I do. Actually, I would rather be cold because it is easier to keep piling on the warm clothes and blankets where being hot you can only take off so much. Enjoy Australia Day! Happy birthday to difficult child 3.

    Janna - Have a great day today! Stay warm.

    Little Dude's Mom - What a great service project for today!

    I am feeling the effects of my up at 4:00am and 6 hours on the road yesterday. The roads were perfect so I was able to go the speed limit the entire day. I enjoyed the trip back from Fargo with non-easy child diva. On the way to Brainerd, I stopped at the bank and made the determination that if husband and difficult child could not shut their mouths by the time we got to the city limits that I would throw them out of the van and they could walk home. (no, I didn't say this to them, just thought it). I swear, husband is worse than the kids when it comes to whining and non-stop talking about the most stupidest things. They had both calmed down by the time I got back in the van and behaved the rest of the day. It was very good to see my parents. Dad seemed extra happy to have us visit. We went to Fleet Farm and Gander Mountain before heading back.

    Non-easy child diva and a friend are house sitting for another friend. I took them grocery shopping last night.

    We have an annual meeting at church today which may get ugly. I was thinking of going into work again to do filing but it sounds like husband will be home nights this week so I will most likely just go in every night this week.

    difficult child went to early church with husband so I get an hour of quiet! I will go to Sunday School early and unload the school's silent auction items that I am donating.

    Everyone have a great day today. Find a way to make your kids laugh. My difficult child laughs at certain commercials on the radio. He gets a kick out of Arnold Schwartzenneger impressionists.

  5. timer lady

    timer lady Queen of Hearts

    Good morning friends,

    Marg, roast chicken sounds wonderful ~ even if it's 77 degrees. Sorry you didn't get a chance for swimming.

    Janna, a 3 mile walk is very ambitious. Enjoy the cooking session.

    Sharon (ldm), enjoy the quiet while you can. I think difficult children project tonight is wonderful.

    Andy, have fun at the mtg tonight ~ I've attended mtgs of this sort. I'd rather be filing at work.

    It's a very ugly 8 below zero this morning. I'm tired of winter. Feeling too homebound & have a serious case of cabin fever.

    kt's having a blast at respite; I'm appreciating the quiet & alone time here at home. I've not done one thing I've promised myself I'd get accomplished. I've slept, tried playing piano & sat at my kitchen island sketching the birds in my backyard.

    I'm about to dump a bunch of veggies, chicken & I don't know what else yet in the crock pot for dinner tonight. I'm sure I have things I'll be able to use in my pantry. I will then get a loaf of bread going in my breadmaker. Seems the right thing to do on a bitterly cold morning. kt is home around 2 this afternoon.

    Enjoy your Sunday.
  6. Kjs

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    Good Morning -
    Marg-have a great holiday tomorrow. Happy birthday to difficult child 3. It is my easy child's birthday tomorrow too.

    Janna-I would enjoy the 3 mile walk. Can I come with. It is -5 here right now, guess that would mean walking at the health club.

    Sharon - I think it is wonderful that difficult child is helping with the homeless. I tried to get difficult child involved, but they say you have to be a certain age.

    Andy - glad you had good roads to drive on. That itself is amazing.

    Linda - it's good you just took time for yourself. You deserve it. I would love to see your sketches. Dinner sounds good too.

    My plan was to get up early today. I have been exhausted the past few days. I didn't get up when I planned. I am making some home made soup, perfect for the -5 outside right now. That, along with the lasagna(2 pans) and desserts I made yesterday should last for the next three days I work.

    Taking easy child and girlfriend out for a late lunch today. easy child's birthday is tomorrow, but we all work so today works best. Then off to bed, have to work tonight...that means I will be on board all night if any of you night owls want to chat.

    Have a good restful Sunday
  7. tiredmommy

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    Good morning. :coffee:

    Marg- Your Australia Day sounds a lot like our Independence day. Have fun!:bbq:

    Janna- Fingers crossed here for the Concerta. I hope D has fun on his trip! :coldday:

    Sharon- It sounds like a great day! :reading:

    Andy- I hope you enjoyed your hour of quiet... you've earned it!:talkhand:

    Linda- I'm glad kt is enjoying herself at respite and that you've had some time to putter and play. :thumbsup:

    Kjs- Cooking ahead sounds great and I love lasagna!!! :spaghetti:

    We got home from SoCal late last evening... we're exhausted but had fun! I got to meet a few board friends and Duckie made some friends too! She's especially thrilled she got to go on the Tower of Terror and California Screamin' rollercoaster. We had a blast!

    Back to reality... laundry, cleaning, meal planning, etc. husband is going to try to wrangle a dinner inviatation from his parents (tee hee hee!) so I get away without cooking for another day. ::bigsmile:

    Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in!
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  8. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Marg-I hope your celebration is a nice one and happy birthday to difficult child! Right now 77 would feel amazing!

    Janna-Enjoy the walk and the cooking! What's on the menu?

    Sharon-Enjoy your quiet day. How cool that difficult child is going with you to help feed the homeless.

    Andy-I hope the meeting doesn't get too ugly at church tonight. Enjoy your day!

    Linda-I'm with you on being sick of winter. It's 0 here but the windchill is minus 11. I'm glad kt is having fun at respite and you are getting some well needed time to do what you choose to do.

    Kjs-I love homemade soup!! Sounds like you are on a great cooking spree.

    I've been to church and came home to find a very crabby easy child and crabby difficult child. husband and I are going to make a big breakfast. We're frying potatoes, making eggs and bacon along with homemade tortillas. Not exactly a healthy breakfast but it will taste great in this cold weather and will count as my lunch as well.

    Not sure what's up for the rest of the day. Hopefully the health club and definitely a nap!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful:
  9. Wiped Out

    Wiped Out Well-Known Member Staff Member

    TM-Somehow I missed you-have a great day!