Good Morning Sunday

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    G'day, family.

    What a glorious day we had today! It was the Christmas party for husband's train club, generally a relaxing day outdoors playing on miniature live steam engines, driving them around the track and giving lots of free rides to everybody, children and adults. It was hot today, a mild sea breeze (we're located over the road from North Wollongong Beach) to take the edge of the sting of the sun. They've recently had to chop down some dead and dying trees, so the shade we're used to form our usual parking spot/picnic table, just wasn't there today.

    Normally I'm helping out in the ticket box, but today was a no tickets day, plus most other jobs not happening, so it was wonderfully relaxing.

    I got a little bit of tan yesterday, enough to leave my arms with a tan line, so I wore a singlet top today. I did have a cover-up shirt, but I took a chance and left it off for a while, so I could get my medically-prescribed dose of Vitamin D. I've just about reached that stage of summer skin where I just go darker now. I did have a hat but it was getting just too hot to wear it. I think I got my forehead sunburnt as a result of leaving my hat off for a bit too long. It's looking odd with my increasingly grey hair - the dark skin seems weird, to me. But I'm not sore anywhere.

    I'm still recovering from the hip cortisone injections - I was able to clamber onto the train carriages easily (you sit astride them). husband & I got mother in law onto a carriage too, behind the little locomotive he was driving. She hasn't been for a ride for months, she really enjoyed it. She's getting much more frail and weak these days.

    We'd planned a relaxing picnic lunch, not too much hard work. We bought a large French breadstick (still warm from the baker this morning) and when someone lit the barbecue, I sprayed some bread slices with olive oil and made bruschetta by toasting the oiled slices on the barbecue plate. We topped it with smoked salmon and tiger prawns, with some lettuce, tomato and spanish onion. We'd bought the seafood at the nearby fish market, and eating all this outdoors in the heat of the summer day (with seagulls trying to steal from us) made for an enjoyable lunch. We'd found a picnic table in deep shade. The lorikeets in the trees were competing with cicadas, the sound of an Aussie Christmas!

    Driving home was a slow trip, traffic was a problem. I was late back for my choir rehearsal but we managed OK, we've got our special item carol sounding good now. We hadn't sung it before today, most of us. The rest of the practice, I had missed (not good - I found out this evening, I'm expected to be the conductor at the event next week!) but the quartet came together well.

    And now I am so tired - I noticed while we were singing, my legs feel like jelly. I've had a physically relaxing day so I can't blame over-activity. I was too tired to sit, too shaky to stand. I'm wondering if it's the cortisone.

    It's just after sunset now, the sky is beginning to darken. Not too unpleasantly hot here (thanks to being near the sea - the west of Sydney is 10 C hotter and unpleasant). I thought I felt a drop or two of moisture outside, it could be either humidity condensing out as the air cools at dusk, or (we can hope!) a drop or two of rain. The news is, I think about 80% of our state is in drought at the moment. farmers want rain for Christmas.

    Tomorrow - it's technically a school day, but I think we'll begin our holidays a bit early. difficult child 3 has some computer drives to play with, I doubt I'll get anything productive out of him school-wise tomorrow. I could get him to watch a DVD with me, perhaps. Especially if I make popcorn!

    But for now - I think an early night is called for. I want to get as much sleep as I can, while the pain relief in my hips makes it possible.

    Enjoy your Sunday, everyone.

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    :rudolph:Good Sunday Morning Marg and those who follow!

    Marg, the bruschetta sounds marvelous! I love smoked salmon! Sounds like a wonderful Saturday in your little village! Hope your hips are enabling you to have a good night rest.....

    Not much on the agenda today. I'm going to go ahead and do the laundry this morning so I don't have it to do tomorrow - it's a chilly rainy morning so hanging around here today will be a good thing. Last Sunday I got all my Christmas envelopes addressed and have been working on the cards at various times this week. I hope to finish up today :santa:.

    difficult child has a poem to memorize by tomorrow (one poem every three weeks). It begins, "Homework oh homework, I hate you you stink, I wish I could wash you away in the sink!!!" Certainly the students are enjoying this one!

    I went out and saw the movie "Precious" last night. One of those movies that you think about and think about. I woke up thinking about it. I believe there are some Oscar-worthy performances, especially Monique as her mother.

    Well, enjoy your Sunday - I hope it is peacefull and relaxing.

  3. timer lady

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    Good morning all,

    Marg, sometimes you feel all off if you've had too much sun or a sunburn. The bruschetta sounds wonderful - I've never made over a barbecue before.

    Sharon, good idea to stay in on a chilly rain.

    I spent yesterday watching a workman go in & out of my house; fixing the flashings on my roof & then re-insulating the crawl spaces. Apparently the very old insulation was some cheap sprayed in stuff & had crumbled. While my favorite go to guy was up there he installed roof vents. Now everything should be fine.

    During all this activity I slept & read, read & slept.

    I'm off here soon to pick up kt for a day pass - home to decorate the tree.

    Have a good day. "hi" to any of you who might sneak in while I've typed.
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    Marg your day sounded glorious. I don't tell you enough how much I enjoy your gift of descriptive writing. I feel transcended into a different time and place and I love that.

    Sharon, I will have to share that poem with Manster. I can't even remember the last movie I saw. We do a lot of red box though!

    Linda good insulation sure makes all the difference. I sure hope your day of decorating is enjoyable and that you feel as though you are building memories.

    Yesterday was busy with cleaning and baking. Today we are supposed to see highs in the 40s after a week of frigid temps. We are going to a brunch and then off to do some Christmas shopping.

    I hope everyone has a wonderful day.

  5. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Marg-A picnic lunch sounds like so much fun right now! Hope you get some decent rest.

    Sharon-Sounds like a fun poem for difficult child! I haven't read much about that movie but will have to look it up.

    Linda-Sleeping and reading-what a great way to spend a day!

    ML-Enjoy brunch and the shopping!

    I'm ready for my nap! I've been to church and out for a quick breakfast. After my nap I need to help easy child finish with the cookies, get to the club, and maybe do a bit of shopping.

    We need to pick up difficult child by 4:00.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day:peaceful: