Good Morning Sunday


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It's Fathers Day here. difficult child 3 got husband his breakfast this morning - cup of tea and bowl of muesli. It was a very relaxed morning. difficult child 1 came home today (instead of tomorrow) so he could wish his dad a happy Father's Day.

First Sunday of the month - the artists' open day. I dropped in on our very talented neighbour to see how his current HUGE work is progressing - amazing how fast he works, although husband said he's seen the midnight lamps burning a lot. This artist's home is between our place and mother in law's, we go past a lot. He's Chinese, friends of another artist friend of ours who is also Chinese. Our second friend - doesn't speak English so his student visits him on open days and handles the visitors. I heard that he hasn't been well so I went to visit him also, with his student. She told me that her sensei has just had more open heart surgery and is not well - he lives alone and with no English, is very lonely. I was also concerned to see he's not done much new work lately - this is a man who lives for his painting and sketching, he must be feeling more ill than he is letting on, to not be painting much. He used to live very close to our house, which is how we got to know him.

husband has been trying to repair my electric scooter - the charging unit is dead, without it I can't recharge the batteries and so I'm getting limited in where I can go. He's heard from someone in the US who says they have parts... wish us luck.

Time to chase difficult child 3 to the bath, then dinner. The sun has set on a glorious, warm spring day. We've been told that winter is dropping back in for a visit for a few days - maybe sending a message to APEC? It would be sunny in Canberra now, plus it's absolutely beautiful there, with Floriade. APEC should be in our capital city, enjoying the flowers, not clogging Sydney's arteries.

I got some spring gardening done today, including harvesting more from the veggie patch for lunch. Lots of parsley, some sugar snap peas, and I planted corn and more tomatoes. One of our hens died - she'd been looking weaker, walking slowly with arthritis, but otherwise didn't seem to be suffering. We knew she was running out of time. Not sure how old she was - at least ten years old, maybe fifteen. The boys buried her in the backyard. And even though the occupants of our chook house are all geriatric and dwindling in numbers, someone in there is laying, almost every day. Those chooks are simply amazing!

Enjoy your Sunday.



Good Morning

Marg glad to hear that husband had a good fathers day. Summer hasn't officially ended here and I envy you with the spring coming. Good Luck with the scooter.

difficult child enjoyed the babysitting course. He was excited to tell me about the mini CPR they learned, the "how to" if someone is choking. The Red Cross did a real nice job.

I will be checking into the Labor Day festivals going on this weekend.

Have a good Sunday.

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Good morning friends,

Marg, sounds like another busy day at your house; will be keeping fingers crossed for scooter parts. Happy Fathers day to your husband.

kjs, I'm so glad to hear that difficult child enjoyed the class. I love when our children come home with new knowledge & are excited to share. Enjoy your day.

Yesterday was one of those busy yet quiet kind of days. I had a home health care RN in to check me out & work on a home treatment plan or whether we should set up PT out patient (clinic).

kt & PCA went to the humane society - kt loves to go there & make sure everyone is getting petted or walked. husband went to visit with wm & had a very pleasant visit. wm loves olives, as does husband. They went, of all places, to an olive bar. wm was in 7th heaven. :dance:

I'm running out early this morning to get a script filled & pick up a few things from Michael's (going to try out a new craft). Still on the look out for a new stove (the right sale price really).

Enjoy your Sunday; it's to be a day of peace & rest. :flower:


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Good Morning my friends.
I am in our new home. No furniture but it's home. The drive was long but uneventful. The 2 pups did pretty well. Very well behaved at the hotel.
Tonight we are going to try out the Carolina style ribs. Yum.
Our neighbors have already invited us to a welcome to the neighborhood party. It's very nice but I'm not so inclined to be too involved with neighbors. Hope it's a once in a while type thing.

difficult child was working at the supermarket. He was collecting carts in the blazing heat of the parking lot. He saw a woman with groceries and went over to offer her some help. (not sure if she was struggling) She let him help her and tipped him 100.00!!!!!!! I asked difficult child if he thought she made a mistake and meant to tip him 10.00(which I think is very,very generous. He is proud as punch at the surprise.

He will probably being going to live in N.J. so I have one more road trip before I hang up my driving gloves.

So after a very long week, things are looking good for the Mrs.Fran household. We have internet and cable. Hopefully today it will be a washer and dryer. Little at a time. I still have to move our belongings to the house in a few weeks but at least I'm starting the process.

easy child saw someone arrested in TimeSquare. He was tackled to the ground. easy child felt a need to call me and tell me of the drama. He knew it would lead to the "be careful" lecture. He is loving NYC so far.

Hope your holiday weekend goes well. Our summer is over.


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Good morning. :coffee:
Marg- I hope your neighbor pulls through this. It's not uncommon to have depression set in after a heart attack or heart surgery. Prayers being said. :angel:
Kjs- Just think how proud you'll be when he uses his skills to help someone someday! :warrior:
Linda- What a great treat for husband & Wm! Enjoy your new craft. :geek:
Fran- Hmmm... I wonder if your neighbors are my brother in law's family? Mid-30's, a three year old boy and a 3 month old? My sister in law is very gregarious and having a "Welcome to the Neighborhood" party sounds like something she'd do! :kisses:
Too much to do again today! Church/altar guild & a birthday party. Doesn't sound like much, but my allergies have really kicked up & I have a benadryl hangover this morning. Three days, 36 minutes until Duckie's bus gets here... :teacher:
Have a great day! Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:


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Good Sunday Morning Everyone :salute:

Marg, Happy Father's Day to your husband :flower:!

Kjs, glad difficult child enjoyed the class and was excited about what he learned :thumb:.

Linda, have fun at Michael's - I love walking around in there. Cute about wm and husband at the olive bar - I would have loved it too :rolleyes:!!!

Fran, don't be so quick to say goodbye to the summer - two days left! I hate that summer is ending :sad:

TM, another busy day in your house! Hope your allergies don't act up too much and you can get some down time later :faint:

The cookout was great last night. The weather was fabulous and so un-end-of-August-like!! It was only in the mid 80's yesterday and it cooled down to the 70's early. I made cheesy burgers (make hamburgers as usual with onion, whorchester sauce, and garlic - make thin patties then take your fav cheese and put in the middle on one patty then cover with another patty and remold). They are so good, especially if you use quality meat and choose the cheese filling to your guest's taste (we had some blue cheese and some pepperjack last night). Then I did steamed potatoes (yukonn pots cubbed, hunks of garlic and onion sprinkled with S&P, oregano and olive oil then placed in reynolds wrap and placed on the grill). Accompaning that was a great big garden salad with lots of fresh summer veggies. The margaretas were cold and the company warm.

Today there is not much on the agenda - I think difficult child and I will finally make it out to see the Mr. Bean movie. But I have to check on easy child's schedule because I am not leaving a bunch of teens (especially with dating couples) alone at the house!

I have you all have a relaxing Sunday :beach: and enjoy the last vestiges of summer!