Good morning Tantrum!

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by llamafarm, Apr 13, 2012.

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    Nothing quite like a tantrum to start the day! Of course difficult child usually has a tantrum to start his day. When I say tantrum, I am understating because most moms in the normal world wouldn't consider this a tantrum. What is it really? Hmmm... I was a punching bag, he swore up and down, slammed doors, called me names, tried to break into my room, you know the normal difficult child craziness of the a.m. Picking up the phone was all that got him out of it, he thought I was going to call the police. I am so tired of this every morning. It can wear on you. I guess I don't need to tell you guys that. Plus, to top it all off he is out of sync. so he is awaking an hour early. Wow it is amazing what the first hour can do to my day. It really takes it out of me.

    Just figured all of you would understand this rambling, nonsensical post better than most.
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    Is it the day? My difficult child is refusing to get out of bed and go to school! She has not done this in a long time. I may just snap if she doesn't get up and moving soon.
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    I remember all too well having way too many mornings like the one you just described. I remember when moms of typical kids would be bent out of shape because of a glass of spilled milk. I remember thinking how much I would love to be able to start the day with just a mess on the floor...

    Thinking of you today... Hugs... SFR
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    UGG, so many mornings (heck and other times of the day but mornings especially...while medications are kicking in) are like that. I was so relieved today when nothing happened, yesterday stunk. I had to drive him away from our house, have him run around at a park and get back in time for the bus. Just exhausting. In the mean time he made a huge fuss and acted aggressive in front of neighbors in the garage.

    I sure hope your day improves. I have a broken bedroom door now and I rent, what to do about it??? I dont want to tell them because my lease is coming up and I dont want to be kicked out, we also have broken drawers etc. (those can be fixed easily)....just so sick of it.

    Will keep a good thought for you!
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    I so enjoy mornings too! (NOT) The refusal to get up until the very last minute, the screaming and refusal to go to school. The sometimes threats (one day actually having to call about truancy- lot of good that did!). Oh and the joys of renting buddy...I'll top that one with two nights ago the ritual of wanting to "swim" in the bathtub constantly being battled. My youngest difficult child will fill the bathtub up and we have shower doors. He things it's a fish tank I guess. This time he really did it though. 1/2" of water on the entire floor and I knew I could hear it coming through the walls downstairs as I was sitting there. Sent SO up (heard this once before but couldn't prove it, this time was obvious). In that amount of time he saw the water on the floor but water was dripping downstairs through the moldings of the woodwork, then we started seeing water marks showing on all the seems in the ceiling! Can you imagine the damage? 3 rooms of ceilings, 3 rooms of floors! UGH! I'm devastated and scared at what the cost is going to be and more so that we may end up with mold or rot not know the true damage. Thankfully the brown water marks are only at the seams but still, that means the water spread in such a wide area.

    I know we were talking about mornings, he does those horrendous things in mornings that all of yours do as well. His morning medications do not kick in fast enough even with short acting. "sigh"
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    It is rough. Especially renting. My difficult child no longer has a door due to the possible damage he could cause. It is in our room. My door on the other hand might just have to be replaced when we finally do move. husband can't even begin to deal with the damages or the imagined ones. I tell him I would rather everything in the house be broken than me. He agrees to that and it stops the sputtering. Oh well. Let's hope for good afternoons.
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    Oh, boy, does that sound familiar!!! Yep. Just picking up the phone can do it.
    I can't figure out from the list of medications which ones are taken in the a.m, but I would suggest that whichever is the most calming be given to him before he gets up. This saved our world. Our son took Adderall
    (now he takes the longer dose) and husband gives it to him at about 6:15 a.m. By the time I get up difficult child around 7, he is calm and able to face the world. Just a thought.

    Oh there it is in my sig ... Concerta. :)
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    Ugh!! I HATE when mornings start out that way. Unfortunately it's happened here many, many times. I only hope that when he comes home from school he is in a better mood.
  9. Hollow core doors are an easy fix. We own our house, but I think we're going to have to replace 6-7 doors when we sell. Moose LOVED to damage doors. He's stopped, but it's easy to see....