Good Morning Thursday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Marguerite, Jan 29, 2009.

  1. Marguerite

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    G'day, friends.

    It's hot in Australia right now. difficult child 3 has been working hard on his schoolwork, in only three days he's done two weeks' work already. His roll call teacher telephoned today, touching base for the first day back. This teacher spent his holidays in India and Singapore, only arrived back a few days ago, and said the heat feels the same as it felt in Singapore and India!

    Mind you, we're not doing too badly in Sydney. Melbourne and Adelaide, on the other hand - well over 100 F in the old numbers. For the nest week at least, it is expected to continue. A coolchange should be through in a few days, the temperature is expected to drop ten degrees C, DOWN to 30 C (86 F) then will probably go back up again.

    It's going to be around 30 C here for the next week. We went for a swim this afternoon, collected difficult child 3's godmother along the way. Even though we didn't go until well after school hours finished, it was still very hot and the water was wonderfully warm - it felt like at least 25 C (77 F). But because school is back, we were almost the only ones at the beach. There were another two people away in the distance, and a couple of people on our beach but behind a rock. Over the next half hour, a half dozen more kids arrived but that was it. We had the place to ourselves, a far cry from the crowds of recent weeks.

    Tomorrow is another school day for us. I hope difficult child 3 can keep up this work drive. Of course, he IS being motivated by bribery.

    Enjoy your Thursday everyone.

  2. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Marg-I'm surprised difficult child can't concentrate in that heat-good for him for getting so much accomplished!

    I'm feeling quite tired still. After work today there are no appointments but difficult child does have wrestling practice tonight so that means another late dinner.

    I'm hoping to hav enough energy to get finished (or at least close to finished) with the book I'm reading. I'm rereading The Godfather. Haven't read it since college. husband just finished rereading it last week. We plan on watching it this weekend.

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day. Hi if you snuck in.:peaceful:
  3. Janna

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    Mornin' Marg,

    Congrats to difficult child 3 and all his hard work. Wow, 2 weeks done already. Whew! That's a huge accomplishment.

    I'm very non kid friendly at the moment. LOL! I am thankful to be sending these kids back today - D, in his own sweet way, is really annoying *everyone*.

    Hoping to get a hold of psychiatrist. I have some errands to run with B. Hoping to get that 3 miles in today - I need to burn off the M&M's I ate :ashamed:

    Have a good day everyone :D
  4. Janna

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    Sorry I missed you, Sharon. I hope you get some rest today. Have a peaceful one.
  5. LittleDudesMom

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    :lady: Good Morning!!

    Marg, bribery works! Glad you and difficult child 3 can enjoy the beach even though school is in session.

    Sharon, usually takes a couple days for that lack of sleep to catch up with you. Hope your day is peaceful.

    Hey Janna, hope you get that healthy walk in. You should join us over on the Healthful Living board!

    I slept real hard last night. easy child even came in my room at 6, "Mom, why aren't you downstairs?" She is up and excited because she is heading down to Fran's neck of the woods after first block today. Her best friend's mom is taking the two girls down for a "He is Legend" show, their favorite band! They'll stay in a hotel tonight and head back, missing school, tomorrow. She's up and excited!

    As for difficult child, he's finally finished his semester benchmark testing. It takes them 7 days to get them done because they only test one test a day! His science fair is tonight at school. I innocently said to him yesterday afternoon, "difficult child, I bet dad would love to go to the science fair!" So difficult child asked him when he came over last night and his response was, "Call me tomorrow"

    As he was leaving I said to the bonehead, "why can't you give him an answer?"
    "Can we go early, why do we have to wait until 6:50?"
    "Because that's when it starts - what's the big deal, it's the time you usually come over here every night?"
    "We'll see." was his answer. What a bonehead :hammer: - difficult child asks for so little. What a dummy.

    Anyway, I'll head to the gym this morning, then the office, then difficult child's school to do some more bookfair work - difficult child has his animation class until 4:20 so I'll probably work at the office until 3:30 then head up to his school. I'll try to convince bonehead to go the fair with difficult child tonight. Last year difficult child got an honorable mention and we weren't there for him to get his ribbon!!!

    Have a great day all.

  6. timer lady

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    Good morning all,

    Marg, I'm impressed with difficult child 3 ~ he seems extremely motivated this semester.

    Sharon, have you been to the doctor lately? Is you Addison's rearing it's ugly head? Take care of yourself.

    Janna, "non kid friendly" ~ that's a hoot! :D Find time for your walk.

    Sharon (with-o), sorry to hear ex is being such a bonehead. I hope difficult child isn't too disappointed if he doesn't show. Geez:( Have a good day at the office.

    I'm about to get kt up & moving for school. The temps are actually in the double digits (18 degrees); I haven't seen that in a very long time.

    This morning a SW from one of kt's treatment team is coming in so we can complete Integrated Listening Systems (ILS) intake forms. After that in home therapist is taking kt & I out to lunch. I guess she's tired of seeing me in my bathrobe. What she doesn't know is that most times I'm dressed I just use my bathrobe for warmth during the day. ;)

    Have a calm day all - hope your difficult children are cooperative & you accomplish all you set out to do.

  7. Andy

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    Marg - Way To Go difficult child 3 - Way To Go bribery!

    Wiped Out - I hope you can get some rest and feel better soon.

    Jana - "Non-Kid Friendly" LOL - I love it! Pass those M & Ms.

    Little Dude's Mom - easy child will have a great adventure! I also hope difficult child's dad gets to the science fair.

    Timer - Time to loose that bathrobe! Have a great lunch!

    This morning I took pen and paper and took notes as I read the morning thread - no more frustration going back and forth reading and addressing each post. See, I can figure things out after lots of frustrations. I am getting a better handle on how this broken down lap top wants to work.

    Today is open house at our new facility. I need to take some papers out there this morning for someone from the cities to sign. I will take my name plate and a few snowmen to decorate my desk. My friend is unable to come so I will work all a.m., help with the 2nd grade class, and not sure if I will go out to the open house at 1:30 or not. I told lots of people I would be out there at that time but not sure if anyone would go that early. I will take difficult child after school and non-easy child diva later this evening.

    I can't believe how long it takes to clean out one file cabinet drawer of papers. It took me five hours to go through every paper and shred those I don't need to keep. And that was not even reading or "thinking" - I can tell by the form if it stays or goes. I have to take staples out before shredding and that in itself took me over 1/2 hr last night - that was ripping the corners, not actually removing the staples.

    The next file drawer I go through will not have as much shredding. Most will be original forms that need to go back into the medical chart.

    One thing though, as I am cleaning through these files, I have had lots of time to rethink how I should do my job without keeping the information I usually keep.

    Everyone have a great day today! Find a way to make your kids laugh.
  8. artana

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    Hello all,
    Thanks for the warm good mornings the past few days. My last day of being in front of a classroom today. As much as I love it, I will enjoy getting to sit down again. The kids have a 2 hour delay again.
  9. Good morning, all! Not much planned today. Children are doing fine. difficult child's school project (a simple diorama!) is moving so slowly, I could scream. He has taken to claiming things (like picking up his clothes, taking his plate to the sink, etc.) are "too hard" because "his mind is gone". Too bad. I figure he can do chores with his mind gone; after all, the rest of us do.

    Hope everyone has a good day!