Good Morning Thursday

Discussion in 'The Watercooler' started by Rabbit, Sep 24, 2009.

  1. Rabbit

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    Good Morning Thursday! Hope everyone has a Great Stress Free Day!
    I am going to Lunch with a friend!We will see if I know how to act around a typical adult! difficult child 2 is going back to school.
    I kept him home yesterday because he had a cold. Turns out knock wood
    it was just a cold.

    sending Hugs To all! Rabbit
  2. Wiped Out

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    Good Morning,

    Rabbit-Enjoy that lunch! I'm glad your difficult child has only a cold and is able to go back to school today.

    Another long day yesterday (aren't they all this time of year). difficult child is still not feeling well. The school nurse called yesterday because of his constant cough and he was running a low grade fever. They gave him some ibuprofen and that took the fever down. I don't think he is going to make it through the week at school, if they call today I'll try to pick him up-poor thing he sounds like he smokes a 6-pack a day. Of course, the "poor" thing is also being a major pita about other things.

    Should be an interesting day weather-wise. First it was to be 79 and sunny, then cloudy and 75, now rainy and mid 70s. I'm hoping for no rain. Out door recess is a good thing for kids!

    Wishing everyone a peaceful day.:peaceful:
  3. LittleDudesMom

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    :D Good Morning Everyone :D

    Rabbit, enjoy lunch with your friend.

    Sharon, sick difficult child's can go either way (and both in the extreme) - either major pitas or calm as a Sunday afternoon! Hope he is feeling better real soon.

    Hope everyone's morning is filled with good hmj!!

    Thursday means the office for me this morning. Then I'm going to go and try and put an offer in on a used scooter for easy child and then hit costco with my cousin - all before 2:30!

    The heat is on today and they say we will probably get up to 90 degrees today but will only be in the mid 70's tomorrow - Fall in the South ;).

    Have a great day all :peaceful:

  4. Marguerite

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    G'day, folks.

    Rabbit, enjoy your play-date with a grown-up. We do need these events to stop us from going stir-crazy!

    Sharon/WO, I used to find (still do a bit) when difficult child 3 was coming down with something, his behaviour was a lot worse. Then again when he was recovering. It was like he couldn't concentrate well enoguh to control his behaviour, when he was not well and when how he felt kept changing.

    Sharon/LDM, sounds like a busy day for you. Enjoy your summery weather while you can.

    difficult child 3 had a Maths day at school today. I worry because he's doing the top level class but still takes a very long time to complete his work. He said earlier this year he can't handle it, but his Maths teacher keeps saying he's very happy with his progress, so who can argue? Besides, the sort of problems he's having, he'd be having even in the bottom class.

    After the class finished and all the oter kids went home, I gave difficult child 3 a choice to do the last part of his exam today, or to do it at hoome tomorrow. He finally decided to do it today so the librarian let us use one of the study rooms and we did it in there. And wouldn't you know? Where he went badly overtime with the rest of his paper 9we mark off when he's out of time, then he continues on to finish it and we write in how much extra time it took) he actually finished this part of the paper early. So I've asked for the extra time to be allotted to one of the other sections, so he can get those marks after all. I think the faster finish is at least aprtly due to being in at school for it, instead of at home. There were even people tlaking loudly outside the room, and he kept on working.

    After that, we headed back to our outer suburb area to the mall, to get a few shopping items and pick up easy child 2/difficult child 2's pearl pendant she bought for her wedding. Then drove to the railway station to wait for husband (his car is in for service). While we waited (just on sunset) difficult child 3 watched four cockatoos raiding a rubbish bin and arguing over who got which titbits. One would keep a lookout while the others rummaged in turn. It was very funny to see their reactions. They dive in to the bins and throw out any rubish that doesn't have food in it. Of course they never pick it up and put it back when they're done...

    Tonight I got to drop in Bridesmaid 4's dress to my friend the superhuman dressmaker/cake maker/MC/new grandmother. I might get a chance to talk to her in more depth tomorrow, she's not visiting her daughter and baby tomorrow as they're coming out of hospital. So she's going to sew for us.

    The dust storm has finally blown itself out. They say more are likely to blow in to town, but not as bad as the one we had.

    Let's hope there's no dust storm for next weekend!

    Enjoy your Thursday.

  5. gcvmom

    gcvmom Here we go again!

    Rabbit, I hope your lunch visit is wonderful!

    Sharon, hopefully difficult child will kick whatever bug this is soon. I always dread illnesses with my difficult child's because it means they inevitably fall behind at school, and the stress of playing catch-up is not fun.

    LDM, it's hot here, too. Hope you get all your errands accomplished!

    Marg, those difficult child cockatoos sound pretty funny! Sounds like you are getting everything wrapped up before the wedding is here. I'm glad you can get the extra test time for difficult child 3. It's not the subject matter with these gifted difficult child's, it's all about processing speed -- we have the same issues with difficult child 2.

    It hit 106 here at my place yesterday, and it's likely to be close to that today. We have hot, dry winds blowing already and the sun's not even up yet. The fire danger is extremely high, so I'm a bit anxious about a repeat of the November fires. Especially since there are other smaller fires burning in points north and east of us now.

    I have my second NAMI class tonight (for which I'm excited), and husband gets to juggle 3 soccer practices and a Back-to-School Night meeting at easy child's school! :D Finally, he gets a taste of the fun a stay-at-home-parent enjoys!

    Hope everyone has a great day!
  6. timer lady

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    Good morning all,

    Rabbit ~ a day out with a friend; sounds so refreshing. Have fun & forget about your difficult children.

    Sharon, sorry to hear difficult child is feeling so ill. It's that time of year & with H1N1 having everyone in a panic I wouldn't be surprised if difficult child got sent home for a week or at least in for a test.

    Sharon (ldm), good luck on the bid for the scooter & here's to a good day at the office.

    Marg, wm is brilliant at math & needs lots of process it.

    gvcmom, I've been watching the weather reports out your way - darned scary given all the wild fires that happen out your way ~ stay safe.

    I have the final inspection on my remodel being done this morning. I was supposed to go to PT this afternoon but I'm not feeling safe enough to go out in the real world. Too unbalanced this morning.

    I'll just hang around the house, tinkle the ivories or do a bit of painting ~ likely I'll sleep.

    Have a good day.