Good Morning Thursday


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OK, I'm getting in early. I'm only taking a guess that it's already Thursday wherever CD has got to now. Previously I've set my CD clock on Texas time, but with the move, and I think you're all on Daylight Saving time now? by the way, so are we - still. Not sure when daylight saving finishes for us.

I've tried to take things quietly today although I would have liked more rest. difficult child 3 has got ONE subject done, but I've managed to tidy up the backlog of returned completed work, it's all filed away. I'd like him to do another worksheet but it's going to take a lot of my help and right now, I'm a bit preoccupied.

easy child 2/difficult child 2 is taking her time getting over the anaesthetic. She still had the IV in, last time I checked, because she's had problems with nausea and vomiting. Looks like she's staying in for another night. It's a long drive for us and after yesterday's marathon stint I was only going in if I was bringing her home, but the difficult child in her has kicked in and she's crying for her mummy (and daddy, and BF2). Not quite literally, but it sounds close. She was cuddling her teddy when we left, but sometimes even a teddy is not enough. So in about half an hour I'm grabbing my keys and driving in to the city. Hopefully the traffic won't be too bad, since peak hour is heading out, not in. difficult child 3 is staying home with mother in law. I'm driving in via BF2's work so I can bring him too. I just rang him. I suspect for once he'll knock off work on time!

We'll get in there just in time to watch the bats taking off again - by the way, these are not hairy and ugly, they're really quite beautiful. They have soft fur, a sweet face like a fox cub and they're very clean. Large colonies do smell, though, from the midden heap under the trees.

And an article on how these blighters live in vast numbers right in the heart of Sydney:

I'm hoping easy child 2/difficult child 2 will be well enough to stand at the window tonight and see them too. The hospital is very close to the Sydney Botanic Gardens (although there is a closer hospital). It was like a slightly more bizarre version of "Feed the Birds" clip from "Mary Poppins".

And most of all, I hope she's feeling well enough to maybe even come home, otherwise I'm in for another long drive tomorrow.

But she's worth it. And I want her to know it, I can't stand the thought of her lying in that hospital thinking we don't care enough to make the extra effort to go see her.

Have a good Thursday, folks.



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Marg- i hope easy child 2/difficult child 2 gets well soon, it is no fun being in the hospital. Sorry you have such a long drive. Enjoy the bats, it sounds like it is very amazing to see.

Well not much going on here, difficult child starts training today for the relay he will be running in April, the kids will take a bus into Boston and run part of the Boston marathon course, so he's looking forward to that next month. He is also waiting patiently for the call from his soccer coach as that also starts next month. Well have a nice day!


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:salute: Good Morning Marg and all to follow :salute:

Marg, glad that difficult child 2 is doing better - she's whining which usually means they are feeling better. And, difficult children certainly don't have the market on complaing when they are sick! Anyone being treated by their mother while ill is a complainer (men being the bigggest babies in my experience :cry:). We have bats here, not in the same volume of course. We actually saw them for the first time last week right before dusk. We hadn't seen them since last fall.

Typical Thursday her for me. Work this morning - I did get a hug chunk of work done on Tuesday so I'll just mainly be doing the payroll today. I will probably take a trip out to our local gourmet marekt after I'm done. My aunt and uncle are coming in town tomorrow and I want to get them some treats.

The kids are doing well. easy child drives alone tomorrow so they are going out to dinner together! difficult child saved his allowance the last couple weeks so that he could treat. He's excited about riding in that convertible with his sister!

Wishing everyone a great Thursday :thumb:!



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Marge- I hope difficult child/easy child Can come home soon. Long drives for visiting are not the best. Those bats do look pretty cute! How surprising.

Jen- The running sounds like a great thing for difficult child. The Boston marathon sounds like so much fun.

Sharon- that is nice that difficult child can spend time with his older sister. I wish my difficult child's half sister lived closer so they could spend more time together.

Things are still going good at home. difficult child got a 100 on his school incentive sheet which was unheard of before. We went out to dinner and he overdid the food. He needs to be careful with the Zyprexa on board. The psychiatrist seems to think this is all due to structure and not medications, but I know that both have to be involved in the equation. It is obvious to me with his moods being stable like this.

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Good morning friends,

Marg, rattling beads that easy child/difficult child 2 is feeling better already.

Jen, sounds like difficult child is a busy young man.

Sharon, while you're at the market would you pick up a few things for the tweedle household???? Enjoy your visit with aunt & uncle.

oceans, glad to hear that difficult child is still doing well.

kt is up, showered & ready for school; doesn't want to go but she is ready.

I believe taxes are on my agenda today & I have piano lessons later this afternoon.

Have a calm day - I plan on it.


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Update - good news! Home in the morning. We got there just as the surgeon was doing his rounds. He checked her out, noted that it's taken longer for her to get over the anaesthetic and that she is starting to eat again with no more problems. She still feels nauseous if she's sitting up or standing for more than a few minutes. I don't know HOW she's going to manage, sleeping on a futon on the floor. Still eating like a bird, though. I brought some grapes in for her, as well as her favourite shampoo so I'm hoping she will shower tonight or in the morning before she checks out. I'm hoping she handles the long car trip without getting sick.
I'm taking mother in law in with me, plus difficult child 3. He has to interview her for part of an assessment task, so I'm getting him to do it as we're driving into the city and back. he can type it up on his Alphasmart when we stop at the lights.

The bats tonight - I realised I'm not in the city often, at this time of night. At least, not that part of the city. We left just after dusk and we could see them swooping into the Moreton Bay fig trees that are planted all through inner city parks. I do wonder how many people recognise them as bats - they're about the size of magpies when they fly. Maybe slightly larger. Silhouetted against an evening sky you have to see them close to be sure. I fed a baby one, once - the babies drink from a special bottle, but when they're older they LOVE banana.

Jen, the Boston marathon sounds like a great way to burn off that extra ADHD energy.

Sharon, those gourmet treats sound nice. I love the chance to shop around and spoil people that way. Congrats to easy child for her first solo drive.

Oceans, I'm glad things are still going well. Good on difficult child for that score!



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Good morning.
Marg- That's good news about easy child/difficult child 2, I'm sure you can't wait to have her home.
Jen- That's so exciting that he'll run part of the marathon!
Sharon- How great that the kids are going out together!
Oceans- I'm glad to hear that difficult child is maintaining so well.
Linda- It sounds like things are slowly falling into a routine at your house.
I will hopefully be able to start catching up on all the posts I've missed recently. Grandma's funeral & burial turned out beautifully. We even had a squirrel throwing nuts from the eaves of the church at the congregants. It's funny because Grandma always loved squirrels. :smile:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in.

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It's amazing what brings back memories at the funeral of a loved one. At my mother's funeral my dad draped her favorite apron (one everyone who attended had seen her in) & put mom's favorite putter near the casket.

It brought a smile to everyone's face & helped people share happy memories.

I'm glad the squirrels showed in honor of your grandmother.
Good Morning Everyone :coffee:,

Marg, I'm hoping easy child/difficult child 2 is well enough to go home tomorrow!!! I'm keeping my fingers crossed... As usual, you're so BUSY!!! I hope you get a bit of "ME" time in today...

Jen, It sounds like difficult child will be getting quite a bit of exercise... Running part of the Boston Marathon course sounds exciting!!! It should be fun for you to watch him.

Sharon, I'm glad the kids are doing well!!! It's nice that easy child and difficult child are close. I think it's great that difficult child saved his money to buy his sister dinner. The gourmet market sounds like a fun place to visit - I'm ready to go with you!!!

Oceans, You must be so proud that difficult child got 100 on his school incentive sheet!!! Way To Go difficult child :bravo:!!! I'm glad things are going well.

Linda, Taxes don't sound like much fun. Enjoy your piano lesson. Hope kt has a good day!!!

Marg, Thanks for the update!!! I'm so HAPPY that easy child/difficult child 2 is finally going home :smile:!!! I didn't know bats like bananas. I'm going to have to tell this to difficult child 2 - He likes bats.

TM, I'm glad things went well at the funeral and burial. It's so cool that the squirrel was there... I hope you have some time for yourself today!!!

Linda, Your dad sounds like such a wonderful person - What a special way to add happy memories to your mother's funeral.

One more cup of :coffee: and I'm ready to begin the day. I really haven't been around too much lately as I've been really busy. husband and I had a long talk yesterday about difficult child 2. It was positive in the sense that we are in total agreement over what needs to be done. Monday we have a meeting with the Sped Director concerning difficult child 2.

I've got to work and make a few calls before picking up difficult child 1 at school today. I hope everyone has a good day :flower:!!! It's finally Spring :flower: :flower: :flower: :smile:!!! WFEN And, of course, "HI" to anyone who snuck in... :flower:

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Good Morning,

Marguerite-I hope easy child/difficult child is better soon and out of the hospital soon. I'll have to check out the bats later. I just checked further down-glad she is doing better!

Razzle-difficult child sounds busy with sports again-good for him.

Sharon-Wow-that is so cool that easy child is going to drive difficult child and that he has been saving up to treat her!

Oceans-I was wondering how things were going-glad to hear he is doing so well.

Linda-Taxes don't sound like fun but the piano lessons do.

TM-How neat the squirrel was there in grandma's memory.

WFEN-It's good you and husband are on the same page! I'm glad it's spring too-enjoy your day!

I've already been to the health club this morning which is good. In a bit I'm going to start difficult child's school work with him for the day. A Special Education. teacher I co-teach with gave me lots of stuff for him to do the next two days. Later this afternoon he has a therapist appointment. and then we are headed off to his final wrestling practice of the season.

I hope everyone enjoys a peaceful day! :salute:


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TM, I'm sorry for your loss. I'm glad the funeral was a respectful memorial. The squirrel sounds like a nice touch...

WFEN, our bats are flying foxes, or fruit bats. We have many different bats in Australia, but the ones that eat fruit are the most sociable. Nobody is permitted to hand-feed them ay more, though, because of health risks we didn't know about before - some rather nasty bat viruses, similar to equine morbillivirus, only a bat form. Nasty. Not the bats' fault, of course, just one of those things.

I'm off to bed. Big day tomorrow.



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Thought I would come in before I head out of town.
Marg I am glad she is on her way home in morning, thats GREAT! Often people tend to recover more nicely at home in familiar surroundings. The bats sound fascinating, around her we have some kind of bat and people have begun to put up "bat houses" to attract them, cuz I guess they can be beneficial.

TM, I am sorry for your loss. Thats cute about the squirrel. LOL at my moms wake, I brought her a coke from McDs becuz the last 5 years or so she would get really mad at anyone who visited her and did not bring a coke......LOL- the visitors and funeral director kept trying to take it out of moms hands and throw it away and me and my siblings had to keep saying, no leave it there.

Thanks for the tax reminder, TL. Have to get ours filed.

I am in process of getting me and Lil DUde on the road again, this time not for the eye but for the cerebal palsy-epilepsy-heterotopia. We are on our way to SHriners to see the orthopedic doctor, neurologist and geneticist again, it is just routine follow up. We do not like the hotel we have to stay in to go there, while it is a big name and all, we do not find it anywhere near as cozy as where we stay sometimes for eye doctor. - altho my little nite owl loves that it has a 24 hour pool and weight room (becuz it is at a major airport and pilots and flight attendants stay there all the time) We stay there becuz there is no Ronald McDonald House there (altho they are now building one) and this hotel offers a DEEP discount for patients of Shriners.
After this appointment, I think we do not have any appts for a month or 2, the longest time with no city appts for him in almost a year and a half! YAY!
I am a lil nervous, my car steering is acting $ to do much about it right now......(what else is new)

easy child spring break starts when school gets out at noon today. YAY! ANd oldest difficult child is going to some thing our county coroner is doing today...she surprises me, she is squeamish BUT has taken up an interest in forensics..........I wonder how her interest will do during the thing today? LOL, I guess we will find out? I really wish I could stay home and go with her........

Have a good day everyone. I suppose I will be back on in a few days.


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Her great-grandchildren (including Duckie) drew "love letters" for her over her final days and after her passing. They were buried with my grandmother along with an origami crane, a homemade stuffed heart and a seashell. I gotta tell you, the children were amazing. :crying:
Have a safe trip!


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THat is so cool!
and- thanks. AT least I am not expecting any snow, LOL....maybe thunderstorms, and I saw on TV theres lots of flooding (just like home) but- No SNOW! (or ice) YAY!

Spring is here and I find it quite healing. (and soothing)