Good Morning Thursday


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G'day, all.

Crikey, we've had a run on new contacts in the last couple of days! Welcome to all, you've come to the right place.

We had a fairly quiet day at home today, after yesterday's outing to Open Day at the correspondence school. difficult child 3 worked on a different subject and seems to have worked well. More geography arrived by mail - MORE globalisation! The subject is supposed to finish in a few weeks, I don't think he's done anything else! He lost marks for not having a long enough list of words he didn't understand. He said, "But I understand them all, Mum!" I'm fed up with his teacher - I tried to explain to her that he wasn't coping with the work - too simple on one hand, too abstract on another. I'm going to ring his Year Advisor tomorrow and have a long talk.

Weather's still ridiculously warm. They keep forecasting rain but none arrives. Humidity is high, so we have heavy fog blanketing the city each morning. The dew is so heavy I can hear it trickling into the rainwater tank. I'm wearing the same clothes I wore in high summer. My daffodil bulbs are shooting.

I love summer. I suspect this is going to be a short winter. mother in law says she now believes in global warming!

Gotta dash, I've got a chook to roast in the oven.



Good Morning all!

Marg - I have to know. How fast do you type? LOL You just zip around here! I've not heard of losing marks for understanding things. :hammer: I hope your talk with the advisor is productive.

We have had a lot of new members the last few days. Word must be getting out about how much fun we have here. :smile:

I went back to the doctor and am on steroids again. 2 weeks this time. :doctor: Since I had 2 days of relief, she does feel like it was the Plavix and that I was just on it for too long after the reaction started. Duh. So annoyed with the cardiologists. :nonono: I did ok on the steroids last time - just a little spacey and emotional - so I'm not as worried as before, although I am on a higher dose starting off.

I got most of my housework done yesterday. Just have some laundry to fold and put away. Then I'll find another book to read. I just read The Kindness of Strangers. That was two books in a row that are just painful to read, even though they are very, very good. I'm going to go for something different next. I think I'll revisit the books thread on the Watercooler for ideas.

Hope everyone has a peaceful day!


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Hi, Heather. I'm not that fast - back when I was at top speed I was 40 wpm. These day's I'd be lucky to make 20.

About that Geography teacher - I've had bad vibes since our first phone conversation. I'd have talked to her yesterday, if I knew what she looked like! But it turns out we could have dropped difficult child 3 back to a more supported level and she never suggested it, even when I said he was struggling. Mind you, she wouldn't consider him to be struggling, he got 8/10 despite losing that half mark for not having enough words listed.

About your reaction - I thought it was the Plavix too, and they should have taken you off it. Still, you're off it now. The trouble is, it's not good to stop it too suddenly. mother in law was on Plavix despite repeated problems. It was making her anaemic.
Hope the steroids don't knock you around too much. If you were OK first time round, the higher dose this time shouldn't be too bad. Just take things VERY quietly, especially for the first few days.

Book to read - find a Discworld book by Terry Pratchett. It shouldn't make you sad - just the opposite. But thought-provoking, too. You don't have to read them in order. Although the same characters crop up in different books, each one stands alone as an enjoyable read. Try "Fifth Elephant", "The Truth", "Thud", "Soul Music", "Wyrd Sisters" or "Carpe Jugulum", for starters. You might even get your daughter interested, they're ideal for a bright kid who is good with words.


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Good Morning,

Marguerite-I would be very frustratted with that geography teacher! I'm glad you are still getting the warm weather! We have seen a lot of newbies-isn't it great?

Heather-I hope the steroids do the trick and that you find a good book to read that won't make you sad)

Another long day-honestly I've had something after work every day this week. Today it is a visit to difficult child's therapist. We were supposed to start a reward system with difficult child this week-it sounds interesting-a bit of a different approach then traditional reward systems I've seen. The only problem is between being out of town last weekend and something going every night after school we've had no time to set it up (it involves a trip to the store for a few things as well as setting up a jar full of reward slips-some as simple as great job!). I'm hoping to get in a workout but we'll see.

It is supposed to be 66 and sunny today-sounds good to me!

I hope everyone enjoys some fun in their day! Hi to anyone who snuck in. :flower:

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Good morning friends,

Marg, enjoy the warm weather while you can.

Heather, hope the new medication helps.

Sharon, I hope you get your supplies today & that the reward system makes an impact.

How is it that waking up just 10 minutes late can throw the entire family into such an uproar?

Staffing meeting for kt today, piano lessons & not much else. A bit of laundry to get kt ready for respite.

Enjoy your day. "hi" if you snuck in - I'm a bit slow this morning.


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:wink: Good Thursday Morning :wink:

Yesterday morning Fran said she saw the weekend looming - now I can see it!!

Marg, hope your talk with the advisor goes well - seems there are many of us who are having school issues right now. Stay cool :smile:

Heather, good luck on your second round of steroids - I'm glad you have finally found some relief from the itchies. Now for me, a good steaming romance novel would be the order :blush:!

Sharon, busy, busy week for you! Give us some more information on the new reward system when you have time. Hope you have a little down time today :grin:

It's Thursday so it must be payroll day for me! Hoping to have some time to hit Cosco before pick up time at school. difficult child just loves the sausage lasagna! I think he's going through a growth spurt right now - he is eating dinner and asking for seconds - that's rare :shocked:

Take care everyone, wishing you a great day :cool:

Good morning everyone

Marg, I wish I knew what a chook was. I might just check out one of those books you listed though.

Heather, I sure hope you feel better, I know you have been not well.

Sharon, busy weeks stink. Hope the weather at stays nice today for ya.

Linda, enjoy your slow-ish day. hope staffing mtg goes well.

Sharon, hot diggity, payday!

I have my first meeting with the school to set Pixie up for an IEP today. Then off to Loyola Hospital to get pretesting done for my surgery. Rest of the "weekend" looks pretty slow. Pixie is in our town's annual parade on SUnday with her cheerleading squad!

Hi to anyone who snuck in. Have a wonderful day.


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Good morning. :coffee:
Marg- I hope you can get the teacher to assign more appropriate assignments to difficult child 3. :nonono:
Heather- Fingers crossed here that this round of steroids is effective with no worrisome side effects. :angel:
Sharon- I hope the new reward system helps, you'll have to post about the results. :warrior:
Linda- I hope you make up the 10 minutes easily. :hammer:
LDM- Yep. difficult child is heading into puberty. He'll be asking for more seconds from now on, lol! :rofl:
BBK- I hope your meetings go okay today. I just signed Duckie up for cheer leading. She's going to be one busy girl from the start of school through November! :rolleyes:
Sorry I was MIA yesterday. I had one of those days when I could accomplish nothing and really needed to get things done. I had to have the house in good order for a play date after school (it did not go well :crying:), had a midday dental cleaning, plus my father in law came to watch the Sabres/Senators hockey game. I don't know how they did it, but the Sabres managed to avoid elimination last night. :bow:
Please keep a good thought for Duckie, she's starting to struggle badly and her allergies have really kicked up. I think she's setting up for hives again. Ugh. :smile:
I have volunteering at the school library & a few errands this evening today. Otherwise, I'm trying to take it easy today. :princess:
Have a great day. Hi to anyone that snuck in. :salute:
Good Morning :coffee:,

Marg, I hope you get everything straightened out when you speak to difficult child 3's Year Advisor. A few days ago, I thought I saw an article about Global Warming and the lack of rain in Australia. I didn't have time to read it, was going to get back to it later, but, later never came. Now I can't find it!!! Anyway, what is a chook?

Heather, I hope you do well the next couple of weeks while on steroids. I hope you find some enjoyable light reading. I'm glad most of your housework is done. I hope you're able to get some rest!!!

Sharon, You've been so BUSY!!! I hope you get a few nights soon with nothing scheduled!!! The "Reward System" sounds interesting. Once you get it going, let us know what you think of it. I can understand if you're too tired to make it to the health club. Sometimes SLEEP has to come first!!!

Linda, It sounds like you need to hit the :coffee:!!! I have a fresh pot here and would be glad to share... Enjoy your piano lessons.

Sharon, I hope you have time to get to Cosco today. difficult child 1 eats so much - I don't know how he does it!!! difficult child 2 is small for his age but is beginning to eat more. I have a hard time keeping my refrigerator full.

BigBadKitty, I hope the meeting at the school goes well today. Sunday's parade sounds like fun. I'm glad you don't have much planned for the weekend. Take it easy and get in some "ME" time before your surgery.

Today I have to go to the grocery store. Janet, if you're reading this, I'm going to pick up some fruit chillers!!!

I also have a few phone calls to make and some laundry to do. I could do a few other household chores too, but I think I'll take a bit of "ME" time if I can squeeze it in...

Marg, thanks for the tip the other day - I usually send stuff to the school return receipt requested, but I never thought to ask for a response in writing - great idea!!!

Anyway, I need to head to my coffee pot ASAP - I need another :coffee:cup!!! Then I'll be ready to begin the day...

Hi to anyone who snuck in... Hope everyone has a reason to smile or laugh today... :flower: WFEN


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OK, a quick, late message - a chook is a hen. Chicken. I thought I'd taught you guys by now!?

I also just found out - the weird Geography - its the curriculum. 8 weeks on global change. So it's not the school, not the teacher... although I do think this teacher should have been prepared to make the changes this school usually does, for its difficult children.

Drought - Sydney's water supply is now at 37%. The country away from the coat is much worse off, with many towns already out of water. But the news tonight - it's raining, inland. They've got their fingers crossed that it might be enough to save this year's wheat crop - the last few years they've lost the crop. They forecast showers here tomorrow, but nothing more for another week.

I'll know more about the farmers tomorrow.

Have a great Wednesday, everyone.

Marg *blush*

I am new, forgive my ignorance. I adore reading your posts, 99% is "american", and every now and then there is a word that is like "huh"?

I will do a rain dance for you.


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I'm running late so I apologize for not addressing all of you individually. The time of graduations and arranging plans for easy child is chaotic but fun.

Marguerite, there was something about the drought in your country on the news, here in the states and how we may be headed for something similar. Very nerve wracking. We had tons of rain but are being kept on water restrictions also. I hope the weather patterns start to go back the other way for your country.

A funny difficult child story. He met with the program Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) yesterday. She told him 1. She thought there was a lot of intelligence in him.
2. She didn't feel he was AS
3. Gave him 3 books on psychiatry and depression.

I asked difficult child if he had never heard any of these statements? Did she mention he was as obstinate as a wall of bricks? Of course I was in agreement and supportive. Anything to get him to read up and get some insight. He seemed quite pleased that he was told he was intelligent. :hammer: Honestly, I believe difficult child is deaf to anything we say to him. Guess we talked too much all these years. I don't care who tells him this stuff as long as he hears it and tries to understand himself better.

Have a great day. The weather turned beautiful and is just meant for a convertible. Enjoy your Thursday.

I'm doing pretty good. After all, I now know what vegemite is!!! Did I spell that correctly?

Anyway, this time I'll remember that a chook is a chicken... Or at least I'll try!!! WFEN